Carl Allen – Dealmaker Wealth Society

Carl Allen – Dealmaker Wealth Society

in on 08/18/2020
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Carl Allen – Dealmaker Wealth Society
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Carl Allen - Dealmaker Wealth Society (15.7 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Carl Allen - Dealmaker Wealth Society
Bonus Materials
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
Module 10
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Bonus Materials
Bonus 1- Dealmaker Consultant Training
Bonus 2- Bolt-On Acquisitions Training
Bonus 3- Distressed Deals
Bonus 4- Ready, Prep, Sell
How To Launch Your Deal Origination Machine.mp4
LIVE Deal Review Call Recording.mp4
The RIGHT Way To Work With Business Brokers.mp4
The Secret to Finding Great Virtual Assistants.mp4
Module 1
M1 L2 Introduction_HB.mp4
M1 L3 Virtual Assistants .mp4
M1L3 Virtual Assistants PP.mp4
M1L4 Course Outline PP.mp4
Module 2
M2L2 Types of Deals PP.mp4
M2L3 DDS PP.mp4
M2L4 WCP PP (1).mp4
Module 3
M3 L2 Deal Origination Machine PP.mp4
M3 L3 Segmentation PP.mp4
M3 L12 Events.mp4
M3L4 Deal Origination Brokers PP.mp4
M3L5 Network PP.mp4
M3L6 DO Direct Approach PP.mp4
M3L7 Hoovers PP.mp4
M3L8 Ask A Librarian PP.mp4
M3L9 Facebook PP.mp4
M3L10 LinkedIn PP.mp4
M3L11 Website and Blog PP.mp4
M3L12 Events PP.mp4
Module 4
M4L2 Pre Meeting Analysis PP.mp4
M4L3 Pre Meeting Research PP.mp4
M4L4 The Perfect Meeting.mp4
M4L5 NDA PP.mp4
M4L6 Basic Information Requirements PP.mp4
Module 5
M5 L2 Understanding the Income Statement PP.mp4
M5 L3 Understanding the Balance Sheet PP.mp4
M5 L4 Indicative Financing PP.mp4
M5L5 The Simple Model PP.mp4
M5L6 Balance Sheet Method PP.mp4
M5L7 Revised Simple Model PP.mp4
Module 6
M6 L2 Creating Your Offer Sequence PP.mp4
M6 L3 Creating Offer Letters PP.mp4
M6 L4 Negotiation Tactics PP.mp4
M6 L5 Advanced Negotiation Tactics PP.mp4
Module 7
M7 L2 Financing Overview PP.mp4
M7 L3 Asset Backed Financing PP.mp4
M7 L4 Equity Financing PP.mp4
M7 L5 SBA 7a Financing PP.mp4
M7 L6 Other Sources of Financing PP.mp4
M7 L7 Financing Rolodex PP.mp4
M7 L8 Seller Financing PP.mp4
M7 L9 Earn Outs PP.mp4
M7 L10 90 Day Payment PP.mp4
M7 L11 Contacting Financiers.mp4
M7 L12 Financing Process.mp4
M7 L13 Expression of Interest .mp4
M7 L14 Financial Covenants.mp4
Module 8
M8 L2 - Hiring Contingent Fee Advisors.mp4
M8 L3 Deal Closing Plan.mp4
M8 L4 Financial Due Diligence.mp4
M8 L5 Commercial Due Diligence.mp4
M8 L6 Legal Due Diligence.mp4
M8 L7 Cash Flow Forecasting.mp4
M8 L8 Financier Due Diligence.mp4
M8 L9 Other Due Diligence.mp4
M8 L10 Deal Structures.mp4
M8L11 Legal Contracts.mp4
Module 9
M9 L2 - Closing Protocols.mp4
M9 L3 - Financing Flows.mp4
M9 L4 Hiring a GM.mp4
Module 10
M10 L2 Business Administration.mp4
M10 L3 Strategic Growth.mp4
M10 L4 Financial Engineering.mp4
M10 L5 Key Performance Indicators.mp4
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Are you tired of the daily grind and looking for a way to break free and start living life on your own terms? Have you always dreamed of owning your own business but didn’t know where to start or how to finance it? Look no further, because Carl Allen’s Dealmaker Wealth Society is here to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Carl Allen, also known as “The Dealmaker,” has over 26 years of experience in buying and selling businesses. He has put together a comprehensive training program that will teach you how to buy a business within the next 100 days using none of your own money. This program is not just theory; it is the exact process that Carl himself uses to acquire new businesses and grow his wealth.

The Dealmaker CEO Module Program includes ten modules that cover every aspect of the business buying process. The first module, Deal Mindset, focuses on the importance of having the right mindset before embarking on this journey. Without a strong mindset, the information you learn in the course will be useless. Module two, Deal Specification, helps you identify the right businesses to pursue based on your financial and lifestyle goals.

Once you have identified potential businesses to buy, the Deal Origination module teaches you how to generate a steady stream of deals to analyze. The Deal Analysis and Meetings module walks you through the steps to take before, during, and after a meeting with the seller to gather crucial information. Financial Analysis is covered in module five, where you will learn how to analyze the financial health of a business before making an offer.

Module six, Offers & Negotiations, teaches you how to craft a compelling offer based on the information gathered during the seller meeting. Financing options are covered in module seven, ensuring you have the tools to finance any deal that comes your way. Deal Execution, module eight, covers the due diligence process and how to hire professionals to handle this aspect of the deal for you.

Once you have completed the previous modules and closed the deal, module nine, Closing, walks you through the final steps of becoming the owner of a profitable business. The 100-Day Ownership Training module is where you will learn how to maximize cash flow and grow your new business quickly.

In addition to the ten modules, you will also receive access to tools, templates, and formulas that will help you get results fast. These resources include direct approach letter templates, non-disclosure agreements, financial analysis models, and a list of prescreened lenders to help you secure financing for your deals.

As a bonus, you will also receive training on becoming a Dealmaker Consultant, Bolt-On Acquisitions, Distressed Deals, and Ready, Prep, Sell strategies. These bonus modules will expand your dealmaking skill set and give you additional ways to grow your wealth through strategic business acquisitions.

If you are serious about buying a business and achieving financial freedom, Carl Allen’s Dealmaker Wealth Society is the program for you. With Carl’s guidance and proven system, you can make your dream of business ownership a reality within the next 100 days. Don’t let fear or lack of funds hold you back any longer; take the first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur today with the Dealmaker Wealth Society.


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