David Snyder – Vibrational Healing

David Snyder – Vibrational Healing

in on 05/26/2021
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David Snyder – Vibrational Healing
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David Snyder - Vibrational Healing (8.8 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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David Snyder - Vibrational Healing
Vibrational Healing V 1.1 Intro and Orientation, Dynamics of Unconscious [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.2 Breath, Energy As Medium, Astral [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.3 Reiki Overview, Elements, Astral [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.4 Pranic Healing, Qigong, Dna Theta Model, Bengston [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.5 Tactical Breathing, Elemental [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.1 Logical Levels Of Belief, 4 Magic [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.2 Kinesthetic Rapport, Hands On [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.3 Hypnotic Installation, Balancing [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.4 Astral Projection, Energetic [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.1 Debriefing, Perspective And Perception, Reiki Table [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.2 Burst Breathing, Spinning, Magic [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.3 Reiki Positions, Projecting Elemental Energy, Inch Worm [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.4 Bengston Method, Image [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 4.1 Anatomy Of Chakras, Witness [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 4.2 Remote Influence, Wish Impregnation, Charging [email protected]
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Clearing Power Blockages

David Snyder’s Vibrational Healing course is a comprehensive program designed to expand your knowledge and understanding of energy healing. With a focus on advanced state management for energy healing applications, this course delves into various modalities such as Reiki, Qi-Gong, Bengston System, Pranic Healing, and DNA Theta Healing. Whether you are new to energy healing or have some experience in the field, this seminar offers valuable insights and techniques to enhance your practice.

One of the key aspects of Vibrational Healing is developing your psychic abilities. Through guided exercises and practices, David Snyder helps participants tap into their intuitive powers and connect with subtle energies present in the environment. By honing your psychic skills, you can enhance your ability to perceive and manipulate energy for healing purposes.

The course also introduces participants to the concept of healing based on hermetic philosophy. Drawing from ancient esoteric teachings, David Snyder explores the principles of vibration, polarity, and correspondence in relation to energy healing. By understanding these fundamental laws of the universe, practitioners can align themselves with the natural flow of energy and enhance their healing abilities.

In addition to focusing on local healing practices, Vibrational Healing also emphasizes the importance of remote healing. Through guided meditations and visualization techniques, participants learn how to send healing energy to individuals at a distance. This remote healing work allows practitioners to transcend physical limitations and offer support to those in need, regardless of their location.

Furthermore, the course provides an introduction to astral projection, a practice that involves separating the consciousness from the physical body and exploring different realms of existence. By mastering the art of astral projection, participants can access higher levels of consciousness and gain insights into the nature of reality. This profound spiritual experience can deepen one’s connection to the universal energy field and enhance their healing abilities.

Another fascinating aspect of Vibrational Healing is learning how to remotely charge water with healing energy. By infusing water with positive intentions and vibrational frequencies, practitioners can create a powerful elixir that can promote health and vitality. This simple yet effective technique demonstrates the transformative power of energy healing and highlights the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Moreover, the course covers the fundamentals of breathwork, a practice that involves conscious control of the breath to regulate energy flow in the body. By mastering different breathing techniques, participants can enhance their vitality, clarity, and emotional well-being. Breathwork is an essential tool for energy healers, as it allows them to create a harmonious balance of energy within themselves and their clients.

Throughout the Vibrational Healing seminar, participants learn how to build, regulate, and purify energy to facilitate healing on multiple levels. By clearing energy blockages and removing stagnant energy from the body, practitioners can restore balance and promote holistic healing. This transformative process not only benefits the recipient but also enhances the practitioner’s own well-being and spiritual growth.

In conclusion, David Snyder’s Vibrational Healing course offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of energy healing and expand your therapeutic capabilities. By delving into various modalities, skillsets, and practices, participants can deepen their understanding of energy dynamics and develop a powerful toolkit for healing. Whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner, this seminar provides valuable insights, techniques, and practices to elevate your energy healing practice to new heights. Dive into the world of vibrational healing with David Snyder and unlock the transformative power of energy for healing and personal growth.


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