David Talas – Instagrizzle Masterclass

in on 08/18/2020
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David Talas - Instagrizzle Masterclass (5.78 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

Google Drive Proof

David Talas - Instagrizzle Masterclass
Instagrizzle Masterclass
Instagrizzle Masterclass
#14086 - _Three magic questions (+EXERCISE) Take action here! I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
#14087 - _Who_ What_ Why_ (+EXERCISE) Take action here! I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
1-Welcome to the Instagrizzle Masterclass - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
2-The new age of marketing - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
3-Minimum Viable Audience - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
4-Three magic questions (+EXERCISE) Take action here! - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
5-Niching Down - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
6-The Players - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
7-Niche research (Updated Google Sheet inside!) - Instagrizzle Academy.ts
8-Who- What- Why- (+EXERCISE) Take action here! - Instagrizzle Academy.ts
9-5 Steps to establish your expertise - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
10-Empathy In Content Marketing - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
11-Sonder - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
12-BONUS- Q_A - Find Your Audience - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
13-The Home Feed _ Messages - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
14-The Explore Page - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
15-The Posting Panel - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
16-Notifications - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
17-Your Profile _u00a0In-App Analytics - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
18-The Stories Panel - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
19-Introduction To Algorithms - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
20-The Big 3 Companies - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
21-Dynamics of Home, Hashtags, Explore and -others- - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
22-What Content Performs Well - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
23-Algorithm Driven Content - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
24-How The Explore Page Is Built With Machine Learning and A.I. - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
25-Ranking Factors For Hashtag Visibility - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
26-Summary - What Can You Do About It- - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
27-BONUS- Q_A about the Instagram Algorithm - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
28-Make It All About Them - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
29-How To Write Casual Copy - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
30-Be Clear - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
31-What Makes People Tune In- - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
32-The AIDA Principle - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
33-Know Your Market _u00a0Write Good Headlines - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
34-Be Short and Dumb - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
35-Mood - Use It or Lose It - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
36-Playing With Type and Breaking It Up - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
37-Summary of Copywriting - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
38-BONUS- Q_A Copywriting BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
39-Intro _ The 4 Principles - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
40-Ease Them From Fast To Slow - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
41-Example Post That Got Me Over 1,000 New Followers - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
42-Make It Satisfying to Swipe - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
43-Add a Call To Action (CTA) - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
44-Intro _ Document Setup - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
45-Setting up Master Slides in Keynote - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
46-Paragraph Styles in Keynote - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
47-Customizing the Toolbar - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
48-Organizing Your Keynote Deck - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
49-Typography- Basic Rules - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
50-Typography- Gradient Fills for Text - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
51-Typography- Visual Illusions by Layering Type - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
52-Typography- Advanced Gradient Fill to Cut Edges of Text - Instagrizzle Academy.mp4
53-Typography- Roman Hanging Punctuation for Quotes - Instagrizzle.mp4
54-Images- Stock Photos and Removing Backgrounds - Instagrizzle.mp4
55-Images- Image Level Adjustments - Instagrizzle.mp4
56-Images- Device Mockups and Image Placeholders - Instagrizzle.mp4
57-Images- Seamless Image Alignment Across Two Slides - Instagrizzle.mp4
58-Images- Crop an Image and Flip It - Instagrizzle.mp4
59-Shapes- Manipulating Objects - Instagrizzle.mp4
60-Shapes- Editing Shapes - Instagrizzle.mp4
61-Shapes- Pixel Perfect Alignment for Objects - Instagrizzle.mp4
62-Shapes- How To Import Vectors To Keynote - Instagrizzle.mp4
63-Exporting Carousel as Images (for Instagram) and as PDF (for LinkedIn) - Instagrizzle.mp4
64-Swipe Guides- Giant Arrows - Instagrizzle.mp4
65-Swipe Guides- Background Gradients - Instagrizzle.mp4
66-Swipe Guides- Pull Tabs - Instagrizzle.mp4
67-Swipe Guides- A Line To Follow - Instagrizzle.mp4
68-Illustrator File Setup and Quick Overview - Instagrizzle.mp4
69-Background Layer - Instagrizzle.mp4
70-Creating The Mask Layer - Instagrizzle.mp4
71-Pixel Perfect Transition in Illustrator - Instagrizzle.mp4
72-Master Slides in Illustrator - Instagrizzle.mp4
73-Saving As Template - Instagrizzle.mp4
74-Pixel Perfect Panoramas in Illustrator - Instagrizzle.mp4
75-Smartphone or Professional Camera - Instagrizzle.mp4
76-Pixel Perfect Panoramas in Photoshop - Instagrizzle.mp4
77-Lightroom - Adjusting Lighting Settings - Instagrizzle.mp4
78-Lightroom - Adjusting Color - Instagrizzle.mp4
79-Lightroom - Color Specific Adjustments - Instagrizzle.mp4
80-Lightroom - Adjusting Effects - Instagrizzle.mp4
81-Lightroom - Editing Two More Images - Full Workflow - Instagrizzle.mp4
82-Lightroom - Exporting Images - Instagrizzle.mp4
83-Video Folder Setup - Instagrizzle.mp4
84-Setting Up Premiere Pro Sequence - Instagrizzle.mp4
85-Adding Videos To Sequence - Instagrizzle.mp4
86-Editing 1 - Chopping It Up - Instagrizzle.mp4
87-Editing 2 - Framing Each Shot Appropriately - Instagrizzle.mp4
88-Editing 3 - Cutting Out Unnecessary Parts _u00a0Ordering Subtitles From Rev.com - Instagrizzle.mp4
89-Editing 4 - Video Frame With Mask - Instagrizzle.mp4
90-Editing 5 - Adding Catchy Title - Instagrizzle.mp4
91-Editing 6 - Manipulating Captions - Instagrizzle.mp4
92-Editing 7 - Easy Way To Add A Progress Bar - Instagrizzle.mp4
93-Editing 8 - Picking The Best Thumbnail - Instagrizzle.mp4
94-IGTV Export Settings - Instagrizzle.mp4
95-Feed Video Export Settings - Instagrizzle.mp4
96-Publishing to IGTV - Instagrizzle.mp4
97-Intro _u00a0Productivity Sprints - Instagrizzle.mp4
98-Getting New Ideas - Instagrizzle.mp4
99-Prioritizing Your Ideas - Instagrizzle.mp4
100-Batch Creating Content - Instagrizzle.mp4
101-The Importance of Mastering One Tool - Instagrizzle.mp4
102-Thinking About Reusability - Instagrizzle.mp4
103-My Folder Structure - Instagrizzle.mp4
104-Using Text Replacements To Save Time - Instagrizzle.mp4
105-Developing Bias Towards Action - Instagrizzle.mp4
106-Posting Carousels From The Instagram App - Instagrizzle.mp4
107-Content Management Systems - Instagrizzle.mp4
107-Posting Content From Creator Studio - Instagrizzle.mp4
108-What Is The Best Time To Post- - Instagrizzle.mp4
109-A Few Thoughts On Automation - Instagrizzle.mp4
110-Don_t Auto Comment-DM - Instagrizzle.mp4
111-Don_t Follow-Unfollow - Instagrizzle.mp4
112-5 Principles For Hashtags - Instagrizzle.mp4
113-How To Rank High On Hashtags - Instagrizzle.mp4
114-How To Analyze Hashtag Competition - Instagrizzle.mp4
115-How To Research Hashtags - Instagrizzle.mp4
116-How To Organize Hashtags - Instagrizzle.mp4
117-How To Use Hashtags (Notes App) - Instagrizzle.mp4
118-How To Use Hashtags (SmartHash App) - Instagrizzle.mp4
119-Optimizing Hashtags - Getting Impression From Hashtags - Instagrizzle.mp4
120-Which Hashtags Are Working- (IQHashtags tutorial) - Instagrizzle.mp4
121-Shoutouts Introduction - Instagrizzle.mp4
122-Finding Shoutout Prospects and My DM Strategy - Instagrizzle.mp4
123-Organizing Shoutout Prices _ Calculating CPM - Instagrizzle.mp4
124-Picking The Best Content For Shoutout - Instagrizzle.mp4
125-Best Converting Copy For Shoutouts - Instagrizzle.mp4
126-Just Send The Money - Instagrizzle.mp4
127-When Should They Post Your Content- - Instagrizzle.mp4
128-Tracking Shoutout Results - Instagrizzle.mp4
129-Reasons Your Shoutout Might Fail - Instagrizzle.mp4
130-How To Kill Your Account - Instagrizzle.mp4
131-End-of-life Symptoms - Instagrizzle.mp4
132-First Aid Kit For Dead Accounts - Instagrizzle.mp4
133-Setup or Fix Your Profile - Instagrizzle.mp4
134-Story Highlights - Instagrizzle.mp4
135-Removing Ghost_Inactive Followers - Instagrizzle.mp4
136-Analytics Introduction _ Feed Post Insights - Instagrizzle.mp4
137-Story Insights - Instagrizzle.mp4
139-Using Spreadsheet Software For Analytics - Instagrizzle.mp4
140-Audience Insights _u00a0Best Time To Post - Instagrizzle.mp4
141-Third Party Software For Analytics - Instagrizzle.mp4
142-How To Optimize Your Content - Instagrizzle.mp4
143-What Is A Sales Funnel- - Instagrizzle.mp4
144-Instagram DM To Sell Awareness - Instagrizzle.mp4
145-Email Script To Sell Awareness - Instagrizzle.mp4
146-The Best Strategies To Price Attention - Instagrizzle.mp4
147-Beginner- How To Price Posts _ Stories - Instagrizzle.mp4
148-Advanced- How To Price Impressions (Posts) - Instagrizzle.mp4
149-Advanced- How To Price Link Clicks (Stories) - Instagrizzle.mp4
150-Expert- How To Price Sales As An Influencer - Instagrizzle.mp4
151-Expert- How To Sell Follower Growth Services - Instagrizzle.mp4
152-Guide To Building Your Sales Funnel - Instagrizzle.mp4
153-How To Maximize Story Conversions - Instagrizzle.mp4
154-Monetization Summary - Instagrizzle.mp4
14082 - _Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
14083 - _How to set up your profile picture for Teachable in 2 minutes I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
14084 - _How To Join The Alumni Group on Facebook I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
14085 - _Where to send support requests (refunds) I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
14088 - _BONUS_ Q_A - Find Your Audience I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
14089 - _BONUS_ Q_A Copywriting BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
14090 - _Paragraph Styles in Keynote I Instagrizzle Academy_.jpg
Instagram Niche Research Template.xlsx
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