Jack Bosch – Land Profit Generator 2.0

Jack Bosch – Land Profit Generator 2.0

in on 08/18/2020
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Jack Bosch – Land Profit Generator 2.0
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Jack Bosch - Land Profit Generator 2.0 (12.04 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Jack Bosch - Land Profit Generator 2.0
1. Training Modules
2. Workbooks
3. Documents
4. Tutorials
5. Resources.pdf
1. Training Modules
Bonus u2013 How To Virtualize Your Business From Anywhere In The World
Module 01
Module 02
Module 03
Module 04
Module 04A
Module 05
Module 06
Module 07
Module 08
Module 09
Module 10
Module 11
Module 12
Module 12A
Module 13
Module 13A
Module 14
Module 15
Module 16
Module 17
Module 18
Module 19
Module 20
Module 21
Session Bonus u2013 How To Do A Title Search
2. Workbooks
LPG - Session 6 - Mailing the owners - Letter 2&3 - FINAL 2009-11-02.pdf
LPG - Session 9-Bonus- Renegotiating & 2nd Offers FINAL 2009-11-02.pdf
LPG - Session 10-Part 2- Finding the property in person - FINAL 2009-11-02.pdf
LPG2 - Session 01 - Finding A New Area.pdf
LPG2 - Session 02 - How To Select Properties That Sell.pdf
LPG2 - Session 03 - You Are Not The Market.pdf
LPG2 - Session 04 - How To Get A List.pdf
LPG2 - Session 05 - Filtering Your List.pdf
LPG2 - Session 06 - Setting Up Your Systems.pdf
LPG2 - Session 07 - Contacting The Owners With Or Without Offers.pdf
LPG2 - Session 08 - Preliminary Property Research.pdf
LPG2 - Session 4A - Getting A Tax Delinquent List.pdf
LPG2 - Session 9 - Making Offers That Are Accepted.pdf
LPG2 - Session 10 - Contract Or Option.pdf
LPG2 - Session 11- Renegotiate Your Deals.pdf
LPG2 - Session 12 - Closing On The Property And Assignments.pdf
3. Documents
1. 24 Hour Voicemail Template.docx
4. Download Assignment of Real Estate Purchase.doc
4. Tutorials
01. Agent Pro 247.mp4
02. Basics of Processing County Lists Using Excel.mp4
03. Buying and Selling Campaigns.mp4
04. Click2Mail Postcard Tutorial.mp4
05. Creating Cash Flow With Land.mp4
06. Dealing with Craigslist Post Restrictions.mp4
07. Doing the Actual Title Search.mp4
08. Excel Basics.mp4
09. Excess Proceeds.mp4
10. Filling Out the Land Offer Sheet.mp4
11. How to Close on a Land Deal Using a Notary.mp4
12. How To Do A Mail Merge.mp4
13. How To Do A Title Search u2013 [Part 1].mp4
14. How To Exclude From Your Mailing Property Owners Within 100 Miles of Your Target.mp4
15. How to Find a Title Abstractor.mp4
16. How to find an area for land flipping.mp4
17. How to Get More Traffic to Your Listings Using Youtube.mp4
18. How to get the best deals from home u2013 the follow up.mp4
19. How to Get your Land Listings Noticed.mp4
20. How to Make Offers on Land and Houses.mp4
21. How to Pick the Correct Deed for Each State.mp4
22. How to Post Your Property On CraigList.mp4
23. How To Read A Legal Description & Parcel Plat Map.mp4
24. How to Request Data from the County.mp4
25. How to setup your FREE selling webpage.mp4
26. How to Use the u201cWhy is This Offer so Lowu201d Letter.mp4
27. How to work with Numbers (for Mac Users).mp4
28. List Processing with Google Docs.mp4
29. List Processing with Google Docs.mp4
30. List Processing with Numbers (Mac Version of Excel).mp4
31. List Processing the Name Field in Excel.mp4
32. Mapping Out Your Property.mp4
33. Marketing Videos Using YouTube.mp4
34. Overview of Title search Methodology.mp4
35. Researching Land Deals.mp4
36. Selling Real Estate on Craigslist and Ebay.mp4
37. Using Google Earth To View Your Property.mp4
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Have you ever dreamed of making money in real estate without the headaches of dealing with houses? If so, then Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator 2.0 may be the perfect solution for you. This innovative program teaches you how to flip land for pennies on the dollar, allowing you to maximize your investment and turn a profit in just days.

One of the key benefits of flipping land is that it eliminates many of the challenges and complexities that come with flipping houses. With land, there are no tenants to deal with, no renovations to worry about, and no expensive repairs to make. Plus, land is a highly versatile and in-demand asset that can be used for a variety of purposes, making it a lucrative investment opportunity.

In his Land Profit Generator 2.0 program, Jack Bosch reveals the three secrets to tapping into this lucrative real estate revenue stream. By following his proven system, you can identify the three kinds of land and lots that will allow you to break free from houses and hassle. Whether you’re looking to invest in residential lots, commercial land, or rural acreage, Jack Bosch’s program will show you how to find the best deals and maximize your profits.

One of the most powerful aspects of Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator 2.0 is his strategy for buying land for pennies on the dollar. Through his unique approach to sourcing and negotiating deals, you can acquire land at deeply discounted prices, often for just a fraction of its true market value. This allows you to minimize your investment risk and maximize your potential returns, ensuring that you make a substantial profit when you flip the property.

With Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator 2.0, you’ll learn how to flip land for exponential profits in record time. By implementing his proven system for finding, acquiring, and selling land, you can turn a quick profit and build a successful real estate business without the challenges of traditional house flipping. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a complete beginner, this program provides you with everything you need to succeed in the lucrative world of land flipping.

In addition to the comprehensive training provided in the Land Profit Generator 2.0 program, Jack Bosch also offers a wealth of resources to support your success. From instructional videos and PDF guides to live training sessions and one-on-one coaching, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to achieve your financial goals. With Jack Bosch’s guidance, you can unlock the potential of land flipping and start making money in real estate like never before.

If you’re ready to break free from houses and hassle and start flipping land for pennies on the dollar, then Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator 2.0 is the program for you. With its proven strategies, expert guidance, and wealth of resources, you can tap into the secret real estate revenue stream and achieve financial freedom. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your real estate investments and unlock unlimited earning potential. Sign up for Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator 2.0 today and start your journey to success.


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has been added to your cart, get more courses to get BIG DISCOUNT!

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