Hayden Bowles – Performance Dropshipping

Hayden Bowles – Performance Dropshipping

in on 08/25/2021
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Hayden Bowles – Performance Dropshipping
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Hayden Bowles - Performance Dropshipping (8.14 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Hayden Bowles - Performance Dropshipping
01-Module 1 - Introduction
02-Module 2 - Store, Research & Rapid Product Testing
03-Module 3 - Build High Converting Ads
04-Module 4 - Facebook Ads
05-Module 5 - TikTok Ads
06-Module 6 - Scaling Ads With A Winning Product
07-Module 7 - Transitioning From A Store To A Brand
08-Module 8 (BONUS) - Financial Literacy
09-Module 9 - BONUS Videos
01-Module 1 - Introduction
01-What Is Dropshipping.mp4
02-Performance Dropshipping Structure.mp4
04-Payment Processing.mp4
05-What You Can Expect From This Program.mp4
02-Module 2 - Store, Research & Rapid Product Testing
01-Stores For Testing.mp4
02-Stores For Brands.mp4
03-What Your Store Should Look Like.mp4
04-What Apps To Use.mp4
05-Performance Email Follow Up.mp4
06-Low & High Ticket Products.mp4
07-Product Research.mp4
08-Supplier Connections.mp4
03-Module 3 - Build High Converting Ads
01-What Makes A Good Ad.mp4
02-The Ad Format For Product Testing.mp4
02-The Ad Format For Product Testing.pdf
03-The Different Types Of Ad Copy.mp4
04-All Types Of Ad Formats.mp4
04-Module 4 - Facebook Ads
01-Launching Ads On Facebook.mp4
02-Setting Up Our Column Categories.mp4
03-High Ticket VS Low Ticket Ad Strategies.mp4
04-Ad Account Safety.mp4
05-Analyzing Running Ads - Looking At Our Data Through The Column Setups & Determining What To Scale.mp4
06-Raising Your Facebook Ad Spending Limit.mp4
05-Module 5 - TikTok Ads
01-Creating Your Ads For TikTok.mp4
02-Launching TikTok Ads.mp4
03-The Benefits Behind TikTok.mp4
04-Organic Branding On TikTok.mp4
06-Module 6 - Scaling Ads With A Winning Product
01-What You Need To Scale.mp4
02-Horizontal Scaling.mp4
03-Vertical Scaling.mp4
04-Using No-Interest Targeting To Scale.mp4
05-Scaling Outwards With Products.mp4
07-Module 7 - Transitioning From A Store To A Brand
01-Store Transition To A Brand.mp4
02-Supplier Branding.mp4
03-Content or Social Media.mp4
04-Email Newsletter.mp4
05-Long Term Impacts Of A Brand.mp4
08-Module 8 (BONUS) - Financial Literacy
01-Handling Cash Flow In Your Business.mp4
02-Utilizing Credit Cards Properly.mp4
03-Money Cycles & Investing.mp4
04-Understanding Taxes & Company Structure.mp4
09-Module 9 - BONUS Videos
01-Chinese New Year Planning.mp4
02-Facebook Ad Mis-tracking.mp4
03-Consistent Breakeven Ads Solution.mp4
04-Country Cost Of Fulfillment Narrowing.mp4
05-Using Link Shorteners.mp4
06-Instant Social Media Profile Setup.mp4
07-Testing What Your Competitors Do.mp4
08-Payment Processor Scaling.mp4
09-Additional Viral Ecom Adz Styles.mp4
10-Don't Blow Your Startup Budget.mp4
11-What To Add Another Income Stream.mp4
12-In-Depth Price Testing.mp4
13-Feedback Score + Circumventing.mp4
15-Digital Offers.mp4
16-Refunds & Handling Returns.mp4
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Hayden Bowles – Performance Dropshipping: A Gateway to eCommerce Success

In the world of eCommerce, there are countless opportunities to make money and build a successful business. However, navigating the complex world of online retail can be daunting, especially for beginners. This is where Hayden Bowles’ Performance Dropshipping program comes in. With his proven system and strategies, Hayden has helped countless students achieve incredible success in the world of eCommerce.

But who exactly should try Performance Dropshipping? According to Hayden, this program is for those who are fed up with their current situation and are looking to learn a new skill and advance to the next level. It is for those who have a real motivation behind wanting to succeed in eCommerce. The skills you will learn in this program are what Hayden refers to as “High Income Skills,” which can help you create successful businesses faster than any other method.

One of the key advantages of Performance Dropshipping is that it allows you to enter the world of eCommerce without needing a large startup capital. Hayden himself started with less than $2,000 and was able to make it work. This program is for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed, as building a successful business takes time and dedication.

Performance Dropshipping is constantly updated with new content, ensuring that students have access to the latest strategies and techniques. With over $30,000,000 in sales from student’s stores, 3,500+ past students, and 20 million+ total views on YouTube, Performance Dropshipping has a proven track record of success.

But don’t just take Hayden’s word for it. There are thousands of testimonies from satisfied students who have achieved incredible success with the help of Performance Dropshipping. Students like Samir Kahlot, who went from $2,000 a day in sales to over $40,000 a day with Hayden’s help. Or Leon Green, who went from struggling to making multi-six figures every month, thanks to Hayden’s guidance.

Even students with some experience in eCommerce have found success with Performance Dropshipping. Bilal Momeni, for example, was able to increase his profit margins from 15-20% to 30-45% on $20,000 a day in sales with Hayden’s help.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Performance Dropshipping is how long access to the program lasts. The answer? Lifetime access for a one-time payment. This means that you can continue to benefit from Hayden’s expertise and guidance for as long as you need.

Another common question is whether you need experience to get started with Performance Dropshipping. The answer is no – Hayden takes you from start to finish, regardless of your level of experience. And if you’re not a beginner, Performance Dropshipping can help you systemize and scale your business even faster, allowing you to focus on advanced scaling strategies.

Some may question whether it’s worth investing in a program like Performance Dropshipping, rather than spending that money on advertisements. Hayden’s response is clear – 95% of people fail in the eCommerce industry for a reason. Running ads without the right skills and experience is a recipe for failure. Investing in a program like Performance Dropshipping is like investing in your education before practicing as a doctor – it’s essential for success.

Building a successful eCommerce business is not easy, but with Hayden Bowles’ Performance Dropshipping program, you have the tools and guidance you need to succeed. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start an online business or an experienced entrepreneur looking to scale your existing business, Performance Dropshipping can help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait – get started on your journey to eCommerce success with Hayden Bowles today.


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