Full Time Filmmaker – Premiere Pro Editing Workflow – with Parker Walbeck

Full Time Filmmaker – Premiere Pro Editing Workflow – with Parker Walbeck

in on 08/28/2020
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Full Time Filmmaker – Premiere Pro Editing Workflow – with Parker Walbeck
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Full Time Filmmaker - Premiere Pro Editing Workflow - with Parker Walbeck (4.48 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Full Time Filmmaker - Premiere Pro Editing Workflow - with Parker Walbeck
1 - PREP - Data Management.mp4
2 - PREP - Keyboard Shortcuts.mp4
3 - PREP - How to Create PROXIES.mp4
4.1 - Import Footage & Prep Timeline.mp4
4.2 - Sifting & Selecting Process.mp4
4.3 - Building the Story on Timeline.mp4
4.4 - Color Correction 101 + Shotmatching (C-Log).mp4
4.5 - Color Grading 101.mp4
4.6 - Audio MixingSound Design.mp4
4.7 - Titles, Light Leaks, Extras.mp4
4.8 - Best EXPORT Settings.mp4
4.9 - Exporting to Instagram.mp4
4.10 - Organizing Your Timeline.mp4
4.11 AUDIO - Syncing Audio in Post.mp4
4.12 AUDIO - Licensing Music 101.mp4
4.13 AUDIO - Advanced SOUND DESIGN + 20 SloMo Sound FX.mp4
4.14 EFFECTS - Time Remapping + Directional Blur.mp4
4.15 EFFECTS - How to Apply WARP STABILIZER.mp4
4.16 EFFECTS - How to do Sky Replacement.mp4
4.17 EFFECTS - How to Apply LIGHT LEAKS.mp4
4.18 EFFECTS - How to BLUR Out Logos.mp4
4.19 TRANSITIONS - Speed Ramp Transitions.mp4
4.20 TRANSITIONS - 4 Creative Transitions.mp4
4.21 TRANSITIONS - Smooth Zoom Transitions wPresets.mp4
4.22 CREATIVE - When to Avoid Jump Cuts.mp4
4.24 CREATIVE - Digital ZoomReframeVertigo.mp4
4.25 CREATIVE - Creating a Letterbox Transition.mp4
4.27 CREATIVE - Exporting Square and Vertical Videos.mp4
4.28 CREATIVE - Motion Graphic Titles wPresets.mp4
4.29 COLOR - How to Install LUTs & Why Orange & Teal is Popular.mp4
4.30 COLOR - Grading wmy FAVORITE Orange & Teal LUT.mp4
4.31 COLOR - Color Grading wout LUT - Orange & Teal.mp4
4.32 COLOR - Coloring STANDARD 1dxII Footage.mp4
4.33 COLOR - Coloring SKIN TONES.mp4
4.34 COLOR - Fixing a Student's Color Correction.mp4
4.35 COLOR - Color Grading Drone D-LOG Footage.mp4
4.36 - JOB SHADOW - Editing Hyundai Hawaii Edit.mp4
4.37 JOB SHADOW - Editing a Wedding Video (Jake).mp4
4.38 -JOB SHADOW - Editing a Real Estate Video.mp4
4.39 JOB SHADOW - Editing a Handheld B-Roll Sequence (Landon).mp4
4.40 JOB SHADOW - Editing a Hyundai Car Ad (Landon).mp4
4.43 JOB SHADOW - EDITING a Wedding to MUSIC.mp4
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Parker Walbeck, the brains behind Full Time Filmmaker, is a renowned filmmaker and content creator known for his captivating visuals and extraordinary storytelling. With years of experience in the industry, Parker has honed his craft and is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring filmmakers through his online film school.

Full Time Filmmaker is the ultimate online film school that offers a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from the basics of camera gear and technical skills to advanced cinematography techniques and business strategies. The program currently features over 200 training videos, totaling over 40 hours of content, with new videos added every month to ensure that students have access to the latest industry trends and techniques.

One of the key aspects of Full Time Filmmaker is Parker’s in-depth coverage of equipment, including what kind of camera gear to buy and how to use it effectively. Whether you’re a beginner looking to invest in your first camera or a seasoned professional seeking to upgrade your equipment, Parker provides valuable insights and recommendations to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

In addition to equipment, Full Time Filmmaker delves into technical aspects of filmmaking, teaching students how to properly use their camera gear to achieve the best results. From mastering manual settings to understanding lighting and composition, Parker breaks down complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand lessons that will elevate the quality of your films.

Furthermore, Full Time Filmmaker explores the art of cinematic storytelling, guiding students on how to make their films visually stunning and emotionally engaging. Through creative techniques such as camera movements, framing, and color grading, Parker demonstrates how to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your videos and captivate viewers with compelling narratives.

A highlight of the program is Parker’s comprehensive editing workflow, which covers both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. As a proficient editor with years of experience, Parker shares his professional tips and techniques for streamlining the editing process, from organizing footage to adding visual effects and sound design. Whether you’re editing a short film, music video, or commercial, Parker’s editing workflow will help you bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.

Beyond technical skills, Full Time Filmmaker equips students with the knowledge and tools to build a successful filmmaking business. From finding clients and pitching projects to pricing your services and managing contracts, Parker provides invaluable insights on how to monetize your passion for filmmaking and turn it into a lucrative career.

Moreover, Full Time Filmmaker offers specialized training in various genres of filmmaking, including real estate videos, travel videos, corporate commercials, music videos, wedding videos, and smartphone filmmaking. Whether you’re interested in capturing the beauty of exotic locations or creating captivating narratives for brands and artists, Parker’s expert guidance will help you master the unique challenges and opportunities of each genre.

Another valuable aspect of Full Time Filmmaker is the opportunity to shadow Parker on real-world shoots, gaining firsthand experience and insights into his creative process and workflow. By observing Parker in action, students can learn valuable techniques and best practices that will elevate their own filmmaking skills and set them apart in the competitive industry.

In conclusion, Full Time Filmmaker with Parker Walbeck is the ultimate online resource for aspiring filmmakers looking to elevate their skills and build a successful career in the industry. With a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and expert guidance from Parker himself, this program offers everything you need to unleash your creative potential and thrive in the exciting world of filmmaking.


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