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Andre Chaperon & Shawn Thing - Art Of Email with Live Workshop (7.4 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-09-2022

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Andre Chaperon & Shawn Thing - Art Of Email with Live Workshop
01-Module 1 - The Foundations of AoE
02-Module 2
03-Module 3
04-Module 4
05-Art of Email (AoE) (Live Workshop)
06-Audience & Offer Masterclass (AOM)
07-Module 5
08-Module 6
09-Module 7
10-Module 8
11-Module 9
12-Module 10
13-Module 11
01-Module 1 - The Foundations of AoE
02-Emphasize Relationships Before Transactions.pdf
03-Customers are Created Before They Buy Anything.pdf
04-World Building.pdf
05-Permission Before Promotion.pdf
06-Strategy + 10,000u2032 View.pdf
07-How to Think About Writing.pdf
08-The Nine-Dot Puzzle.pdf
02-Module 2
01-Andrew Stanton - The clues to a great story.mp4
01-How to truly MOVE your audience - Lisa Nichols.mp4
01-Kevin Costner's Kindness Was Repaid - The Graham Norton Show.mp4
01-Principles of Serialized Narratives.pdf
03-Module 3
01-Blank Storyboard Example.jpg
01-CLIC '16 - Mark Levy's Freewriting Tips for Innovators.mp4
01-Example Storyboard for Our Emergent Marketing Series.png
01-Soap Opera Series (SOS).pdf
01-Soap Opera Series (SOS) Overview.mp4
04-Module 4
01-Relationship Building Series (RBS).pdf
01-Relationship Building Series (RBS) Overview.mp4
05-Art of Email (AoE) (Live Workshop)
01-AoE Enrollment PLS.png
01-Oct 11 2021 PLS for AoE Workshop.mp4
02-Q&A Call 1 Transcript.pdf
02-Q&A Call 1.mp4
03-Week 2 Transcript.pdf
03-Week 2.mp3
04-Q&A Call 2 Transcript.pdf
04-Q&A Call 2.mp4
05-Week 3 Transcript.pdf
05-Week 3.mp3
06-(Pub) RBS Review (Robin Harford).docx
06-RBS Review (Robin Harford).mp4
06-RBS Review (Robin Harford) Transcript.pdf
07-AoE Workshop Questions - Week 3.docx
07-Q&A Call 3 Transcript.pdf
07-Q&A Call 3.mp4
08-Week 4 Transcript.pdf
08-Week 4.mp3
09-(Pub) SOS Review (Julie Angel).docx
09-SOS Review (Julie Angel).mp4
09-SOS Review (Julie Angel) Transcript.pdf
10-AoE Workshop Questions - Week 4.docx
10-Q&A Call 4 Transcript.pdf
10-Q&A Call 4.mp4
11-Week 5 Transcript.pdf
11-Week 5.mp3
12-(Pub) November Masterclass Dating (Khara for Anna).docx
12-Bridge Review.mp4
12-Bridge Review Transcript.pdf
06-Audience & Offer Masterclass (AOM)
00-Audience & Offer Masterclass.png
01-Audience & Offer Masterclass (Part I).pdf
02-Audience & Offer Masterclass (Part II).pdf
02-Customer Gains Trigger Questions (PDF).pdf
02-Customer Jobs Trigger Questions (PDF).pdf
02-Customer Pains Trigger Questions (PDF).pdf
02-Gain Creators Trigger Questions (PDF).pdf
02-Pain Relievers Trigger Questions (PDF).pdf
02-The Value Proposition Canvas (PDF).pdf
02-Value Proposition Design Overview (TTE).mp4
07-Module 5
01-Overview - Value Newsletter (VNL).mp4
01-Value Newsletter (VNL).pdf
08-Module 6
01-Bridge Emails.pdf
01-Overview - Bridge Emails.mp4
09-Module 7
01-Overview - Story-Powered Promotions (SPPs) u2014 Part 1.mp4
01-Story-Powered Promotions (SPPs) u2014 Part 1.pdf
02-SPP Basic.mp4
02-SPP Stack + VIP.mp4
02-Story-Powered Promotions (SPPs) u2014 Part 2.pdf
03-Story-Powered Promotions (SPPs) u2014 Part 3.pdf
10-Module 8
01-Overview - Product Launch Series (PLS).mp4
01-Product Launch Series (PLS).pdf
11-Module 9
01-Customer Onboarding Series (COS).pdf
01-Overview - Customer Onboarding Series (COS).mp4
12-Module 10
01-Putting it All Together.pdf
13-Module 11
00-Advanced Ideas - Introduction.pdf
01-Subscribing to the VNL (after an RBS or COS).pdf
02-How To 'Mute' VNLs (when in SOSs, SSPs, PLSs).pdf
03-Re-Engagement Series.pdf
04-How To Use The 'VIP' Idea In Other Creative Ways.pdf
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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — R. Buckminster Fuller

When his phone rang at 5:00 a.m. on October 1, 2018, James ignored it. Thirty minutes later his son called and, recognizing the phone number, he answered it.

Thirteen years earlier, half-way around the world, Barry’s phone rang too.

Both calls came from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. That’s the organization that chooses recipients for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Australian Barry Marshall and his long-time collaborator Robin Warren were awarded the prize in 2005. James Allison, a blues harmonica playing Texan, shared the prize with Tasuku Honjo in 2018.

Hungarian-American Katalin (Kati) Kariko hasn’t been called yet. It’s impossible to know if she ever will. For now, she’ll just have to be satisfied knowing she helped save tens of millions of lives.

Probably more.

James, Barry, and Kati all have something in common. Each challenged conventional wisdom in their respective fields. Each saw something others didn’t.

And each endured decades of ridicule from their peers as a result. They were heretics, operating at the fringes, toiling away in obscurity.

Until they weren’t.

Conventional wisdom is a funny thing. Most of the time it keeps us out of trouble. But sometimes it makes us blind to possibility.

Email marketing hasn’t been around for very long, but it still has plenty of established ‘wisdom.’ Most of those ideas were inherited from old-school ‘Mad Men’ like Claude Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz, and David Ogilvy.

Buy, buy, buy, now, now, now is the all-too-common refrain. Grab your audience’s attention and do whatever it takes to “get ’em on your list” and make the sale as fast as possible.

Big idea-driven curiosity, over-the-top ‘ethical bribes,’ false urgency, and a dizzying array of upsells, downsells, cross-sells — whatever it takes as long as you sell, sell, sell…

And let’s be honest right up front — in the right markets, with the right offers, the right audiences, and the right resources, this approach can and does work.

Until it doesn’t.

If you’ve been in the boardrooms and around the water coolers of the biggest names in direct response marketing you’ll know they’re scared. The world is changing and their tried-and-true playbook of tactics is crumbling before their eyes.

On the surface, it’s sunshine and unicorns. But, behind the scenes, it’s common knowledge that the sun is setting on high-pressure, hard-sell tactics.

Change, and the new normal that comes with it, takes no prisoners.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already shut down some of the worst offenders — plenty of 8-9 figure businesses disappeared as a result. Hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and thousands of employees gone — poof — overnight.

And big tech companies like Apple and Google are rewriting their rules, focusing on privacy and protecting their customers’ experiences (and their inboxes).

But, hard-sell tactics and unethical marketing aren’t the real problem.

The real problem is that conventional wisdom in our little corner of the universe says that these hard-sell tactics are the only way to succeed online.

After more than four decades of combined experience with our own projects and working with hundreds of clients, we know that’s just not true.

In fact, most of the time, those hard-sell tactics are counter-productive.

They’re often the result of something called the Law of the Instrument — better known by the phrase: “To a person with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

What are we supposed to do instead?

We’re glad you asked.

Lean in for a moment and we’ll share a secret that might just change your world…

But, before we do that, we need to show you where we are and point the way to where we’re going. Let’s start by looking at a 10,000′ view of email marketing’s so-called conventional wisdom.

It all begins with an assumption (usually left unsaid) — that’s some variation of “I have to act FAST or people won’t buy and I’ll lose that opportunity FOREVER.”

That assumption leads to three perfectly rational decisions.

First, do whatever it takes to grab an audience’s attention! Curiosity-driven big ideas, over-the-top “ethical bribes,” social proof, contrived influencer / affiliate endorsements — whatever it takes to “get ’em on the list.”

Second, go for the sale immediately! Persuasion, pre-suasion, (maybe a little coercion…), engineered urgency — who doesn’t love countdown timers and limited availability notices to move a prospect over the finish line?

Third, maximize customer value! Upsells, one-time offers, cross-sells, forced continuity — and, if that doesn’t work, maybe a downsell to put some money in the bank.

Then, once they’re on your list, run them through your “email gauntlet” of back-end and affiliate offers to squeeze every last drop of value from your new customers as quickly as possible.

Sure, this churn and burn approach is hard work.

To keep the party going we have to add names to the list faster than we’re losing them. But that’s the business we’re in — gotta scale bro, right?


So. Very. Wrong.

Here’s the problem with conventional wisdom (and this is the secret we mentioned before) — it’s a house of cards that’s built on a lie.

If you believe that you have to act fast or people won’t buy, the churn and burn email marketing philosophy makes perfect sense. But here’s the thing — most people who buy eventually WON’T buy quickly.


Let’s look at the numbers.

Legendary marketer Dean Jackson has analyzed his customers’ extensive data and found that only 15% of people who buy within two years make a purchase in the first 90 days.

Everyone else — 85% of people who buy — don’t make a purchase until AFTER 90 days.

That means there’s FOUR TIMES THE OPPORTUNITY waiting for you after three months — if, and only IF, you don’t screw it up.

Let that sink in for a moment … it’s (very, very, very) important.

If you’re starting to feel a dull ache in the back of your brain (or the pit of your stomach), we get it. Once you see reality, it’s hard not to be affected by it.

The problem we’ve been told we need to solve isn’t really the problem. That, by itself, is hard to handle.

But wait, there’s more…

The bigger issue is that the choices we’re making based on what we think the problem is actually make the situation worse!

(Re-read that last part again…it’s very important…)

Let’s unpack this idea and see where it leads…

We think the problem we’re trying to solve with email marketing is that we have to act fast or we’ll lose an opportunity to get a customer.

If we believe that, we do our best to grab our audience’s attention as quickly as possible, we do what it takes to get a sale as fast as possible, and we pull out every trick in the book to maximize short-term customer value.

Then we run those customers through a never-ending series of offers until they stop paying attention actively (unsubscribes, refunds) or passively (ignoring our emails).

However, the problem we’re trying to solve in this scenario isn’t the real issue.

The overwhelming majority of our customers won’t buy from us in the first 90 days no matter what we do.

And, here’s the worst part — all of the things we’re doing to solve the imaginary problem make people LESS likely to buy from us in the future!

You’ll want to re-read that and let it sink in…

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