David Snyder – Vibrational Healing

in on 05/26/2021
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David Snyder - Vibrational Healing (8.8 GB)

Last Updated Date: 05-26-2021

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David Snyder - Vibrational Healing
Vibrational Healing V 1.1 Intro and Orientation, Dynamics of Unconscious [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.2 Breath, Energy As Medium, Astral [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.3 Reiki Overview, Elements, Astral [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.4 Pranic Healing, Qigong, Dna Theta Model, Bengston [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 1.5 Tactical Breathing, Elemental [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.1 Logical Levels Of Belief, 4 Magic [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.2 Kinesthetic Rapport, Hands On [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.3 Hypnotic Installation, Balancing [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 2.4 Astral Projection, Energetic [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.1 Debriefing, Perspective And Perception, Reiki Table [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.2 Burst Breathing, Spinning, Magic [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.3 Reiki Positions, Projecting Elemental Energy, Inch Worm [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 3.4 Bengston Method, Image [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 4.1 Anatomy Of Chakras, Witness [email protected]
Vibrational Healing V 4.2 Remote Influence, Wish Impregnation, Charging [email protected]
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That is a sophisticated energetic therapeutic course that particularly focuses on growing your vibrational therapeutic capabilities utilizing highly effective modalities.

Be a part of David within the on-line seminar Vibrational Healing, and you’ll uncover…

Superior State Management For Power Healing Purposes
How To Develop Your Psychic Expertise
Generally Used Modalities Of Power Healing
An Introduction To Healing Based mostly On Airtight Philosophy
Overview Of Energetic Healing Purposes
Emphasis On Each Native And Distant Healing
Introduction To Astral Projection
How To Remotely Cost Water
How To Do Distant Healing
Builds Off Of Vibrational Affect
We concentrate on working with these modalities of power therapeutic:

Bengston System
Pranic Healing
DNA Theta Healing
And Study Precisely How All These Healing Modalities Join With Eachtoher…
We cowl these skillsets as nicely:

The Fundamentals Of Breathwork
Power Constructing
Power Regulating
Purifying Damaging Power

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