Alex Becker – Iron Blueprint

Alex Becker – Iron Blueprint

in on 04/29/2021
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Alex Becker – Iron Blueprint
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Alex Becker - Iron Blueprint (16.19 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Alex Becker - Iron Blueprint
01-How To Use & Resources
02-Week 1 - IRON Mind
03-Week 2 - IRON Structure
04-Week 3 - IRON Product
05-Week 4 - IRON Funnels (7 Day Unlock)
07-Week 5 - IRON Sales (9 Day Unlock)
08-Week 6 - IRON Ads PT1 (12 Day Unlock)
09-Week 7- Iron HYPER Scale and Optimization
10-2020 BONUS CRITICAL Content
11-Week 8 - IRON Kill Box
12- Week 9 - IRON 2020 Content
01-How To Use & Resources
01-IRON Essential Reading List.pdf
01-Instruction Manual.mp4
03-Iron Essential Documentaries-Interviews-Videos.pdf
Alex Becker 2019 Reading Archive.xlsx
02-Week 1 - IRON Mind
01-How To Have Sucess (CRITICAL).mp4
02-Essential Mind Resources.mp4
03-KEY - Finding Time To Learn.mp4
04-What It TRULY Takes To Win.mp4
05-Foreward To Iron Section.mp4
06-IRON Body.mp4
07-IRON Time.mp4
08-IRON Focus.mp4
09-IRON Self.mp4
10-IRON Purpose.mp4
11-IRON Creativity.mp4
12-What's Next- Watch Before Moving To Week 2.mp4
03-Week 2 - IRON Structure
01-The True Secret To Ads.mp4
02-The Big Mistake Behind Bad Ads.mp4
03-Bussiness Reductionism.mp4
04-Creating A Blue Ocean Product FOR Ads.mp4
05-Designing For The Market Needs.mp4
06-Retainment For Massive Ad ROI.mp4
07-Baking Muffins.mp4
08-Ad Isolation.mp4
09-Picking The Right Funnel and Price For The Markets.mp4
10-Putting It All Together For The Ad Hurricane.mp4
04-Week 3 - IRON Product
01-The Importance Of PRODUCT.mp4
02-Keys To A Great AD Product.mp4
03-The 5 Qualifiers.mp4
04-But They Have A Better Market!.mp4
05-Pricing By The Market.mp4
06-True Customer Success.mp4
07-Customer Success Tactics.mp4
08-2k and 5k Course Templates.mp4
09-Result Emphasis.mp4
10-The All Important First Week.mp4
10-The Course_Module Strategy.mp4
11-CRITICAL - Asking For Negative Feedback and Seeing NEEDS.mp4
12-CRITICAL - Obstacle Deletion Course Design.mp4
13-Action Based Refund Guarantee Strategies.mp4
14-Finding_Hiring Coaches and Breaking Out Of Your Niche.mp4
15-What Now.mp4
16-Great Products, TERRIBLE Experience.mp4
16.01-Product Experience and Membership Software (Kajabi).mp4
16.02-Elements Of A Great Checkout.mp4
16.03-Writing A Course Like Sales Copy (Critical To Completion).mp4
16.04-Intercom_Usage Email Tactics.mp4
16.05-Making A GREAT Facebook Group.mp4
16.06-My Video Set Up.mp4
16.07-Keys To A Good Video.mp4
16.08-Editing Videos.mp4
16.09-My Kajabi Product Theme and Page Templates.png
05-Week 4 - IRON Funnels (7 Day Unlock)
01-The Big Misunderstanding About Funnels.mp4
02-The Straight Line Funnel Concept.mp4
03-2k Or SC Funnel (Picking The Right Funnel For The Job).mp4
04-Intro To Diamond Excercise.mp4
05-Executing The Diamond Map.mp4
06-On Hyper Optimization.mp4
07-Use Warning (Please Watch To Not Get Lost).mp4
07.01-Intro To 2k Funnel.mp4
07.02-2k Emails.docx
07.03-2k Opt In.mp4
07.04-2k Thank You.mp4
07.05-2k Email Delivery.mp4
07.06-2k Starting Emails & Pre Training.mp4
07.07-2k Closing Emails.mp4
07.08-2k Sales Page.mp4
07.09-2k Testimonial & Replay Page.mp4
07.10-2k Downsale Offer.mp4
07.11-2020 IMPROVELY - Split Testing A 2k Funnel Opt Ins.mp4
07.11- 2020 IMPROVELY _ Split Testing A 2k Funnel Opt Ins.png
08-Intro To SC Funnel.mp4
08.01- Download SC Funnel Templates.png
08.02-SC Funnel Opt In.mp4
08.03-SC Funnel Thank You_Video Page.mp4
08.04-SC Funnel Scheduling.mp4
08.06-SC Funnel Emails.mp4
08.07-2020 IMPROVELY - Split testing SC funnel (opt in and video conversions).mp4
01-You Must Be The Master Of Your Realm (Your Niche).mp4
01- You Must Be The Master Of Your Realm (Your Niche).png
02 - The Perfect Opt In Formula.png
02-The Perfect Opt In Formula.mp4
03-Designing Opt Ins_Funnels With CUSTOMER CONTEXT (CRITICAL).mp4
07-Week 5 - IRON Sales (9 Day Unlock)
01-Copywriting - It's Not A Template.mp4
02-Understanding Long Form Selling.mp4
03-Why Most Webinars Fail.mp4
04-Selling Wants VS Needs.mp4
05-How To Use My Decks_Files.mp4
06-Advanced Story Telling_Persuasion Tactics.mp4
08.01-Script Live Breakdown.mp4
08.02-2k Closing Script.mp4
09.01-Intro To SC Sales Video Script.mp4
09.02-2020 FINAL Updated SHORT Script Intro.mp4
09.03-2020 FINAL Short Script.mp4
09.05-SC Script Live Breakdown.mp4
09.06-The Key To CEO Closing On The Phone.mp4
09.07-SC Script PHONE CLOSE Script.mp4
09.08-LIVE-close2 - alexbecker.mp4
09.08-LIVE Phone Closes-close1 - alexbecker.mp4
10-What Is This-.mp4
10.02-IRON Script Demo_Breakdown.mp4
10.03-HYROS How The Script Works.mp4
08-Week 6 - IRON Ads PT1 (12 Day Unlock)
01-Improve Readability.mp4
01-This Is Where The Fun Begins.mp4
02-Finding Our UBER Promise.mp4
03-Our Ad Script.mp4
03-Our Ad Script.pdf
03.01-IRON-B2B ADS (SC Ads).mp4
03.02-H-Com Ads (Broad 2k Ads).mp4
04-Setting Up Proper Tracking.mp4
05-Setting Up Adwords Conversion-Site Tracking.mp4
06-Ad Targeting and Scaling.mp4
06.02-Keyword Targeting.mp4
06.02-Keyword Targeting.pdf
06.03-Intent Audiences.mp4
06.04-Retargeting-Viewed Your Stuff Audiences.mp4
06.05-Similar Audiences.mp4
06.06-Auto Audiences.mp4
06.07-Ad Layering (2020 Bonus).mp4
06.08-On Using Demographics (DON'T).mp4
07-Making Our First Ad.mp4
07.01-Ads and Hot Dogs.mp4
07.02-Initial Ads 2020 - How It Works.mp4
07.03-Initial Ads 2020 - Goals.mp4
07.04-Initial Ads 2020 - $10 A Day Placements.mp4
07.05-Initial Ads 2020 - $20 A Day Aff+BROAD KW Audiences.mp4
07.05-Initial Ads 2020 - $20 A Day Aff+BROAD KW Audiences.pdf
07.06-Initial Ads 2020 - $20 Hyper KW Audiences.mp4
07.06-Initial Ads 2020 - $20 Hyper KW Audiences.pdf
07.07-Initial Ads 2020 - Organization Tricks.mp4
07.08-Initial Ads 2020 - $20 A Day Broad Keywords & Intents.mp4
07.08-Initial Ads 2020 - $20 A Day Broad Keywords & Intents.pdf
07.09-Existing Business Initial Ads (Sub $500 A Day).mp4
07.10-Analyzing Data And Killing Or Scaling Ads.mp4
07.11-From $300 To $500+ Per Day.mp4
07.12-Closing Retargeting.mp4
07.13-GDN Retargeting (2020 Bonus).mp4
07.14-2020 Bonus - SC Ad Targeting That Works.mp4
07.15-2020 Bonus - 2k Ad Targeting That Works.mp4
09-Week 7- Iron HYPER Scale and Optimization
01-Why Hyper Optimize and THEN Scale (WARNING).mp4
02-Ensuring The Straight Line.mp4
03-Hyper Optimizing The Opt In.mp4
04-Straight To Call SC Funnel Split Test.mp4
05-Basic Course Micro Optimization.mp4
06-The Easiest Way To Double Revenue.mp4
06.01-Finding What The Customer Wants.mp4
06.02-Dot Your I's.mp4
06.03-Removing Buying Obstacles and Adding Massive Benefits.mp4
07-Bidding_Growth 101.mp4
07.01-Affinity and In Market Audiences.mp4
07.02-Drilling Explained.mp4
07.04-Generating Audiences Ideas For Scale.mp4
07.05-Optimizing Ads For Specific Audiences.mp4
08-Understanding Campaign Dips and Fixing Them.mp4
08.01-Bad Aiding Ad Fatigue.mp4
08.02-What Now-.mp4
10-2020 BONUS CRITICAL Content
01-Long Term Advanced Email Marketing.mp4
02-Long Term Advanced Retargeting Strategies.mp4
03-How To Hire Tier 10 Support People (2020 Content).mp4
04-Scaling and Testing Ads Using Rapid Metric Feedback.mp4
05-Churn Prevention, Product Optimization and Lowering Refunds.mp4
06-Holiday Advertising Droughts and Promos Broken Down.mp4
11-Week 8 - IRON Kill Box
01-Understanding The Killbox.mp4
02-Remembering To Maintain The Straight Line.mp4
03-Different Business Different Killbox Strategy.mp4
04-The Low Ticket Downsale ($47).mp4
04-The Low Ticket Downsale ($47).pdf
04.01-The Low Ticket Downsale ($47).pdf
05-Low Ticket Upsale Funnel.mp4
06-Supplemental High Ticket Products.mp4
07-Intro To Promotional Strategies.mp4
07.01-Creating A Repeatable Promotion Schedule.mp4
07.02-Using Retargeting Like An Email List To Maximize Profits.mp4
07.03-#Hero Nation Weekly.mp4
07.03-Promoting Low Ticket Offers--.pdf
07.03-Promoting Low Ticket Offers-.pdf
07.03-Promoting Low Ticket Offers.mp4
07.03-Promoting Low Ticket Offers.pdf
07.04-Promoting Supplemental High Ticket Offers + Re-Promoing Your Core Offer.mp4
07.05-Promoting Your HIGH HIGH Ticket Offer.mp4
07.06-Promoting Your Mastermind.mp4
12- Week 9 - IRON 2020 Content
01-The 5 Year Effect 1 A Good or Bad Hire.mp4
02-Infinite A Player Hiring.mp4
03-The #1 Key To Hiring (Culture Attraction).mp4
04-Customer Support and Success Managers Hiring Sheet.docx
04-Hiring Hacks (Cloning, Personality Testing, KEY Questions).mp4
05-Where To Hire Certain Roles-.pdf
05-Where To Hire Certain Roles.mp4
05-Where To Hire Certain Roles.pdf
Get Discount ?

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, the idea of scaling their business to new heights can often feel like an overwhelming task. With so many different strategies and tactics out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where programs like Alex Becker’s Iron Blueprint come into play.

The Iron Blueprint is a private coaching program designed by Alex Becker himself. In this program, Becker shares the exact funnels, copywriting techniques, and advertisements that he has used to scale his own businesses to incredible success. This program is not for the faint of heart – it is designed for successful business owners who are already making a substantial income and are looking to take their business to the next level.

One of the key benefits of the Iron Blueprint program is the ability to clone Becker’s successful strategies for your own business. By following his proven methods, you can avoid the trial and error that often comes with scaling a business and instead focus on the tactics that have been proven to work.

In addition to sharing his successful strategies, Becker also provides personalized coaching and support to help you implement these tactics in your own business. This level of support is invaluable for business owners who may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of scaling their business and can provide the guidance and reassurance needed to make progress.

While the Iron Blueprint program is not for everyone, for those who are already successful and looking to take their business to the next level, it can be a game-changer. By learning from someone who has already achieved incredible success in the business world, you can avoid common pitfalls and instead focus on the strategies that will allow you to grow and scale your business quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in learning more about the Iron Blueprint program, you can schedule a call with Becker himself to discuss whether you are a good fit for the program. Approval is required to join the program, as Becker wants to ensure that all participants are committed to their own success and ready to put in the work needed to make progress.

For those who may be interested in the Iron Blueprint program but are concerned about the cost, Becker does offer discounts on the program from time to time. By keeping an eye out for these discounts, you may be able to save money on the program and still benefit from the valuable insights and strategies that Becker has to offer.

Overall, the Iron Blueprint program is a unique opportunity for successful business owners to learn from someone who has achieved incredible success in the business world. By following Becker’s proven strategies and receiving personalized coaching and support, you can take your business to new heights and achieve the success that you have always dreamed of.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and are committed to your own success, the Iron Blueprint program may be the perfect opportunity for you. Schedule a call with Becker today to learn more about the program and how it can help you achieve your business goals.


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