Colin Dijs – ClickBank Mastermind 2020

Colin Dijs – ClickBank Mastermind 2020

in on 08/18/2020
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Colin Dijs – ClickBank Mastermind 2020
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Colin Dijs - ClickBank Mastermind 2020 (3.43 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Colin Dijs - ClickBank Mastermind 2020
1. Technical Preparation
2. Facebook
3. Native
4. Weekly Q_A
1. Technical Preparation
1. Welcome Message.mp4
2. Signing up to Clickbank.docx
2. Signing up to Clickbank.mp4
3. Intro to Clickbank.mp4
4. Setting up Voluum.docx
4. Setting up Voluum.mp4
5. Setting up Amazon S3.docx
5. Setting up Amazon S3.mp4
6. Sign up for Voluum DSP.docx
6. Sign up for Voluum DSP.mp4
7. Intro to Voluum DSP.docx
7. Intro to Voluum DSP.mp4
8. Setting up your Facebook Assets.mp4
9. Add Facebook Pixel inside of Clickbank.mp4
10. Using Adplexity Native.docx
10. Using Adplexity Native.mp4
11. Adjusted 3 Day Rule.mp4
12. A Little Reminder.mp4
13. Theory Intro.mp4
14. Introduction to clickbank.mp4
15. Signing Up As A Affiliate.mp4
16. Clickbank Dashboard.mp4
17. Clickbank Reporting.mp4
18. Account Settings.mp4
19. Clickbank Vendor Settings.mp4
20. Categories Employment _ Jobs.mp4
21. Clickbank Resources.mp4
22. Clickbank Resources.mp4
23. Clickbank Partner Offers.mp4
24. Clickbank Blog.mp4
25. Clickbank Marketplace Explained.mp4
26. Categories As Seen On TV.mp4
27. Categories Arts Entertainment.mp4
28. Categories Business _ Investing.mp4
29. Categories Computers Internet.mp4
30. Categories E-Business _ E-Marketing.mp4
31. Categories E-Business _ E-Marketing.mp4
32. Categories Fiction.mp4
33. Categories Food, Wine _ Cooking.mp4
34. Categories Games.mp4
35. Categories Green Products.mp4
36. Categories Health _ Fitness.mp4
37. Categories Languages.mp4
38. Categories Mobile.mp4
39. Categories Parenting _ Families.mp4
40. Categories Politics _ Current Events.mp4
41. Categories References.mp4
42. Categories Self Help.mp4
43. Categories Software _ Services.mp4
44. Categories Spirituality, New Age _ Alternative Beliefs.mp4
45. Categories Sports.mp4
46. Categories Betting Systems.mp4
47. Categories Travel.mp4
48. Introduction to Hoplinks.mp4
49. Introduction to Gravity.mp4
50. Introduction to Attributes.mp4
51. Introduction to Offer Stats.mp4
52. Using Clickbank API.mp4
2. Facebook
1. Week 1
2. Week 2
3. Week 3
4. Week 4
5. Week 5
6. Week 6
3. Native
1. Week 1
2. Week 2
3. Week 3
4. Week 4
5. Week 5
6. Week 6
4. Weekly Q_A
1. Live Q A - 1.mp4
1. Live Q A - Week 2.mp4
2. Live Q _ A - 2.mp4
2. Live Q _ A - Week 3.mp4
3. Live Q _ A - 3.mp4
3. Live Q _ A - Week 4.mp4
4. Live Q _ A - 4.mp4
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Colin Dijs is a well-known name in the world of affiliate marketing, and he is back with a bang in 2020 with his ClickBank Mastermind program. This program is designed to help affiliate marketers take their businesses to the next level and achieve success in the competitive world of online marketing.

Colin Dijs is a highly successful affiliate marketer himself, and he has years of experience in the industry. His ClickBank Mastermind program is based on his own strategies and techniques that have helped him earn a substantial income through affiliate marketing. With this program, Colin Dijs aims to share his knowledge and expertise with other affiliate marketers who are looking to achieve similar success.

The ClickBank Mastermind program covers a wide range of topics, including choosing the right offers to promote, creating high-converting landing pages, driving traffic to your offers, and optimizing your campaigns for maximum success. Colin Dijs goes into detail about each of these topics, providing step-by-step guidance and actionable tips that can be applied immediately to see results.

One of the key aspects of the ClickBank Mastermind program is Colin Dijs’ focus on mindset and motivation. He believes that having the right mindset is crucial for success in affiliate marketing, and he shares his own experiences and techniques for staying focused and motivated even when facing challenges.

Another important aspect of the ClickBank Mastermind program is the community aspect. Colin Dijs has created a supportive and collaborative community of affiliate marketers who are all working towards a common goal of success. Members of the program have the opportunity to interact with each other, share ideas and strategies, and support each other on their journey to success.

One of the most valuable aspects of the ClickBank Mastermind program is the live coaching sessions with Colin Dijs himself. During these sessions, members have the opportunity to ask questions, get personalized feedback on their campaigns, and receive guidance on how to overcome any obstacles they may be facing. These live coaching sessions are invaluable for anyone looking to take their affiliate marketing business to the next level.

In addition to the live coaching sessions, members of the ClickBank Mastermind program also have access to a wealth of training materials and resources. These include video tutorials, written guides, case studies, and more, all designed to help members learn new strategies and techniques for success in affiliate marketing.

The ClickBank Mastermind program is suitable for affiliate marketers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Whether you are just starting out in affiliate marketing and looking for guidance on how to get started, or you are a seasoned marketer looking to take your business to the next level, Colin Dijs’ program has something to offer.

The success stories of members of the ClickBank Mastermind program speak for themselves. Many members have seen significant increases in their affiliate marketing income, some even achieving six-figure incomes within a short period of time. These success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of Colin Dijs’ strategies and techniques, and to the value of the program as a whole.

In conclusion, Colin Dijs’ ClickBank Mastermind program is a must-join for anyone looking to achieve success in affiliate marketing. With his years of experience and proven track record of success, Colin Dijs is the perfect mentor to guide you on your journey to success. If you are serious about making money online through affiliate marketing, then look no further than the ClickBank Mastermind program. Join today and start your journey to affiliate marketing success with Colin Dijs.


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