Chris Do – Stylescapes

Chris Do – Stylescapes

in on 08/18/2020
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Chris Do – Stylescapes
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Chris Do - Stylescapes (3.15 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Chris Do - Stylescapes
00. Welcome!
01. Stylescape Course
02. Stylescape Design from Scratch Documented Process
03. Critiquing Your Stylescapes
04. Presenting Your Stylescape - Watch Chris!
05. Critiquing Your Stylescape Presentation
06. Stylescape Workbook
07. Photoshop Tips _ Tricks
08. Bonus
00. Welcome!
1. Stylescapes Course Intro.mp4
2. Stylescape Beta Status Updated April 18, 2019.txt
3. Lecture Information Monday, March 18.txt
4. Critique Submission Information Friday, Mar 22.txt
5. Presentation Critique Information Friday, Mar 29.txt
01. Stylescape Course
1. Stylescape Course Overview.mp4
2. Desired Future State.mp4
2. Image Buckets.mp4
3. Brand Attributes.mp4
4. Empathy Map.mp4
5. Color.mp4
6. Type.mp4
7. Curate.mp4
8. Presentation.mp4
9. Examples.mp4
9a. Stylescapes Examples.pdf
10. Exercises.mp4
11. Resources.mp4
02. Stylescape Design from Scratch Documented Process
1. Collecting Images and Finding Insipiration.mp4
2. Getting Started.mp4
3. Color Correcting.mp4
4. User Image.mp4
5. Type.mp4
6. Color Palette.mp4
7. Breaking up The Grid.mp4
8. Revision Round 1 Taking Shape.mp4
9. Revision Round 2 Final Stylescape.mp4
03. Critiquing Your Stylescapes
1. Intro.mp4
2. Stylescape Critique Matthew.mp4
2. Stylescape Critique Willhelm.mp4
4. Stylescape Critique Kyle.mp4
5. Stylescape Critique Dave.mp4
6. Stylescape Critique Suchet.mp4
7. Stylescape Critique Andrew.mp4
8. Stylescape Critique William.mp4
9. Stylescape Critique Chelsea.mp4
10. Stylescape Critique Abrian.mp4
11. Stylescape Critique Yeng Shen.mp4
12. Stylescape Critique Jacob.mp4
13. Conclusion.mp4
04. Presenting Your Stylescape - Watch Chris!
1. Presenting The Stylescape.mp4
2. Clients Response Part 1 User Image.mp4
3. Clients Response Part 2 Humor.mp4
4. Summary of Feedback.mp4
05. Critiquing Your Stylescape Presentation
1. Intro .mp4
2. Chelsea.mp4
3. Abi.mp4
4. Ty.mp4
5. William.mp4
6. Sabrina.mp4
7. Yacoub.mp4
8. Yinpin.mp4
9. Conclusion.mp4
06. Stylescape Workbook
07. Photoshop Tips _ Tricks
1. PS Cutout Demo.mp4
2. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
3. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
4. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
5. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
6. Illustrator Auto Trace Tutorial.mp4
08. Bonus
3. Stylescape Template
2. Stylescape Lecture.pdf
4. Email Template.txt
4. Full Question _ Answers.csv
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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a never-ending cycle of revisions and last-minute changes with your clients? Do you struggle to effectively communicate your design ideas and get their buy-in early on in the process? If so, you’re not alone. Many designers face these challenges, but there is a solution: Chris Do’s Stylescapes.

Stylescapes are a revolutionary concept in the world of design. They allow you to communicate your design ideas visually, before you ever open up Photoshop or Illustrator. By translating words into images, you can get alignment with your clients from the very beginning, saving you time and frustration down the road.

With Stylescapes, you can finally say goodbye to guessing what your clients want. Instead of presenting a finished design that may not meet their expectations, you can present visual concepts that allow for early collaboration and feedback. This not only helps you avoid those last-minute changes, but also helps “scaffold” your clients to the end result, making the approval process faster and easier.

But what exactly do you get with Chris Do’s Stylescapes? For starters, you’ll learn how to build a reference library to easily source imagery from. This is crucial in the creative field, where inspiration can be hard to come by. In several video lessons, Chris walks you through his approach to curating and saving imagery from multiple sources, so you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration again.

You’ll also learn how to design beautiful Stylescapes that get client buy-in. Stylescapes are more than just moodboards – they’re a carefully crafted composition that inspires your next steps and allows your clients to collaborate with you early on in the process. By focusing on The Three C’s – Curation, Composition, and Consistency – you’ll be able to create Stylescapes that truly wow your clients.

And speaking of clients, presenting your Stylescapes effectively is crucial to their success. Chris Do not only explains how to craft a narrative around your work, but also shares real-world video recordings of him presenting to clients. You’ll also get to watch other students present their work and receive critiques from Chris himself, so you can learn from the best and improve your own presentation skills.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of Chris Do’s Stylescapes is learning how to critique your own work. With several student critique recordings, you’ll get a glimpse into what it would be like to have Chris Do as your Creative Director. You’ll learn how to objectively evaluate your Stylescapes and identify areas for improvement before presenting them to your clients.

In conclusion, Stylescapes are a game-changer for designers looking to streamline their design process and improve client communication. With Stylescapes, you can finally speak the same language as your clients, present confidently and get approval faster than ever before. So why continue to struggle with never-ending revisions and last-minute changes? Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to Stylescapes – your new secret weapon for design success.


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