Bob Diamond – The Overages Blueprint

in on 05/19/2021
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Bob Diamond - The Overages Blueprint (3.92 GB)

Last Updated Date: 05-19-2021

Google Drive Proof

Bob Diamond - The Overages Blueprint
02-Quick Start Basic Training
03-Advanced Training
04-Live Call
05-Resources and Downloads
01-A Personal Message From Bob Diamond.mp4
01-overages blueprint _ your blueprint for building your overages business!.pdf
02-Quick Start Basic Training
01-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 1 - Found Money.mp4
01-quick start basic overages training 1 - found money! _ overages blueprint.pdf
02-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 2 - Getting Legal - Overages Blueprint.mp4
02-quick start basic overages training 2 - getting legal _ overages blueprint.pdf
03-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 3 - Obtaining the List - Overages Blueprint.mp4
03-quick start basic overages training 3 - obtaining the list _ overages blueprint.pdf
04-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 4 - List Strategies - Overages Blueprint.mp4
04-quick start basic overages training 4 - list strategies _ overages blueprint.pdf
05-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 5 - Crushing the List - Overages Blueprint.mp4
05-quick start basic overages training 5 - crushing the list _ overages blueprint.pdf
06-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 6 - -Doc'd Up- - Overages Blueprint.mp4
06-quick start basic overages training 6 - _doc'd up_ _ overages blueprint.pdf
07-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 7 - Instant Credibility - Overages Blueprint.mp4
07-quick start basic overages training 7 - instant credibility _ overages blueprint.pdf
08-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 8 - The Hunt - Overages Blueprint.mp4
08-quick start basic overages training 8 - the hunt _ overages blueprint.pdf
09-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 9 - The Shoulder Tap - Overages Blueprint.mp4
09-quick start basic overages training 9 - the shoulder tap _ overages blueprint.pdf
10-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 10 - -Magic Words- - Overages Blueprint.mp4
10-quick start basic overages training 10 - _magic words_ _ overages blueprint.pdf
11-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 11 - Claims City, USA - Overages Blueprint.mp4
11-quick start basic overages training 11 - claims city_ usa _ overages blueprint.pdf
12-Quick Start Basic Overages Training 12 - Ready, FIRE!, Aim - Overages Blueprint.mp4
12-quick start basic overages training 12 - ready_ fire!_ aim _ overages blueprint.pdf
03-Advanced Training
01-Advanced Training 1 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
01-advanced training 1 _ overages blueprint.pdf
02-advanced training 2 _ overages blueprint.pdf
03-Advanced Training 3 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
03-advanced training 3 _ overages blueprint.pdf
04-Advanced Training 4 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
04-advanced training 4 _ overages blueprint.pdf
05-Advanced Training 5 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
05-advanced training 5 _ overages blueprint.pdf
06-Advanced Training 6 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
06-advanced training 6 _ overages blueprint.pdf
07-Advanced Training 7 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
07-advanced training 7 _ overages blueprint.pdf
08-Advanced Training 8 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
08-advanced training 8 _ overages blueprint.pdf
09-Advanced Training 9 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
09-advanced training 9 _ overages blueprint.pdf
10-Advanced Training 10 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
10-advanced training 10 _ overages blueprint.pdf
11-Advanced Training 11 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
11-advanced training 11 _ overages blueprint.pdf
12-Advanced Training 12 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
12-advanced training 12 _ overages blueprint.pdf
04-Live Call
01-Live Call Replay 1 - Overages Blueprint.mp4
05-Resources and Downloads
03-Download Document Package
06-resources and downloads _ overages blueprint.pdf
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21-Day Fast Begin Information
12 Coaching Modules with movies
Alternatives to Ask Questions
Information to one of the best states to work in
Phone Scripts
Letter and Doc Templates
Can anybody study this?
We’ve got college students from numerous age teams and with numerous ranges of
publicity to the true property market. We’ll train you every part you want
to know.
Do I’ve to reside in the USA?
We’ve had many profitable college students from as far-off as Australia work
the enterprise, as a result of every part is completed by telephone, mail, and pc.
Is that this enterprise official?
we additionally name this the Robin Hood enterprise as we principally take the
cash owed by the federal government and provides it to the individuals who have
undergone foreclosures. We’ve got intensive expertise doing this for a lot of

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