Grace Lever – The Course Creation Project

Grace Lever – The Course Creation Project

in on 08/18/2020
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Grace Lever – The Course Creation Project
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Grace Lever - The Course Creation Project (3.01 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Grace Lever - The Course Creation Project
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
#1049 - _Module 2_ Your Course Roadmap u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
#1050 - _Module 3_ Fast Tracked Content Creation u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
#1051 - _Module 4_ Building Your Portal u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
#1052 - _Inside Your Portal u2013 The Doers Way_.pdf
#1926 - _Bonus Module_ Design u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
#1927 - _The Course Creation Project u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
CCP BONUS M7_Lesson 32.mp4
CCP BONUS Module 7_Lesson 1.mp4
CCP BONUS Module 7_Lesson 2_Tile Creation.mp4
CCP BONUS Module 7_Lesson 3.1.mp4
Module 1
M1 L1.mp4
M1 L2.mp4
M1 L3.mp4
M1 L4.mp4
M1 L5.mp4
M1 L6.mp4
M1 L7.mp4
Module 2
CCP - M2 L2_.mp4
M2 L1.mp4
M2 L3.mp4
M2 L4.mp4
M2 L5.mp4
M2 L6.mp4
M2 L7.mp4
Module 3
M3 L1.mp4
M3 L2 F2C.mp4
M3 L2 WB.mp4
M3 L2c.mp4
M3 L2d.mp4
M3 L2e.mp4
M3 L3.mp4
M3 L4.mp4
M3 L5.mp4
M3 L6.mp4
Production Schedule - Launch Lab.xlsx
Screen In Screen - Bonus Training - Premiere Pro.mp4
Module 4
BTS CC - Building With Clickfunnels.mp4
M4 L1.mp4
M4 L2.mp4
M4 L3.mp4
M4 L4.mp4
M4 L5.mp4
M4 L6.mp4
M4 L7.mp4
M4 L8.mp4
Module 5
#1352 - _Module 5_ Creating Your Irresistible Offer u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
M5 L1.mp4
M5 L2.mp4
M5 L3.mp4
M5 L4.mp4
M5 L5.mp4
M5 L6.mp4
Module 6
#1925 - _Module 6_ Filling Your Course u2013 The Doers Way_.jpg
1-Organic Traffic Strategy Bonus.mp4
2-M6 L1.mp4
3-CC - Facebook Live Boost Post Training.mp4
4-Bonjoro Training Video - CCP Mod 6.mp4
5-The 9 Word Email Training.mp4
6-WSL Training NEW.mp4
7-M6 L7.mp4
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Grace Lever is a successful entrepreneur and founder of The Course Creation Project, a program designed to help online business owners create and launch their own profitable courses. Lever’s own journey to success serves as inspiration for others looking to build their own online course empire.

Lever started her career as a marketing consultant, working with small businesses to help them grow and scale their operations. Through her work, she realized the power of online courses as a way to reach a larger audience and generate passive income. Lever decided to pivot her career and focus on creating her own online courses, which eventually led to the creation of The Course Creation Project.

The Course Creation Project is a step-by-step program that guides entrepreneurs through the process of creating and launching their own courses. Lever provides valuable insights and strategies based on her own experiences in the industry, giving participants a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be successful in the online course space.

One of the key lessons Lever teaches in The Course Creation Project is the importance of finding a profitable course idea. Lever encourages participants to think about their passions and expertise, as well as what their target audience is looking for. By conducting market research and assessing the competition, entrepreneurs can come up with a unique course idea that will stand out in the crowded online marketplace.

Lever also emphasizes the importance of creating high-quality content that provides value to students. Lever teaches participants how to organize their course material in a way that is engaging and easy to understand, using a variety of multimedia elements to enhance the learning experience. Lever’s focus on quality content is a key factor in the success of The Course Creation Project, as participants are able to create courses that attract and retain students.

In addition to creating quality content, Lever also teaches participants how to market their courses effectively. Lever shares her strategies for driving traffic to course sales pages, building an email list, and leveraging social media to promote courses. Lever’s marketing tactics have been proven to be effective, as many Course Creation Project participants have seen significant success in selling their courses online.

Lever also provides support and guidance to participants throughout the course creation process. Lever offers live coaching calls, a private Facebook group, and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are also enrolled in The Course Creation Project. Lever’s hands-on approach to mentoring ensures that participants have the resources and support they need to succeed in creating and launching their own courses.

The success stories of Course Creation Project participants are a testament to the effectiveness of Lever’s program. Many entrepreneurs have been able to quit their day jobs, travel the world, and achieve financial freedom through their online course businesses. Lever’s program has empowered individuals to take control of their careers and pursue their passions, all while generating a substantial income in the process.

Overall, Grace Lever’s The Course Creation Project is a game-changer for online entrepreneurs looking to create and launch their own profitable courses. Lever’s expertise and guidance have helped countless individuals turn their knowledge and skills into a successful online business. By following Lever’s proven strategies and techniques, participants in The Course Creation Project have the opportunity to build a thriving online course empire and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.


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