Donvesh – Agency Cashflow Roadmap

Donvesh – Agency Cashflow Roadmap

in on 07/29/2021
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Donvesh – Agency Cashflow Roadmap
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Donvesh - Agency Cashflow Roadmap (868.9 MB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Donvesh - Agency Cashflow Roadmap
1. Welcome
2. Basic
3. 0 to First Client
4. From 1 to $10k a month
5. $10k to $25k per month
6. The Execution
7. $25k and beyond
8. Requests
1. Welcome
1. Introduction (READ ME FIRST).pdf
2. Before you start.pdf
3. What's the business model for this course.pdf
2. Basic
1. Constraints & Productized Service.pdf
2. 5 Levels of Awareness.pdf
3. Surface vs Burning Problems.pdf
4. Offer structures-converted.pdf
5. Price.pdf
6. Competition Research & Future Potential.pdf
7. Experts Landing Page.mp4
7. Experts Landing Page.pdf
8. Custom Calendars.mp4
8. Custom Calendars.pdf
9. Getting Leads.pdf
10. When to hire.pdf
11. Stuck.pdf
3. 0 to First Client
1. 1st Client.mp4
1. 1st Client.pdf
2. Their World - Basics.pdf
3. Unshakeable Niche-Finding Formula.mp4
3. Unshakeable Niche-Finding Formula.pdf
4. Audience Research.pdf
5. Choosing a medium for outreach.pdf
6. Platinum Positioning Plays.pdf
7. Answering pre-call objections-questions.pdf
8. VSLs.pdf
9. My Sales Script.pdf
10. My sales deck.txt
11. Qualifying questions .docx
12. Personalization.pdf
13. Onboarding & Communication.pdf
14. Audience & Campaign for clients.pdf
15. Hire #1.pdf
16. Get Clients Without Using Cold Email - Mark William.mp4
16. follow mark.txt
4. From 1 to $10k a month
1. Start with the CTA.pdf
2. The fake video audit method.pdf
3. Setting up Cold Calling.pdf
4. Omni-channel prospecting.pdf
5. Everything LinkedIn - James Watson Special.mp4
5. Everything LinkedIn - James Watson Special.pdf
6. Pre-call value.pdf
6. Pre-call value.txt
7. Proposals.pdf
8. Get my notion template.pdf
9. Onboarding.mp4
9. Onboarding.pdf
10. Lead magnets.pdf
11. The embarrassing truth script.pdf
12. Getting testimonials.pdf
13. Building Systems & Processes.pdf
14. Client Dashboard.pdf
15. Getting Replies.mp4
15. Getting Replies.pdf
16. Steve Jobs talks about managing people.mp4
16. What worked for me.pdf
17. Chat widget.mp4
17. Chat widget.pdf
5. $10k to $25k per month
1. Getting More Calls.mp4
1. Getting More Calls.pdf
2. Email Drip Campaigns.pdf
3. Outsourcing Sales.pdf
4. Making the deal more attractive.pdf
5. Getting work done from employees.pdf
6. Task Board.pdf
7. Maximizing outputs.pdf
8. Referral Partnerships.pdf
9. Asking for referrals - Internal.pdf
10. Direct Mail & Gifts.pdf
11. Employee Directory.pdf
6. The Execution
1. Winning the game.pdf
7. $25k and beyond
coming soon.pdf
8. Requests
More stuff....pdf
Agency OS- All the basic systems & SOPs you may need.pdf
Daily Planner + How to manage 9-5 - School with agency.pdf
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