Black Rabbit FX – Video Bundle

Black Rabbit FX – Video Bundle

in on 03/17/2022
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Black Rabbit FX – Video Bundle
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Black Rabbit FX - Video Bundle (12.62 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Black Rabbit FX - Video Bundle
4D Masterclass
Into The Abyss
Smart Money Scalps
4D Masterclass
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1. Video 1.mp4
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7. Video 7.mp4
8. Video 8.mp4
9. Video 9.mp4
10. Video 10.mp4
11. Video 11.mp4
Into The Abyss
1. Intro.mp4
2. Compunding.mp4
3. Black Rabbit Podcast EP1 - Drew.mp4
4. Wonderland Suite of Tools.mp4
5. Heatmap Bookmap.txt
6. Darkpool Data.txt
7. Market Internals.mp4
8. MT3.mp4
9. Follow Up.mp4
10. Live Trading Using Market Internals.mp4
11. Result After Video.docx
12. Tradingview Links.docx
13. DM Zone.png
14. Luck 7s QMs.mp4
15. Correlation Study.docx
16. QMX.mp4
17. QMX Example.docx
18. Tips.docx
Compound Plan 1.pdf
Compound Plan 2.pdf
Smart Money Scalps
1. Course
2. Institutional Sauces
3. Live Trading Replays
4. Telegram Videos
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Smart Money Scalps is a course designed for beginner traders looking to dip their toes into the world of scalping. Scalping is a trading strategy that involves making small profits on tiny price changes, typically holding positions for a short period of time. This course teaches the fundamental concepts of scalping, including risk management, technical analysis, and trade execution.

One of the key components of Smart Money Scalps is understanding the psychology behind scalping. Scalping requires a quick decision-making process and the ability to adapt to fast-moving markets. This course teaches traders how to stay calm under pressure and make rational trading decisions.

Another important aspect of Smart Money Scalps is advanced compounding. Compounding is the process of reinvesting profits to increase overall capital. This course teaches traders how to compound their gains effectively, maximizing their returns over time.

Risk management is also a crucial component of successful scalping. This course covers advanced risk management techniques, such as position sizing and stop-loss orders, to protect capital and minimize losses.

In addition to these core concepts, Smart Money Scalps also covers specialized indexes for market confirmation and direction. These indexes provide traders with valuable insights into market trends and help them make informed trading decisions.

The course also delves into advanced support and resistance (SNR) and supply and demand (SND) levels. Understanding these key levels is essential for identifying potential entry and exit points in the market.

Multiple time frame analysis is another important skill taught in Smart Money Scalps. Traders learn how to analyze charts on different time frames to gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends and price movements.

The course also includes a BP system, which is a proprietary trading strategy developed by Black Rabbit FX. This system helps traders identify high-probability trade setups based on specific criteria.

One of the unique features of Smart Money Scalps is the use of dark pool data and heat maps. These tools provide traders with valuable information on market liquidity and trading volume, helping them make more informed trading decisions.

M1 time frame mastery is also covered in the course, teaching traders how to analyze price movements on the one-minute chart for quick scalping opportunities.

For traders looking to take their skills to the next level, there is the 4D Masterclass – 4D Recordings. This advanced course covers intraday setups, hidden timings, and the psychology behind successful intraday trading.

The course also includes a personal trade plan developed by the Black Rabbit FX team. This plan outlines specific trading strategies and guidelines tailored to an individual trader’s strengths and weaknesses.

Advanced SNR and SND levels are also covered in the 4D Masterclass, providing traders with a deeper understanding of market dynamics and potential trading opportunities.

Detailed PDFs and hours of content round out the 4D Masterclass, giving traders a comprehensive education on advanced intraday trading strategies.

In conclusion, Black Rabbit FX’s Smart Money Scalps and 4D Masterclass courses offer traders a unique opportunity to learn advanced trading strategies and techniques. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started in scalping or an experienced trader looking to hone your skills, these courses provide valuable insights and tools to help you succeed in the markets. With a focus on psychology, risk management, and technical analysis, these courses are designed to give traders a serious edge over the competition.


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