AmpMyContent – The Amplify Content Academy

AmpMyContent – The Amplify Content Academy

in on 05/06/2021
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AmpMyContent – The Amplify Content Academy
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AmpMyContent - The Amplify Content Academy (15.77 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

AmpMyContent - The Amplify Content Academy
01-Editing for Appearance and Perception
02-Editing for Copywriting And Emotional Connection
03-Editing for SEO and Organic Traffic
04-Editing for Lead Capture
05-Get More Sales With A Follow Up Sequence + Supplementary Content
06-Link Building For New Articles
07-Content Archetypes-Templates
08-Supplementary Link Building Methods
09-How To Stop Your WordPress Header From Disappearing! (Or Bring It Back)
10-How To Get The Classic WordPress Editor Back
11-How To Design A High Converting Home Page
12-Content Marketing Strategy
13-How To Find Anyoneu2019s Email
14-How To Find Content Ideas
15-The 4 CORE Email Automationu2019s
16-Expert Interview-Emotional Content for Viral Traffic Growth
17-How To Create A Content Sales Sequence
18-Expert Interview- Forum Marketing with Brian Switchkow
19-Expert Interview-9 Million Visitors Per Month with Keith Bresee
20-Expert Interview-Scaling Facebook Ads with Molly Pittman
21-Expert Interview- Copywriting for Content Marketing with Kelvin Parker
22-Influencer Marketing (Organic )
23-Forum Marketing For Traffic + Promotion (Organic)
24-The Perfect Podcast Pitch
25-Schema Markup For Content
01-Editing for Appearance and Perception
01-Improve Readability.mp4
01-Improve Readability.pdf
02-Add depth to you rarticle.mp4
02-Give It Depth.pdf
02.01-article follow along edit for appearance part 1 and 2.mp4
03-Add the Header.pdf
03-How to create a custom header image.mp4
04-Say it with less.pdf
04-Simplify the content.mp4
05-Let It Breathe.pdf
05-Let the content breathe.mp4
06-Whatu2019s Next.pdf
02-Editing for Copywriting And Emotional Connection
01-Get The Click.pdf
01-get the click.mp4
02-Tell A Story With Subheads.pdf
02-Tell a story with your subheads.mp4
03-Write For One.pdf
03-Write for one person alone.mp4
04-Add Mirror Language.pdf
04-Use Mirror Language.mp4
05-Add open loops.mp4
05-Keep Them Hooked.pdf
06-Add transitions.mp4
06-Help Them Connect The Dots.pdf
07-Whatu2019s Next.pdf
03-Editing for SEO and Organic Traffic
01-How To Choose A Keyword.pdf
01.01-How To Choose A Keyword.pdf
02-Find Your keyword.mp4
02-How To Find Your Keyword.pdf
03-Edit For Intent.pdf
03-Edit for search intent.mp4
04-Edit for onpage seo and lsi terms.mp4
04-u2018Optimiseu2019 Your Article.pdf
05-Edit your meta description.mp4
05-Improve The Click.pdf
06-Add in internal links.mp4
06-Build Roads.pdf
07-Track Your Progress.pdf
07-Track your keyword.mp4
08-So Whats Next.pdf
04-Editing for Lead Capture
01-What is an HSO.mp4
02-Plan Out Your HSO.mp4
02-Plan Your HSO.pdf
03-How to create your HSO.mp4
03-Make Your HSO.pdf
04-Automate The Delivery- Overview.pdf
04-HSO Automation Overview.mp4
05-Create The Download Page.pdf
05-Create Your Secret HSO Page.mp4
06-Create the email automation sequence.mp4
06-Set Up The Automation.pdf
06.01-Set Up The Automation.pdf
07-Create The Popup.mp4
07-Create Your 2-Step Optin Button-The Pop Up.pdf
08-Connect The Software.pdf
08-Connect the email crm and leadpages.mp4
09-Create The Click.mp4
09-Create Your 2-Step Optin Button-The Click.pdf
10-Install The Optin Button.pdf
10-Install the HSO.mp4
11-Improve The CTA.pdf
11-Improve the call to action.mp4
12-Check the HSO works.mp4
12-Test It Works.pdf
13-Whatu2019s Next.pdf
05-Get More Sales With A Follow Up Sequence + Supplementary Content
01-Follow up email overview.mp4
02-Remind and add benefits.mp4
02-The Reminder + Benefit Email.pdf
03-Write the success story email.mp4
04-Answer Any Questions.pdf
04-FAQ Page and Email.mp4
05-The FOMO Emails.mp4
05-Use that FOMO.pdf
06-Link Building For New Articles
01-Linkbuilding Overview.pdf
01-join the conversation.mp4
01.01-Linkbuilding Overview.pdf
02-#1- Join The Conversation.pdf
02.01-#1-Join The Conversation.pdf
03-#2- Check This Out Also!.pdf
03-Check this out also linkbuilding method.mp4
03.01-#2-Check This Out Also!.pdf
04-Latest + Greatest.pdf
04-The Latest And Greatest Linkbuilding Method.mp4
04.01-Latest + Greatest.pdf
05-Warm Outreach.pdf
05-Warm Outreach Linkbuilding Method.mp4
05.01-Warm Outreach.pdf
06-Link Creation.pdf
06-Link Creation Overview.mp4
07-Whats Next.pdf
07-Content Archetypes-Templates
01-The How To Guide.pdf
02-The Case Study.pdf
03-The Hero Study.pdf
04-The Branded Solution.pdf
05-The Resource Roundup.pdf
06-The Ego Gat.pdf
07-The Comparison Guide.pdf
08-The Ultimate Guide.pdf
09-The Data Backed Resource.pdf
10-The Preframe Sales Sequence.pdf
08-Supplementary Link Building Methods
01-Unlinked Mentions.pdf
01-unlinked mentions.mp4
01.01-Unlinked Mentions.pdf
02-Unlinked Images.pdf
02-unlinked image linkbuilding.mp4
02.01-Unlinked Images.pdf
03-High Velocity Heads Up.pdf
03-High Velocity Heads Up Links.mp4
03.01-High Velocity Heads Up.pdf
04-Grapevine link building.mp4
04-We Were Featured Onu2026.pdf
04.01-We Were Featured Onu2026.pdf
05-HARO broad method.mp4
05-Help A Reporter Out! (Broad Method).pdf
05.01-Help A Reporter Out! (Broad Method).pdf
06-HARO Niche Method.mp4
06-Help A Reporter Out! (Niche Method).pdf
06.01-Help A Reporter Out! (Niche Method).pdf
07- Expert Opinion.pdf
07-Expert Opinion links.mp4
07.01- Expert Opinion.pdf
08-Built By Outreach.mp4
08-Cold + u2018Built Byu2019 Outreach.pdf
09-Check Us Out Also Linkbuilding Method.mp4
09-Them, But Not Us.pdf
09.01-Them, But Not Us.pdf
10-Reverse Engineer Link Opportunities.pdf
10-Reverse Engineering Linkbuilding Method.mp4
10.01-Reverse Engineer Link Opportunities.pdf
11- Can I Have That Back Please.pdf
11-Can I have that back please.mp4
11.01-Can I Have That Back Please.pdf
12-Broken Linkbuilding Overview.mp4
12- Letu2019s Fix That.pdf
12.01- Letu2019s Fix That.pdf
12.02- Letu2019s Fix That.pdf
13- Be The Poster Boy.pdf
13-The Poster Boy Linkbuilding Method.mp4
13.01- Be The Poster Boy.pdf
14-Recruit The Hype Man Linkbuilding Method.mp4
14-Recruit The u2018Hype Menu2019.pdf
14.01-Recruit The u2018Hype Menu2019.pdf
15-Paid Promotion (For Links).pdf
16-Supplementary Linkbuilding methods checklist.mp4
09-How To Stop Your WordPress Header From Disappearing! (Or Bring It Back)
01-How To Stop The Wordpress Header From Disappearing.mp4
02-How to get the classic wordpress editor back.mp4
03-Direct Linkbuilding Method Overview.mp4
03-Direct Linkbuilding Methods-Overview.pdf
04-Indirect Link Methods-Overview.pdf
04-indirect linkbuilding methods overview.mp4
04.01-Indirect Link Methods- Overview.pdf
10-How To Get The Classic WordPress Editor Back
01-How to get the classic wordpress editor back.mp4
02-Direct Linkbuilding Method Overview.mp4
03-Indirect Link Methods.pdf
03-indirect linkbuilding methods overview.mp4
03.01-Indirect Link Methods.pdf
11-How To Design A High Converting Home Page
01-Map Out Your Home Page.mp4
01-The Writing Structure.pdf
01-The Writing Structure.png
02-How To Design The Page.pdf
02-How to build your home page using thrive architect.mp4
03-Set Up The Automation.pdf
03-Set up your home page email automation.mp4
12-Content Marketing Strategy
01-The Truth About Content.pdf
01.01-The Truth About Content.pdf
02-Traffic Systems.pdf
02.01-Traffic Systems.pdf
03-Selling with Content.pdf
03.01-Selling with Content.pdf
04-Recommended Content Creation Order.pdf
04.01-Recommended Content Creation Order.pdf
13-How To Find Anyoneu2019s Email
01-Scan for email info.mp4
02-Google Search.mp4
03-Email Finding Tools.mp4
04-Email Permutations.mp4
05-Scrape Linkedin data.mp4
06-Twitter Scrape.mp4
07-Ask what their email is.mp4
08-Subscribe to their list.mp4
14-How To Find Content Ideas
01-Keyword Research For Article Ideas.pdf
01-Keyword Research for article ideas.mp4
02-Competitor Research For Article Ideas.pdf
02-How to find article ideas with competitor research.mp4
03-Influencer Research For Article Ideas.pdf
04-Direct Customer Research For Article Ideas.pdf
04-Email your audience.mp4
05-How to find ideas from forums.mp4
05-Watering Hole Research For Article Ideas.pdf
06-Product Use Brainstorming For Article Ideas.pdf
06-product use ideas.mp4
15-The 4 CORE Email Automationu2019s
01-The 4 Sequenceu2019s Overview.png
01-The 4 email sequences.mp4
02-How to create your email welcomne sequence.mp4
02-The Welcome Sequence...png
02-The Welcome Sequence.pdf
02.01-The Welcome Sequence...png
02.02-The Welcome Sequence...png
03-How to write an email sales sequence example for core automations.mp4
03-The Sales Sequence.pdf
04-How to create an engagement email sequence.mp4
04-The Engagement Sequence.png
05-Create Your Reengagement email sequence.mp4
05-The Re-Engage Or Remove Sequence.png
05.01-The Re-Engage Or Remove Sequence.png
05.03-The Re-Engage Or Remove Sequence.png
16-Expert Interview-Emotional Content for Viral Traffic Growth
01-Expert Interview Aaron FINAL.mp4
17-How To Create A Content Sales Sequence
01-How a sales sequence works overview.mp4
02-Sales Sequence Course- Customer Research.mp4
03-Map out the customer journey.mp4
04-Write The Drafts.pdf
04-Write the 3 drafts.mp4
04.01-Article 1 notes breakdown.mp4
04.02-preframe part 2 notes and breakdown.mp4
04.03-Preframe 3 video breakdown.mp4
05-Edit The Drafts.pdf
05-Edit the sales sequence.mp4
06-Set up your preframe automation.mp4
07-Create Your Sales Page.mp4
07-Make The Offer.pdf
08-BONUS- Add Other Start Points.pdf
08-Bonus start points for your sequence.mp4
18-Expert Interview- Forum Marketing with Brian Switchkow
01-Expert Interview Brian Swichkow FINAL.mp4
19-Expert Interview-9 Million Visitors Per Month with Keith Bresee
01-Keith Interview FINAL.mp4
20-Expert Interview-Scaling Facebook Ads with Molly Pittman
01-Expert Interview Molly Pittman FINAL.mp4
21-Expert Interview- Copywriting for Content Marketing with Kelvin Parker
01-Expert Interview- Kelvin FINAL.mp4
22-Influencer Marketing (Organic )
01-How This Works.pdf
01-Influencer marketing overview.mp4
02-Find + Build Your Dream 100 List.pdf
02-Influencer Research.mp4
02.01-Find + Build Your Dream 100 List.pdf
03-Clean up and basic interaction.mp4
03-Filter Your Results + Basic Interactions.pdf
03.01-Filter Your Results + Basic Interactions.pdf
04-How To Build Relationships With More Difficult Sites.pdf
04.01-How To Build Relationships With More Difficult Sites.pdf
05-How To Get Traffic At Launch.pdf
05-How to get shares on day 1.mp4
05.01-How To Get Traffic At Launch.pdf
06-Build The Wardrobe + Tease The Finished Product.pdf
06-Build The Wardrobe.mp4
07-Launch + Send.pdf
23-Forum Marketing For Traffic + Promotion (Organic)
01-Organic forum marketing overview.mp4
01-Why care about forums.pdf
02-How To Find Your Forum.pdf
02-How to find your forum to work on.mp4
02.01-How To Find Your Forum.pdf
03-Set Up Your Account.pdf
03-Set up your forum account 2020.mp4
04-Get a feel for the environment.mp4
04-Understand The Environment.pdf
05-Add Value (+ Answer Questions).pdf
05-Add value.mp4
06-Promoting Your Own Content On New Threads.pdf
06-Write your forum thread.mp4
06.01-Promoting Your Own Content On New Threads.pdf
24-The Perfect Podcast Pitch
01-The Perfect Podcast Pitch.pdf
01-perfect podcast pitch overview.mp4
02-How To Find Potential Podcasts- Overview.pdf
02-find podcasts overview.mp4
03-Organize Your Research.pdf
03-how to find podcasts on itunes.mp4
04-How To Search iTunes For Potential Podcasts.pdf
04-Step 1 Organise Your Research.mp4
05-Find potential podcasts in Google.mp4
05-How To Use Google To Find Potential Podcasts.pdf
06-How To Find Potential Podcasts By Spying On Competitors.mp4
06-How To Find Potential Podcasts By Spying On Competitors.pdf
07-Clean Up Your Research.pdf
07-Remove Duplicates.mp4
08-The 4 Quality Checks.pdf
08-filter 1 still runnng check.mp4
09-Is The Show Still Running.pdf
09-Step 2 Filter Overview.mp4
10-Do They Have Your Audience.pdf
10-Filter 2 do they have your audience.mp4
11-Do They Accept Guests.pdf
11-Filter 3 do they accept guests.mp4
12-Filter 4 quclaity control check.mp4
12-Is It Worth Getting On The Show.pdf
13-Research Overviewufeff.pdf
13-Step 3 Research Overview.mp4
14-Know Your Topic Know Your Goal.pdf
14-Research What Is YOUR End Goal.mp4
15-Find The Connection.pdf
15-Research Find The Connection.mp4
16-Find Pitch Ideas, Angle and Benefits.pdf
16-Research Topic Ideas.mp4
17-Step 4 The Pitch Overview.mp4
17-The Pitch Process- Overview.pdf
18-How To Apply.pdf
18-Pitch find the email.mp4
19-Tools Of The Trade- Mailshake.pdf
19-pitch Introduction to Mailshake.mp4
20-Pitch write the headline.mp4
20-Write The Headline.pdf
21-Pitch introduction.mp4
21-The Introduction.pdf
22-Get Them To Trust You ASAP.pdf
22-Pitch Build trust asap.mp4
23-Make It Simple To Say YES.pdf
23-Pitch Your Topic Ideas.mp4
24-Pitch remove new objections.mp4
24-Remove Any New Objections.pdf
25-Add The Call To Action.pdf
25-Pitch automate the followup.mp4
26-Automate The Follow Up.pdf
26-Pitch the final cta.mp4
27-Send The Campaign.pdf
27-pitch click send.mp4
28-What To Do When They Say Yes.pdf
28-When they say yes.mp4
29-Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.pdf
29-Step 5 Before The Show OVERVIEW.mp4
30-Prepare Get Your Tools In Advance.mp4
30-Tools Of The Trade- What To Use + When.pdf
30.01-Tools Of The Trade- What To Use + When.pdf
31-Prepare For The Show + Know Your Topic.pdf
31-Prepare Make Your Own Content.mp4
32-Know Your Audience.pdf
32-Prepare understand the audience.mp4
33-Before The Call.mp4
33-The Day Of The Call.pdf
34-Post Show Overview.pdf
34-Post show overview.mp4
35-Edit The Audio Backup.pdf
35-Post Show edit the audio.mp4
36-Send The Assets.pdf
36-post show send the email.mp4
25-Schema Markup For Content
01-So What Is Schema, And How Can It Affect My Rankings.pdf
01.01-So What Is Schema, And How Can It Affect My Rankings.pdf
02-So How Do We Add Schema To Our Content.pdf
02.01-So How Do We Add Schema To Our Content.pdf
03-Create the schema markup code.mp4
03-Step #1- Create the Schema Markup.pdf
03.01-Step #1-Create the Schema Markup.pdf
04-Step #2-Add The Schema Code To Your Page.pdf
04-insert schema code.mp4
05-Step #3- Test The Code Works.pdf
05-Test the code.mp4
06-Step #4- Get Your Article Re-Indexed In Google.pdf
06-reindex the page.mp4
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AmpMyContent – The Amplify Content Academy is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to create, promote, and leverage highly effective content to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. The program is designed for freelancers, agencies, small businesses, and even experienced writers who want to take their content marketing to the next level.

The program is led by Daniel Daines-Hutt and Freyja Spaven, content marketing experts who have achieved remarkable results in their own businesses. The materials in the program are based on proven principles and strategies that are designed to work in the long term, regardless of changes in platforms or algorithms.

The academy includes three core roadmaps that cover essential aspects of content marketing, such as content creation, promotion, and building a 12-month content plan. These roadmaps provide detailed step-by-step processes to help you create, promote, and scale your content effectively.

In addition to the roadmaps, the program also includes training libraries that cover various topics related to content marketing, such as promoting content with paid ads, leveraging social media, link building strategies, and much more. These libraries provide in-depth training on specific tactics and strategies that can help you drive traffic and generate leads for your business.

The program also features exclusive expert interviews with industry leaders who have achieved significant success in content marketing. These interviews provide valuable insights and advice from experts who have been there and done that, giving you access to knowledge and expertise that can help you achieve similar results in your own business.

Overall, the Amplify Content Academy is ideal for action takers who are committed to improving their content marketing efforts and achieving tangible results. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, and put in the work to create and promote high-quality content, then this program is definitely worth considering.


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