Derek Pierce – Soar

Derek Pierce – Soar

in on 09/13/2021
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Derek Pierce – Soar
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Derek Pierce - Soar (13.34 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Derek Pierce - Soar
1 Beginner to Advanced SEO Training
2 Video Ranking Formula
3 Affiliate Marketing Mentorship
4 Advanced Link Building
5 Call Replays
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1 Beginner to Advanced SEO Training
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2 Video Ranking Formula
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
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Bonus # 1- How to Analyze a Youtube Channele.mp4
Bonus # 3- Bonus Q & A Call.mp4
Bonus Session- Vimeo SEO.mp4
Video Ranking Formula Members Area.mp4
3 Affiliate Marketing Mentorship
#6397 - 'Affiliate Marketing Mentorship - Search Stacks'.jpg
4 Advanced Link Building
Complete GSA Training
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5 Call Replays
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1-30 Day Kickstart SEO Blueprint.mp4
2-November 3rd - New Case Study.mp4
3-November 18th - Hot Seat.mp4
4-December 3rd - Adding the Tier 2.mp4
5-January 2nd - Content Planning.mp4
6-January 15th - Outsourcing Content.mp4
7-Feb 2- Piggyback Positioning.mp4
8-Feb 19- Piggyback Positioning.mp4
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Derek Pierce’s SOAR program is the solution for anyone who is tired of spinning their wheels in affiliate marketing and SEO, wondering what steps to take next. The program offers a sure-fire blueprint for building a thriving $10,000 per month business without the need for a huge list or being a well-known guru. With SOAR, participants can achieve consistent, predictable results that they control, without having to deal with difficult clients or waste time on social media.

One of the key components of the SOAR program is the comprehensive online training that participants have immediate access to. Unlike other programs that drip out content over time, SOAR allows participants to go at their own pace and start building their business right away. The program covers a range of topics, from tried and true affiliate marketing systems to advanced SEO techniques that are not commonly discussed.

Participants will also learn video ranking strategies that leverage both Google and YouTube to drive traffic and increase visibility. The program includes hand-holding calls to keep participants accountable and focused on achieving their goals. Additionally, Derek Pierce offers exclusive, time-sensitive bonuses to further support participants in their journey towards becoming a super affiliate.

The Affiliate Marketing System taught in the SOAR program is proven to deliver real results, even for beginners. Participants will learn how to build their business from the ground up, gaining authority in the eyes of search engines and generating high-quality traffic. The program also covers strategies for earning big-ticket commissions and recurring revenue, as well as becoming an authority in any niche or market.

One of the unique aspects of the SOAR program is its emphasis on video content and ranking. Participants will learn how to create simple videos that rank on both Google and YouTube, without the need to appear on camera. By following the program’s four-step video ranking framework, participants can leverage the power of video to boost their online presence and attract targeted traffic.

Participants will also discover how to scale their SEO efforts using the 10X Strategy, safeguarding their results and expanding their reach on search engine results pages. The program offers a formulaic certainty that guides participants through the process of optimizing their websites for maximum visibility and traffic.

Another key feature of the SOAR program is its focus on content creation and ranking. Participants will learn how to create content that ranks easily using a simple framework, allowing them to target multiple keywords and attract more traffic to their websites. By following the program’s Insider’s Secret to Uncovering Your First Targets, participants can prioritize their goals and achieve profitability in a shorter timeframe.

Overall, Derek Pierce’s SOAR program offers a comprehensive and practical approach to affiliate marketing and SEO. By providing participants with a proven blueprint for success, the program empowers them to take control of their online business and achieve sustainable results. Through innovative strategies, expert guidance, and hands-on support, participants can elevate their business to new heights and become the next super affiliate in their niche.


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