Blair Enns – Pricing Creativity

Blair Enns – Pricing Creativity

in on 08/18/2020
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Blair Enns – Pricing Creativity
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Blair Enns - Pricing Creativity (4 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Blair Enns - Pricing Creativity
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Blair Enns is a renowned expert in the world of creative business and pricing strategies. With his groundbreaking book, “Pricing Creativity,” Enns has provided an invaluable resource for creative professionals looking to maximize their value and profitability.

Enns argues that many creative professionals undercut themselves by not properly pricing their services. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the true value of creative work and the need to communicate that value effectively to clients. By doing so, creatives can command higher prices and build more sustainable and profitable businesses.

One of the key concepts Enns introduces in “Pricing Creativity” is the idea of value-based pricing. This approach focuses on pricing services based on the value they provide to the client, rather than simply on the cost of production. By aligning pricing with the value delivered, creatives can capture more of the value they create and ensure that they are properly compensated for their expertise and skills.

Enns also explores the importance of building strong client relationships and understanding the client’s business goals and challenges. By becoming a strategic partner to clients and helping them achieve their objectives, creatives can position themselves as indispensable collaborators rather than just service providers. This shift in perspective can lead to longer-term engagements and more profitable relationships.

Another key takeaway from “Pricing Creativity” is the idea of anchoring and framing in pricing negotiations. Enns explains how creatives can use these psychological tactics to set the tone for pricing discussions and influence the client’s perception of value. By framing their pricing in terms of the benefits and outcomes they can deliver, creatives can justify higher prices and position themselves as premium providers in the market.

Enns also delves into the importance of pricing confidence and avoiding the pitfalls of discounting. He challenges creatives to stand firm on their pricing and resist the temptation to offer discounts or concessions. By holding their ground and believing in the value of their work, creatives can build a reputation for quality and attract clients who are willing to pay a premium for their services.

Overall, Blair Enns offers a comprehensive and practical guide to pricing creativity in his book. By following his advice and implementing his strategies, creatives can transform their pricing approach and build more profitable businesses. Enns’s insights are backed by years of experience working with creative professionals and helping them achieve success in a competitive market.

In conclusion, Blair Enns’s “Pricing Creativity” is a must-read for any creative professional looking to unlock their full potential and maximize their value in the market. By adopting Enns’s value-based pricing approach, creatives can position themselves as strategic partners to clients, command higher prices, and build more sustainable and profitable businesses. Enns’s practical advice and proven strategies make “Pricing Creativity” an invaluable resource for creatives at all stages of their careers.


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