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CopyHackers - CopySchool 2019 (27.34 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-18-2020

Google Drive Proof

CopyHackers - CopySchool 2019
10x Emails 2.0
10x Facebook Ads by Joanna Wiebe
10x Landing Pages 2.0
10x Launches
10x Sales Pages
Copy School 2018
Six Figure Emails
Special Launch Materials (2019)
9492 - _Dashboard_.jpg
Office Hours 2018 - Lesson 8 - The Golden Guarantee.pdf
10x Emails 2.0
BONUS How to find your message
BONUS Recorded workshops and bonus training
MODULE 1 Plan 10x emails
MODULE 2 Write 10x emails
MODULE 3 10x Copywriting Techniques
MODULE 4 Optimize 10x emails
Office Hours Recordings
4463 - _Copy Hackers Training_ - training_copyhackers_com_courses_enrolled_151898.jpg
How to get the most out of 10x Emails - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
How to write 10x emails with 10x Emails 2.0.pdf
10x Facebook Ads by Joanna Wiebe
1 Facebook and Instagram Ads 101
2 Anatomy of Facebook and Instagram Ads
3 Gathering your Messages
4 Mapping your Messages
5 Writing High-Converting Messages
6 Images and Videos
7 Landing Pages that Convert
8 Testing and How to Know if your Ads are
9 Red Flags
1-Welcome and Start Here!.ts
10x Facebook Ads Course-Workbook_2.pdf
How to Write Facebook Ad Compliant Copy in Difficult Verticals_2.mp4
Step Four - Write your Body Copy.mp4
Step One- Reference your Funnel Map and Pick a Place to Start.mp4
Step Three- Write your Headline Variations.mp4
Step Two- Write Down your Value Prop Variations.mp4
10x Landing Pages 2.0
MODULE 1 Starting Your Process
MODULE 2 Finding Your Message
MODULE 3 Laying Out Your Page
MODULE 4 Writing and Editing In the Awesome
10x Landing Pages Office Hours 1 of 2.pdf
10x Landing Pages Office Hours 2 of 2.pdf
4411 - _Copy Hackers Training_ - training_copyhackers_com_courses_enrolled_137209.jpg
Clinic 1- Tuesday, Oct 11 at 9am Pacific - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Clinic 2- Tuesday, Oct 25 at 9am Pacific - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Copywriting Clinic 1 - One Reader and One Offer.pdf
Copywriting Clinic 2 - One Big Idea and One Promise.pdf
How to use this course to write more landing pages that perform better.mp4
Session 1- Lead magnets - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Session 2- Long-form sales pages - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
10x Launches
Module 1 The _Coaching The Conversion_ Method
Module 2 The 3D, Ever-Evolving Avatar
Module 3 Segmentation and Confirmation
Module 4 Pre Launch
Module 5 Launch
Module 6 Sales
Module 7 Closing
1-Welcome to 10x Launches - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
2-What_s Inside - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
3-How to Get the Most ROI - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
3-Part Webinar Show-Up Sequence.docx
3-Part Webinar Show-Up Sequence.pdf
10x Launches - MVF Slides.pdf
10x Launches - Office Hours 1.pdf
10x Launches - Office Hours 2.pdf
4503 - _Copy Hackers Training_ - training_copyhackers_com_courses_enrolled_151902.jpg
Advanced Story Alchemy w_ Kylie Slavik - Copy Hackers Training(1).mp4
Advanced Story Alchemy w_ Kylie Slavik - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Bonus 1 - Launch Method Reviews The Minimum Viable Funnel - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Bonus 2 - Contextology _ -The One Off Wonder- - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Bonus 2 - Contextology _ -The One Off Wonder- - Copy Hackers Training_2.mp4
Bonus 3 - The 3-Part Webinar -Show Up- Sequence - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Bonus 3 - The 3-Part Webinar -Show Up- Sequence - Copy Hackers Training_2.mp4
Bonus 3 - The 3-Part Webinar -Show Up- Sequence - Copy Hackers Training_3.mp4
Bonus 3 - The 3-Part Webinar -Show Up- Sequence - Copy Hackers Training_4.mp4
How to Create, Launch, and Deliver a 5 Figure Productized Copywriting Service w_ Prerna Malik - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Session 1 - Bonus Themeplate- -The Piglet- - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Session 2 - Bonus Themeplate- The -Captain Obvious- Close - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
The Future of Funnels _ How to be Fiercely Authentic w_ Scott Oldford - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
The Role of Storytelling in the Conversion Process w_ George Huang - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
10x Sales Pages
1-TRACK 1 Laying a foundation that can bear the weight of long copy
2-TRACK 1 When it_s time to put words on the page
3-TRACK 1 Over-the-shoulder tutorials. because you_re ready to own your first draft
4-TRACK 1 A few useful notes on editing in the awesome
5-TRACK 1 All the worksheets and other downloadables
6-TRACK 2 The 15 Point Sales Page in a Day Method [START HERE]
7-TRACK 2 Module 1 - Coaching The Conversion (The Sales Page Edition)
8-TRACK 2 Module 2 - Coach-Mining _ The Launch Bible
9-TRACK 2 Module 3 - Establishing The Gap
10-TRACK 2 Module 4 - Exploring The Gap
11-TRACK 2 Module 5 - Exiting The Gap
12-TRACK 2 Module 6 - Escaping The Gap
13-TRACK 2 All the worksheets and other downloadables
4515 - _Copy Hackers Training_ - training_copyhackers_com_courses_enrolled_268260.jpg
START HERE- How to get the most out of 10x Sales Pages - Copy Hackers.mp4
Copy School 2018
1-Watch this lesson first - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
2-Workshop 1- What should you say- - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
3-Workshop 2- How should you say it- - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
4-Workshop 3- The most profitable 50 minutes in marketing history - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
5-Workshop 1- The 3-step path - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
6-Workshop 2- The 3 myths - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
7-Workshop 3- Live-writing, or the most profitable way to spend your Thursday - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
8-Session 1- Kickoff call and surveying customers (Mar 14, 2018) - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
9-Session 2- Landing pages and how to optimize a free offer (Mar 21, 2018) - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
10-Session 3- Sales emails and how to use hyper-vivid language (Mar 28, 2018) - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
11-Session 4- Engaging SaaS users with voice and tone in your onboarding emails (April 4, 2018) - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
12-Session 5- Writing long-form sales pages with the -sacred cow- (April 11, 2018) - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
4410 - _Copy Hackers Training_ - training_copyhackers_com_courses_enrolled_150676.jpg
Office Hours 2018 - Lesson 2 - Optimizing a free offer.pdf
Office Hours 2018 - Lesson 3 - Strategic Absurdity (Sales Emails).pdf
Office Hours 2018 - Lesson 4 - Write your SaaS emails with tone.pdf
Office Hours 2018 - Lesson 5 - Enginnering Core Beleifs.pdf
Office Hours 2018 kickoff call.pdf
Session 6- How to creative-direct the design of your long-form sales page (April 25, 2018).mp4
Session 7- The 3-stage email sequence to re-engage (May 2, 2018).mp4
Session 8- The wrap-up session, complete with training on optimizing your guarantee (May 9, 2018).mp4
The How to Say It Worksheet_ For Email.pdf
The What to Say Worksheet.pdf
Workshop 3 Template - PERFECT IF.pdf
1-TEMPLATE 1- The User Agreement.mp4
7FE 1 - The User Agreement.pdf
7FE 2 - The Simon Cowell Qualifier Slides.pdf
7FE3 - The _And Justice For All_.pdf
7FE4 - The _Non-Problem Problem_.pdf
7FE5 - The Fab 5, The Traffic Light, No Ghost._2.pdf
7FE5 - The Fab 5, The Traffic Light, No Ghost.pdf
7FE6 - Couple_s Therapy - Deck (1).pdf
7FE6 - Couple_s Therapy - Deck (1)_2.pdf
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 2 - The Simon Cowell Qualifier.pdf
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 3 - The _And Justice for All_.docx
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 3 - The _And Justice for All_.pdf
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 4 - The _Non-Problem Problem_.docx
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 4 - The _Non-Problem Problem_.pdf
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 5 - The Fab 5 The Traffic Light The No Ghosts Shall PAS.docx
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 5 - The Fab 5 The Traffic Light The No Ghosts Shall PAS.pdf
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 6 - Couple_s Therapy.docx
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 6 - Couple_s Therapy.pdf
SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 7 - The Sarcastic Sally.pdf
TEMPLATE 2- The Simon Cowell Qualifier.mp4
TEMPLATE 3- -And Justice For All-.mp4
TEMPLATE 4- The Non-Problem Problem.mp4
TEMPLATE 5- The Fab 5, The Traffic Light, No Ghost Shall PAS (3 Post-Webinar Templates).mp4
TEMPLATE 6- Couple_s Therapy.mp4
Template 7- The Sarcastic Sally (Framing your sales emails).mp4
_SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 1 - The User Agreement.docx
_SEVEN FIGURE EMAILS 1 - The User Agreement.pdf
seven figure emails 2 chat.txt
Six Figure Emails
4502 - _Copy Hackers Training_ - training_copyhackers_com_courses_enrolled_136317.jpg
TEMPLATE 1- Market_s Search For Meaning - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
TEMPLATE 2- The Anti-Launch Launch - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
TEMPLATE 3- The Time Compressor - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
TEMPLATE 4- The Spoiler Alert - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
TEMPLATE 5- The DMV Downsell - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
TEMPLATE 6- The Anthropomorphic Activator - Copy Hackers Training.mp4
Special Launch Materials (2019)
Chat Transcript ROI Room_ Session 1.txt
GMT20190515-150351_ROI-Rooms- (1).txt
ROI Room 9- Emails.mp4
ROI Room 10 - Live-Chat Playbook [BONUS].docx
ROI Room 10- Sales Pages.mp4
Week 1 - ROI Rooms - April 3.mp4.mp4
Week 1 - ROI Rooms - April 3.mp4_(new).mp4
Week 2 - ROI Rooms - April 10.mp4.mp4
Week 3 - ROI Rooms - April 17.mp4.mp4
Week 4 - ROI Rooms - April 24.mp4.mp4
Week 5 - ROI Rooms - May 1.mp4.mp4
Week 6 - ROI Rooms - May 8.mp4.mp4
Week 7 - ROI Rooms - May 15.mp4
Week 8 - ROI Rooms - May 22.mp4
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