ChartGuys – Essential Candlesticks Trading

ChartGuys – Essential Candlesticks Trading

in on 03/03/2022
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ChartGuys – Essential Candlesticks Trading
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ChartGuys - Essential Candlesticks Trading (2.74 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

ChartGuys - Essential Candlesticks Trading
Essential Candlesticks
Essential Candlesticks
2-Why Candlesticks.mp4
3-The Art of Observation.mp4
4-Psychology of a Candle.mp4
5-1 Liquid vs Illiquid Charts.mp4
5-2 Penny Stocks Vs. Indices.mp4
5-3 Continuous vs Non Continuous.mp4
5-4 Extended Hours.mp4
6-1 Candle module structure and goals.mp4
6-2 basiccandlesFinal.mp4
7-1 Bull Single Candle.mp4
7-2 Bullish Hammer.mp4
7-3 Bullish Inverted Hammer.mp4
7-4 Bullish Belt Hold.mp4
8-1 Two Candle Patterns Bullish.mp4
8-2 Bullish Harami.mp4
8-3 Bullish Harami Cross.mp4
8-4 Bullish Homing Pigeon.mp4
8-5 Bullish Matching Low.mp4
8-6 Bullish Piercing Line.mp4
8-7 Bullish Meeting Line.mp4
8-8 Bullish One Green Soldier.mp4
8-9 Bullish Engulfing.mp4
8-10 Bullish Kicker.mp4
9-1 Bullish three candle intro.mp4
9-2 Bullish Morning Star.mp4
9-3 Doji Morning Star.mp4
9-4 Bullish Abandoned Baby.mp4
9-5 Bullish Two Rabbits.mp4
9-6 Bullish Downside Gap Two RabbitsFinal.mp4
9-7 Bullish Deliberation Block.mp4
9-8 Bullish Descent Block.mp4
9-9 Bullish Three Green Soldiers.mp4
10-1 Bearish Single Candle Intro.mp4
10-2 Bearish Hanging Man.mp4
10-3 Bearish Shooting Star.mp4
10-4 Bearish belt hold.mp4
11-1 Bearish Two Candle Intro.mp4
11-2 Bearish Harami.mp4
11-3 Bearish harami cross.mp4
11-4 Bearish doji star.mp4
11-5 Bearish matching high.mp4
11-6 Bearish descending hawk.mp4
11-7 Bearish Meeting Ling.mp4
11-8 Bearish Dark Cloud Cover.mp4
11-9 Bearish Black Crow.mp4
11-10 Bearish Kicking.mp4
11-11 Bearish engulfing.mp4
12-1 Bearish three candle patterns intro.mp4
12-2 Bearish Advance Block.mp4
12-3 Bearish deliberation block.mp4
12-4 Bearish Evening Star.mp4
12-5 Bearish Evening Doji.mp4
12-6 Bearish abandoned baby.mp4
12-7 Bearish two crows.mp4
12-8 Bearish 3 black crows.mp4
13 Not All Candles Created Equal.mp4
14-1 SPY 5M - Live Analysis - November 5th, 2018.mp4
14-2 SPY 15M - Live Analysis - November 5th, 2018.mp4
14-3 SPY 5M - Live Analysis - November 5th, 2018 (1).mp4
14-4 CGC 5M - Hanging Man - Live Nov 6.mp4
14-5 SPY_Live_Nov 6.mp4
14-6 ES1 Futures 5min.mp4
14-7 DXY5min Hanging Man 1m EQ Nov 08.mp4
14-8 CGC 5 - Spinning Bull Engulfing - Nov 12.mp4
14-9 WJA 5M - Doji spinning top - Nov 21.mp4
14-10 XLKJan9.mp4
15 PathofEducation.mp4
16 Conclusion.mp4
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Candlestick analysis is a vital skill for any trader looking to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of financial markets. By understanding the basics of candlestick analysis and market psychology, you can gain valuable insights into market trends, movements, and potential future developments.

At the Chart Guys, we believe in the power of candlestick analysis as a key component of successful trading. Our comprehensive course on Essential Candlesticks Trading is designed to help traders of all levels enhance their understanding of market dynamics and make more informed trading decisions.

The fundamental premise of candlestick analysis is simple yet powerful – each candlestick represents the range of price movement within a specific timeframe. By studying individual candlesticks and patterns, traders can gain valuable insights into market sentiment, buying and selling pressure, and potential future price movements.

Understanding market psychology is essential for successful trading. By analyzing how market participants think and behave, traders can anticipate potential market movements and make informed decisions. Market psychology is a key factor that drives market trends and influences price action, making it a crucial skill for any trader.

In our course, you will learn how to differentiate between different types of charts and understand the significance of specific variations. You will also learn how to recognize, interpret, and act upon 40 different candlestick patterns, each with its own unique implications for market direction.

One of the key benefits of candlestick analysis is its visual nature. By leveraging key candlestick patterns, traders can validate their trading strategies and make more informed decisions based on market signals. Candlestick analysis provides a highly visual and intuitive way to interpret market data and make strategic trading decisions.

By enrolling in our Essential Candlesticks Trading course, you will gain access to 16 comprehensive modules that cover everything you need to know to get started with candlestick analysis. Whether you are a beginner just starting to learn about charts or a seasoned veteran trading high volatility options, this course is designed to help you enhance your trading skills and improve your overall understanding of market dynamics.

We believe that by mastering the fundamentals of candlestick analysis and market psychology, you can gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive trading environment. Our course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to succeed as a trader and navigate the complexities of financial markets with confidence.

Thank you for considering our Essential Candlesticks Trading course. We are confident that you will find it to be a valuable educational experience that will help you enhance your trading skills and achieve greater success in the markets. Sign up today and take the first step towards becoming a more knowledgeable and successful trader.


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