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in on 09/15/2021
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Grace Lever - The Consult Project (5.39 GB)

Last Updated Date: 09-15-2021

Google Drive Proof

Grace Lever - The Consult Project
01-Module 1 - Your Consult Strategy
02-Module 2 - Filling Your Consults
03-Module 3 - Automated Consult Scheduling
04-Module 4 - Pre-Consult Nurture
05-Module 5 - Your Consult Structure & Script
06-Module 6 - Automated Consult Follow-Up
01-Module 1 - Your Consult Strategy
01-Module 1 Introduction.mp4
02-3 Types of Consults.mp4
03-My Favourite Consult Format.mp4
04-Naming Your Consult.mp4
05-Your Consult Format.mp4
06-Turning Your Consult Into an Offer.mp4
07-Crafting Your Offer.pdf
02-Module 2 - Filling Your Consults
01-Module 2 Introduction.mp4
02-Tools You'll Need.mp4
02-Tools You'll Need.pdf
03-Build Your Sales Page.mp4
03-Build Your Sales Page.pdf
04-Create Your Sales Video.mp4
04-VSL Slidepack
04-VSL Slidepack PDF.pdf
04-VSL Slidepack
05-Recording a VSL.mp4
06a-Free Traffic - Personal Network.mp4
06b-Free Traffic - Posting In Groups.mp4
06c-Free Traffic - Email List.mp4
06c-Get My Emails.pdf
06d-Free Traffic - Social Posting.mp4
07a-Paid Traffic - Boosing Your Social Post.mp4
07b-Paid Traffic - Facebook Ads.mp4
07b-Paid Traffic - Facebook Ads.pdf
07c-Paid Traffic - The Pixel.mp4
07c-Paid Traffic - The Pixel.pdf
07d-Paid Traffic - Building a Campaign.mp4
07d-Paid Traffic - Building a Campaign.pdf
03-Module 3 - Automated Consult Scheduling
01-Module 3 Introduction.mp4
02-Setting up Schedule Once.mp4
03-Setting up Calendly.mp4
04-Connecting ScheduleOnce with Infusionsoft.mp4
05-Connecting Calendly with an Auto-responder.mp4
06-Embedding Calendar on Your Funnel Page.mp4
04-Module 4 - Pre-Consult Nurture
01-Module 4 Introduction.mp4
02-Completed Application Form Nurture.pdf
02-No Application Form Nurture.pdf
02-Pre-Consult Nurture.mp4
03-Building In Infusionsoft.mp4
03-Building In Infusionsoft.pdf
04-Building In MailChimp.mp4
04-Building In MailChimp.pdf
05-Bonus - Application Form.mp4
05-View My Application Form.pdf
05-Module 5 - Your Consult Structure & Script
01-Module 5 Introduction.mp4
01-Module 5 Introduction.pdf
02-One Consult or Two.mp4
04-One Big Tip.mp4
06-Bonus - Objection Handling.mp4
06-Module 6 - Automated Consult Follow-Up
01-Module 6 Introduction.mp4
02-Planning Your Scenarios.mp4
04-More Info Please.mp4
04-More Info Please.pdf
05-Hold & Re-Engage.mp4
05-Hold & Re-Engage.pdf
06-No Show.mp4
06-No Show.pdf
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The Consult Project
One Payment Today of $1,997 USD
The Consult Project is an online, step-by-step training program with five incredible modules walking you through everything I’ve discovered to host high-converting, value-packed and automated consults that your market find irresistable!

Here’s What You’ll Get:
Learn how to harness the power of Consults to sell high-ticket programs and services business as a Coach, Consultant or Professional Service with Grace’s simple, practical training (VALUE $1,997);
Lifetime Access to the step-by-step Consult Project training portal (PRICELESS);
Discover Grace’s Top Three Consult Strategies and choose the right one for your business;
Learn how to fill your consults with free and paid traffic strategies using Grace’s done-for-you campaigns;
Save countless hours and admin work by implementing Grace’s Automated Scheduling System to ensure people book in and show up;
Follow Grace’s automatic Application process to ensure you remove time-wasters and only speak to ideal, highly qualified prospects!
Take Grace’s Done-for-you Consult Scripts so you know how to run your consults and exactly what to say to ensure authentic consults that actually convert customers 🙂
Get the Complete Toolkit of Grace’s Done-For-You Swipe Files so You Can Copy, Tweak and Go Live (VALUE $997).

Grace Lever – The Consult Project
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