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in on 07/13/2022
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God Tier Ads Workshops (6.2 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-13-2022

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Ecommerce videos include:
Feed Optimisation for ROAS & Scale
In this hour I cover:

Rules and supplementary feeds.

Tried and tested product segmentations.

Loads of ideas to test and examples throughout.

The BIG 70-point Audit
A deep (2 hour 13 minute), structural audit of the account.

With a view on how to position and scale the business beyond this point.

No stone is left unturned.

An Interesting DTC (competitive niche)
Single product direct to consumer (DTC), in a highly competitive market.

Everything is discussed – from the website and checkout UX to Search, Shopping, Bidding, Video, DSA and remarketing.

Lead Gen videos include:
How to save a Local Services Ad Account
1 hour reviewing local service account for window repair and installation.

The cost per lead metrics are up to an eye-watering $2,000!

I’m confident there’s scope for less than $100 leads, and without losing lead volume.

Consolidate, Restrucutre & Fix
1hr 40 minutes reviewing Financial services industry.

Covering a lot of bases including consolidating after recent mixed results.

The account needs a restructure and refresher!

B2B high CPC and Low Conversions
To move the needle, I look at: location targets, overlap and consolidation (for easier account management).

Landing page copy recommendations competitors and positioning (how you beat them).

Remarketing ideas and more.

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