Jamie Atkinson – 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB

Jamie Atkinson – 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB

in on 08/18/2020
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Jamie Atkinson – 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB
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Jamie Atkinson - 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB (21.06 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Jamie Atkinson - 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB
1-Start Here
3-Week 1
4-Week 2
5-Week 3
6- Week 4
7-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass
8- Podcast Sales Secrets
9-Podcast Editor Training
10-Systems and Assets
11-Expert Masterclasses
12-Resources & Templates
13568 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13569 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
PPL Unfair Advantage Cheatsheet.pdf
1-Start Here
1-Start HERE Video 1 Welcome to The Profit LAB.mp4
2-start here Video 2 TLDR.mp4
3-Start here Video 3 Fast Action Session.mp4
4-Start Here Video 3 Fast Action Session 2 flipped.mp4
5-Start Here Video 3 Fast Action Session 3.mp4
6-Start Here Video 4 Deep Dive.mp4
7-Setting Goals Expectations 1.mp4
8-Setting goals video 2 monetizing show.mp4
9-Podcast Algorithm.mp4
28 Day Podcast Profit LAB Roadmap.pdf
28 Day Podcast Profit LAB Roadmap.png
13580 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13581 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13582 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13583 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13584 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13585 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
All Resources - Day 1-28 Extra PDFS.zip
PPL Unfair Advantage Cheatsheet.pdf
Podcast Profit Lab Checklist.xlsx
1-Welcome to The Pre Training Overview edited MP4.mp4
2-The secret behind the 28 day monetization lab.mp4
3-Our Podcast Launch Strategy 1.mp4
4-Our Podcast Launch Strategy 2.mp4
5-Pre Hype Strategy.mp4
13586 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13587 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13588 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13589 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13590 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13591 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13592 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13593 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13594 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
3-Week 1
1-Week 1 Overview TLDL.mp4
2-Day 0.mp4
3-Day 0 Deep Dive Edited.mp4
4-Day 1 TLDL.mp4
5-PPL Day 1 Part 1.mp4
6-PPL Day 1 Part 2.mp4
7-PPL Day 1 Pt 3.mp4
8-Day 1 - 4 W's Deep Dive.mp4
9-Day 2 TLDL.mp4
10-PPL Day 2 Part 1.mp4
11-PPL Day 2 Pt 2.mp4
12-Day 2 - 4 W's Show Outline.mp4
13-Day 3 TLDL.mp4
14-PPL Day 3 Pt 1.mp4
15-PPL Day 3 Pt 2.mp4
16-PPL Day 3 Pt 6.mp4
17-PPL Day 3 Pt 4.mp4
18-PPL Day 3 Pt 5.mp4
19-PPL Day 3 Pt 7.mp4
20-Day 3 - Create Your Podcast Persona.mp4
21-Day 4 TLDL.mp4
22-PPL Day 4 Pt 1.mp4
23-PPL Day 4 Pt 2.mp4
24-Day 4 - Introduction Creation.mp4
25-Day 5 TLDL.mp4
26-PPL Day 5 Pt 1.mp4
27-PPL Day 5 Pt 2.mp4
28-Day 5 The WHO not the HOW.mp4
29-Michelle Lewis Masterclass.mp4
30-Day 5 Bold Branding.mp4
31-Video Walk Through Publicity Sheet Template.mp4
32-Walkthrough using Canva Podcast Cover Art Template.mp4
33-Fast Action Video 3.mp4
34-Video Walk Through Publicity Sheet Template.mp4
13595 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13596 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13597 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.jpg
13598 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13599 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13600 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13601 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13602 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13603 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13604 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13605 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Day 1 - PIP Podcast Identity Pillars.pdf
Day 2 - How Your PIP Outlines Your Show.pdf
Day 3 - Your Podcast Persona.pdf
Day 4 - Intro_Outro Script, Select Music & Finalize Guest Sheet Content.pdf
Day 5 - Bold Branding.pdf
Examples of Podcast Identity Pillar Statements.pdf
Listener Avatar Walkthrough.pdf
Podcast Press Tour.xlsx
Podcast Tour Guest Outreach Template - Reaching Out On FB Messenger Audio.pdf
Podcast Tour Guest Outreach Template - Reaching Out On Instagram Video Stories.pdf
Podcast Tour Guest Outreach Template - Reaching Out Via Email.pdf
Podcast Tour Guest Outreach Template - Reaching Out Via LinkedIn.pdf
Podcast Tour Guest Outreach Template - The Lumpy Mail Message.pdf
cover art examples.pdf
gina template example.png
4-Week 2
1-Week 2 overview TLDL.mp4
2-Day 8 TLDL.mp4
3-PPL Day 8 Pt 1 CLS.mp4
4-PPL Day 8 PT 2 CLS Credit.mp4
4W worksheet.pdf
5-PPL Day 8 Pt 3 CLS.mp4
6-Day 8 - Content Launch Secrets.mp4
7-CL 2.0 - Day 1.mp4
8-CLS 2.0 - Day 2.mp4
9-CLS 2.0 - Day 3.mp4
10-CLS 2.0 - Day 4.mp4
11-Day 9 TLDL.mp4
12 Month Content Creation Guide.pdf
12-PPL Day 9 Pt 1.mp4
13-PPL Day 9 Pt 2.mp4
15-Day 10 TLDL.mp4
16-Day 1 Launch Interviews.mp4
17-PPL Day 10 Pt 1.mp4
18-PPL Day 10 Pt 2.mp4
19-PPL Day 10 Pt 3.mp4
20-PPL Day 10 Pt 4.mp4
21-Day 10 Podcast Profit LAB How to use Calendly.mp4
22How to Record in Zoom.mp4
23-day 10 - Batching Your Content.mp4
24-Day 11 TLDL.mp4
25-PPL Day 11.mp4
26-Day 11 - Hook The Big Fish.mp4
27-PPL Bonus TLDL- Submitting Show to iTunes.mp4
28-1 Register For SimpleCast & Enter Your Show Details.mp4
29-2 Entering Your Billing Information For SimpleCast & WHY That's Important.mp4
30-3 The iTunes Requirements & How to Get Your Show Approved.mp4
31-How to Input Your Episodes Into SIMPLECAST.mp4
32-What iTunes Category Do I Pick-.mp4
33-6 how to select your category in Simplecast.mp4
34-Submit show to iTunes using Simplecast.mp4
35-8 How to Submit Your Show to The Different Syndication Channels Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, et.mp4
36-PPL Day 12 TLDL.mp4
37-PPL Day 12.mp4
38-day 12 - Podcast Editing Training.mp4
13606 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13607 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13608 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13609 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13610 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13611 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13612 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13613 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13614 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Content Plan Notes 2.pdf
Day 1 Podcast Review Document.xlsx
Day 8 - Content Launch Secrets Framework.pdf
Day 9 - Launch Lab.pdf
Day 10 - Batching Your Content.pdf
Day 11 - Hook The Big Fish.pdf
Day 12 - Submitting Your Show.pdf
Day 12 BONUS - Podcast Editing Training.pdf
Dream 100 Prospects & Influencers.xlsx
Episode Structure.pdf
Launch Lab Roadmap 2019.pdf
Pulling Your Content Together Template.xlsx
Show Notes Template Guideline.pdf
Your Podcast Interview Breakdown.png
5-Week 3
1-Week 3 Overview TLDL.mp4
2-Day 15 TLDL.mp4
3-PPL Day 15 Pt 1.mp4
4-PPL Day 15 Pt 2.mp4
5-PPL Day 15 Pt 3.mp4
6-Day 15 - Hypest Hype.mp4
7 Day Launch Strategy.xlsx
7-Day 16 TLDL.mp4
8-PPL Day 16.mp4
9-How To Install & Use Group Hacker video.mp4
10-Day 16 - Launch Week Exposure Techniques.mp4
11-day 17 TLDL.mp4
12-PPL Day 17 Pt 1.mp4
13-PPL Day 17 Pt 2.mp4
14-day 17 - Day 1 Leverage.mp4
15-Day 18 TLDL.mp4
16-PPL Day 18 Pt 1.mp4
17-PPL Day 18 Pt 2.mp4
18-PPL Day 18 Pt 3.mp4
19-Day 18 - Podcast Sales Secrets.mp4
20-Day 19 TLDL.mp4
21-PPL Day 19.mp4
22-How to Input Your Episodes Into SIMPLECAST.mp4
23-Day 19 Coaching.mp4
24-Day 19.mp4
13634 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13635 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13636 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13637 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13638 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13639 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13640 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Attraction Marketing (Bait Post).pdf
Day 1 Podcast Review Document (1).xlsx
Day 1 Podcast Review Document.xlsx
Day 15 - Hypest Hype.pdf
Day 16 - Exposure.pdf
Day 17 - Day 1 Leverage.pdf
Day 18 - Podcast Sales Secrets.pdf
Day 19 - Final 3 Days of Content and Promotion 2019.pdf
Group Hacker-20200109T075800Z-001.zip
Launch Day Checklist.pdf
Launch Lab Roadmap 2019.pdf
Sales Podcast Interview Questions.pdf
6- Week 4
1-Week 4 Overview TLDL.mp4
2-Day 22 TLDL.mp4
4-Day 22 - Launch day Preperation.mp4
5-Day 23 TLDL.mp4
6-PPL Day 23 Pt 1.mp4
7-PPL Day 23 Pt 2.mp4
8-PPL Day 23 Pt 3.mp4
9-Day 23 Coaching.mp4
10-Day 24 TLDL.mp4
11-PPL Day 24.mp4
12-Day 24 Coaching Call.mp4
13-Day 24 Q&A.mp4
14-Day 25 TLDL.mp4
15-PPL Day 25.mp4
16-CORE Training For Day 2425.mp4
17-Day 26 TLDL.mp4
18-TLDL Bonus Week 1.mp4
19-PPL Day 26 Pt 1.mp4
20-PPL Day 26 Pt 2.mp4
21-Fast Action Video 1.mp4
22-Fast Action Video 2.mp4
23-Day 26 Coaching.mp4
24-Day 27 TLDL.mp4
26-day 27.mp4
27-Day 28 TLDL.mp4
28-PPL Day 28.mp4
29-Day 28.mp4
30-Day 28 Q&A.mp4
31-Day 29 END TLDL.mp4
33-PPL Day 22.mp4
13641 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13642 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13643 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13644 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13645 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13646 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13647 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13648 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Day 1 Podcast Review Document.xlsx
Day 22 - Launch Day!.pdf
Day 23 - Sales Structure Masterclass.pdf
Day 24 - Growing Scaling.pdf
Day 25 - Making It Happen.pdf
Day 26 - Podcast Exposure 101.pdf
Day 27 - Leverage A Team For Growth.pdf
Day 28 - Systems For Success.pdf
Dream 100 Prospects & Influencers.xlsx
Launch Day Checklist.pdf
Podcast Outreach Template.xlsx
Podcast Press Tour.xlsx
Sales Podcast Interview Questions.pdf
Sales Structure Outline & Script.pdf
7-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass
1-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 0.mp4
2-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 1 Why Guests Aren't as Hard to Reach As You Think.mp4
3-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 2 How to Use Online Tools To Find Your Ideal Guests.mp4
4-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 3 Facebook Audio Note Method.mp4
5-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 4 'Ol Fashioned Email Method.mp4
6-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 5 The Linked In Email Method.mp4
7-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 6 The 'Trojan Horse' Method.mp4
8-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 7 The Instagram Story Message Method.mp4
9-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass 8 The 'Lumpy Mail' Method.mp4
10-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 9 The 'Cartoon' Personalized Postcard Method.mp4
11-High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass - 10 The Audacious Exposure Method.mp4
8- Podcast Sales Secrets
1-Podcast Sales Secrets Overview.mp4
2-PSS Overview Video.mp4
3-PSS Lesson 1- Building Trust.mp4
4-PSS Lesson 2- The Invisible Funnel.mp4
5-PSS Lesson 3- The Filter.mp4
6-PSS Lesson 4- Getting to YES! Part I.mp4
7-PSS Lesson 4- Getting to YES! Part II.mp4
8-PSS Lesson 5- Questions to Ask Your Prospects on Your Calendar.mp4
9-Adding Questions to Calendly.mp4
10-PSS Lesson 6- Pre-Interview Homework.mp4
11-PSS Lesson 7 Part I- Structure of the Sale.mp4
12-PSS Lesson 7 Part II- Structure of a Podcast Interview.mp4
13-PSS Lesson 8 Part I- Deep-Digging Questions to Ask Your Guest.mp4
14-PSS Lesson 8 Part II- Your Sales Question Arsenal.mp4
15-PSS Lesson 9- Building Relationships.mp4
16-PSS Lesson 10- Podcast Episode Length.mp4
17-PSS Lesson 11 Part I- Opening Up for the Follow-Up.mp4
18-PSS Lesson 12- Sales Psychology.mp4
19-PSS Lesson 13 Part I- Lifetime Value (LTV) of your Customer.mp4
20-PSS Lesson 13 Part II- Lifetime Value (LTV) of your Customer.mp4
21-PSS Lesson 14- Structure of a Sales Call.mp4
22-PSS Lesson 15- Getting Them to Say YES to Your Offer.mp4
23-PSS Final Thoughts.mp4
9-Podcast Editor Training
#2 - Audacity Starting & Saving a Session.mp4
#2 - Garageband Setup & Navigation.mp4
#8 - Audacity Mixing Limiting & Loudness Levels.mp4
#8 - Garageband Mixing Limiting & Loudness Levels.mp4
1 - Audacity Recording Setup.mp4
1 - Garageband Recording Setup.mp4
1-Podcast Editor Training Overview.mp4
3 - Audacity Recording Audio.mp4
3 - Garageband Recording Audio.mp4
4 - Audacity Basic Audio Editing.mp4
4 - Garageband Basic Audio Editing.mp4
5 - Audacity Mixing Noise Reduction.mp4
5- Garageband Mixing Noise Reduction.mp4
6 - Audacity Mixing EQ.mp4
6 Garageband Mixing EQ.mp4
7 -Audacity Mixing Compression.mp4
7 - Garageband Mixing Compression.mp4
9 - Audacity Exporting Your Podcast.mp4
9 Garageband Exporting Your Podcast.mp4
13649 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13650 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
10-Systems and Assets
13651 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13652 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Google Form Template Walkthrough.mp4
Hiring Assets Trello Board Walk through.mp4
Hiring a Freelancer.docx
11-Expert Masterclasses
13653 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13654 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Lori Lynn Masterclass.mp4
Masterclass- Your Podcast Culture with Jodi Chaffee Part 1.mp4
Masterclass- Your Podcast Culture with Jodi Chaffee Part 2.mp4
Michelle Lewis Masterclass.mp4
12-Resources & Templates
13655 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13656 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
13657 - '28 Day Podcast Profit LAB'.pdf
Downloadable Files.zip
Podcast Blog Template Overview Video.mp4
Get Discount ?

Are you tired of struggling to build an audience and make money with your podcast? Are you looking for a proven system that will help you launch a wildly profitable podcast in just 30 days, even if you have zero experience, audience, or tech skills? Look no further, because Jamie Atkinson’s 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB is here to help.

With the 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB, you get access to a comprehensive launch roadmap and monetization strategy that has been proven to work. You will also receive 40 hours of daily group coaching and Q&A coaching calls, where you can ask questions and get personalized support from Jamie Atkinson himself.

One of the key features of the 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB is the High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass. In this masterclass, you will learn how to reach out to high-profile guests and get them to appear on your podcast, helping you attract a larger audience and increase your credibility in your niche.

To help you create engaging and valuable content for your podcast, you will also receive 12-month content creation guides and templates. These guides will help you plan your episodes in advance, ensuring that you consistently deliver high-quality content to your listeners.

In addition, the 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB includes the Ultimate Podcast Intro & Outro Creation, Podcast Branding Expert Masterclass & Templates, and Podcast Publicity Sheet Template + Guided Setup. These resources will help you brand your podcast effectively, create professional intros and outros, and promote your podcast to a wider audience.

As a bonus, you will also receive Copy & Paste Hiring Assets & Systems, which will help you streamline your podcast production process and free up more time for creating content. You will also get access to the ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’ High Ticket Sales Process, which will teach you how to monetize your podcast and generate income from your show.

To help you build a professional online presence for your podcast, the 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB includes a customizable podcast blog template. This template will help you create a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate blog for your podcast, where you can share show notes, transcriptions, and behind-the-scenes content with your audience.

The 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB is not just a course – it is a complete system that will guide you through every step of the podcasting process, from launching your show to monetizing it effectively. With Jamie Atkinson’s expertise and support, you can finally achieve your podcasting goals and start making money from your passion.

Don’t waste any more time struggling to grow your podcast audience and make money from your show. Join the 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB today and discover the real secret to launching a wildly profitable podcast in just 30 days. With Jamie Atkinson’s proven system and personalized support, you can turn your podcasting dreams into reality and start earning an income from your passion.


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