Dr Joe Dispenza – The Formula Online Course

Dr Joe Dispenza – The Formula Online Course

in on 07/04/2021
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Dr Joe Dispenza – The Formula Online Course
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Dr Joe Dispenza - The Formula Online Course (19.5 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Dr Joe Dispenza - The Formula Online Course
01-Digital Study Guide.pdf
01-Lesson 1 - The Journey to Finding the Formula.mp4
02-Lesson 2 - Model of Transformation.mp4
03-Lesson 3 - Stepping into the Unknown.mp4
04-Lesson 4 - Creating a New Future.mp4
05-Lesson 5 - Finding the Present Moment.mp4
06-Lesson 6 - Living in Survival.mp4
07-Lesson 7 - Brain Coherence.mp4
08-Lesson 8 - Heart Coherence.mp4
09-Lesson 9 - Living in Creation.mp4
10-Lesson 10 - Connecting to the Field.mp4
11-Lesson 11 - Drawing Your Future to You.mp4
12-Lesson 12 - Mastering the Formula.mp4
13-Meditation - Becoming Familiar With.ts
14-Meditation - Finding the Present Moment.ts
15-Meditation - Creating Brain Coherence.mp4
16-Meditation - Creating Heart Coherence.ts
17-Meditation - Tuning into a New Potential.mp4
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Dr. Joe Dispenza, a renowned researcher, speaker, and author, has dedicated over a decade to studying personal transformation and the science behind spontaneous healings. Through his research, he has developed The Formula Online Course, a comprehensive program designed to help individuals deliberately create a new reality and transform their lives.

The Formula Online Course is a twelve-lesson program that includes five meditations and a digital Study Guide. Each lesson is carefully crafted to provide participants with cutting-edge information, practical guidance, and step-by-step instructions for personal transformation. This course is the culmination of Dr. Joe’s extensive research and teachings, condensed into a simple yet scientifically proven method for achieving personal growth and development.

In Lesson 1, participants embark on a journey to discover The Formula and learn about the fundamental principles of personal transformation. They are introduced to the Model of Transformation, which sets the foundation for the rest of the course. Throughout the lessons, participants are encouraged to enter the unknown and explore new possibilities for creating a new future.

The course also delves into the importance of living in the present moment and breaking free from the constraints of survival mode. Participants learn how to achieve mind and heart coherence, which plays a crucial role in manifesting their desired reality. By connecting to the field and drawing their future towards them, participants master The Formula and tune into new potentials for growth and transformation.

One of the key components of The Formula Online Course is the series of guided meditations that accompany each lesson. These meditations are designed to help participants relax, focus their mind, and tap into their inner potential. By practicing these meditations regularly, participants can deepen their understanding of the course material and enhance their ability to create positive change in their lives.

In addition to the meditations, the course also includes a digital Study Guide that provides a visual representation of the key concepts covered in each lesson. This tool helps participants reinforce their learning and apply the information to their daily lives. By using the Study Guide in conjunction with the lessons and meditations, participants can transform the newly acquired knowledge into practical skills and techniques for personal growth.

The Formula Online Course is a unique and transformative program that empowers individuals to take control of their lives and create the reality they desire. Through the guidance of Dr. Joe Dispenza, participants learn how to tap into the power of their mind and heart, cultivate coherence, and manifest their dreams into reality. By following the step-by-step instructions and practicing the meditations, participants can unlock their full potential and discover the formula for personal transformation.

Overall, The Formula Online Course offers a comprehensive and practical approach to personal growth and transformation. With its blend of cutting-edge information, guided meditations, and interactive Study Guide, this course provides participants with the tools and resources they need to create lasting change in their lives. Whether you are seeking to improve your health, relationships, or career, The Formula Online Course can help you unlock your true potential and achieve your goals.


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