Jon Penberthy – Course Launch Bootcamp

Jon Penberthy – Course Launch Bootcamp

in on 05/29/2021
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Jon Penberthy – Course Launch Bootcamp
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Jon Penberthy - Course Launch Bootcamp (13.76 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Jon Penberthy - Course Launch Bootcamp
Coaching Calls
Facebook Quick Launch Training
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Webinar Bonus Training
YouTube Quick Launch Training
Coaching Calls
8th March CLB .mp4
22nd February 2021 - CLB Live Coaching Call .mp4
22nd March - CLB Recording .mp4
CLB 1st Feb Coaching Call.mp4
CLB 15th Feb.mp4
CLB 25th January.mp4
CLB Call 1st March.mp4
CLB call 15th March.mp4
CLB coaching call .mp4
CLB coaching call 8th Feb.mp4
Facebook Quick Launch Training
Lesso 4_The Facebook Pixel.mp4
Lesson 1_Welcome and Introduction.mp4
Lesson 2_The Creative.mp4
Lesson 3_Finding Your Audience.mp4
Lesson 5_Creating Your Campaign.mp4
Module 1
Building a Membership Site.mp4
Lesson 2 - What It Takes To Win.mp4
Lesson 3 - The Big Picture.mp4
Lesson 4 - Planning Your Course.mp4
Lesson 5 - Your ES Course.mp4
Lesson 6 - Pricing Your Course(1).mp4
Lesson 6 - Pricing Your Course.mp4
Lesson 7 - The Tech To Make It Happen.mp4
Lesson 9 - Conclusion And Homework.mp4
Module 1 Intro.mp4
NEW Building A Membership Site.mp4
Module 2
Lesson 1 - Introduction.mp4
Lesson 2 - Choose Your Path.mp4
Lesson 3 - Sales Video Framework.mp4
Lesson 4 - Recording Your Sales Video.mp4
Lesson 5 - Done For You Sales Video Slides.mp4
Lesson 6 - Prepare the Tech.mp4
Lesson 7 - Checkout Page.mp4
Lesson 8 - Sales Page Structure.mp4
Lesson 9 - Sales Page Build.mp4
Lesson 10 - book a call example CLB.mp4
Lesson 11 - Conclusion and Homework.mp4
Loom (how to ).mp4
Module 3
Lesson - Hakon.mp4
Lesson - John Lee.mp4
Lesson - Rock.mp4
Lesson 1 - Welcome and Introduction.mp4
Lesson 2 - The Phone Close Script.mp4
Lesson 3 - Leverage Existing Assests.mp4
Lesson 4 - Organic Facebook Marketing.mp4
Lesson 5 - Matt Wilson.mp4
Lesson 9 - Conclusion and Homework.mp4
Module 4
Lesson 1 - Welcome And Introduction.mp4
Lesson 2 - Building Out Your Course .mp4
Lesson 3 - Structuring Your Module and Lessons.mp4
Lesson 4 - Course Structure Case Studies .mp4
Lesson 5 - Model Your Competition .mp4
Lesson 6 - Fb Groups And Coaching Calls .mp4
Lesson 7 - Bring Your Course To Life .mp4
Lesson 8 - Membership Area Maximisation.mp4
Lesson 9 - Conclusion And Homework .mp4
Setting Up Zoom Calls.mp4
Module 5
Lesson 1 - Welcome And Introduction.mp4
Lesson 2 - Your Opt In Page.mp4
Lesson 3 - Lead Magnet Training Intro Video.mp4
Lesson 3a - How To Approach Creating a Lead Magnet_Pt 1.mp4
Lesson 3b - How To Approach Creating a Lead Magnet_Pt 2.mp4
Lesson 3c - Lead Magnets Part 4.mp4
Lesson 4 - Building an Opt in Page Direct To Sales Page.mp4
Lesson 5 - Building an Opt In Page (Lead Magnet).mp4
Lesson 6 - Email Training Intro Video.mp4
Lesson 6a - Subject lines That Get Opened.mp4
Lesson 6b - Email Copy Writing.mp4
Lesson 7 - Building Email Follow Up.mp4
Lesson 8 - Checkout Page Maximisers Part 1 (Strategy).mp4
Lesson 9 - Checkout Page Maximisers Part 2 (Build Out).mp4
Lesson 10 - Sales Page Maximisation(Strategy).mp4
Lesson 11 - Sales Page Maximisation(Build Out).mp4
Lesson 12 - Phone Close Maximisation Intro.mp4
Lesson 13 - Phone Close Maximisation Part 1.mp4
Lesson 13a - Phone Close Maximisation Part 2.mp4
Module 6
Lesson 1 - Welcome and Introduction.mp4
Lesson 2 - Paid Ads With FB and YT.mp4
Lesson 3 - Affiliate Program For Your Course.mp4
Lesson 4 - Affiliate Program Setup.mp4
Lesson 5 - Email List Domination.mp4
Lesson 6 - Webinar Funnels.mp4
Lesson 7 - Raise Your Prices.mp4
Lesson 8 - Invitation To Personal Coaching.mp4
Lesson 9 - Conclusion and Homework.mp4
YT Quick Start Intro.mp4
Webinar Bonus Training
Intro Lesson.mp4
Lesson 5 - Webinar Case Study.mp4
Phase 1_Setting The Stage.mp4
Phase 2_The Content.mp4
Phase 3_The irresistable Offer.mp4
Webinar Training Intro.mp4
Webinar Training Lesson 2.mp4
Webinar Training Lesson 3.mp4
YouTube Quick Launch Training
Google Tag and Conversion Events.mp4
Keyword Targeting.mp4
Launching Your Ad.mp4
Setting Up Your Google and YouTube Account.mp4
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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, more and more people are looking to capitalize on their knowledge and expertise by creating online courses. And with the right guidance and strategies, it’s possible to launch a successful course even if you don’t have a large following or if no one knows who you are.

Enter Jon Penberthy, a course creation expert who has helped countless entrepreneurs create and scale their online courses to 50-100 sales a month, all without the need for complicated launches or a massive following. In his upcoming Course Launch Bootcamp, Jon will be sharing his ‘3-Step Blueprint’ for creating and scaling your personal digital course in 2021.

During the Course Launch Masterclass, Jon will be diving deep into the strategies and techniques that have helped him and his students achieve success in the online course space. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn during the masterclass:

PART 1: Packaging Your Knowledge and Expertise
One of the first steps in creating a successful online course is packaging up your knowledge and expertise in a way that is not only valuable but also highly marketable. Jon will be sharing his tips and tricks for creating a course that can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, ensuring that you are able to maximize your earning potential.

PART 2: Scaling Your Course to $10k a Month
Once you have created your course, the next step is to scale it to generate consistent revenue. Jon will be sharing his unique strategy for scaling courses from zero to $10k a month in less than 14 days, giving you the tools you need to rapidly grow your course and reach your income goals.

PART 3: Avoiding Common Mistakes
There are many pitfalls that can trip up aspiring course creators, but Jon will be highlighting the three crucial mistakes that most people make with their online courses that can set them up for failure. By learning from these mistakes and avoiding them in your own course creation journey, you can increase your chances of success.

PART 4: Selling Your Course Hands-Free
One of the biggest advantages of selling online courses is the ability to generate sales even while you sleep. Jon will be sharing his strategies for selling your course completely hands-free, allowing you to make sales around the clock without needing to be actively promoting your course.

With Jon Penberthy’s Course Launch Bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert who has mastered the art of creating and scaling online courses. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your existing course to the next level, this masterclass is a must-attend event for anyone looking to succeed in the digital course space.

So mark your calendars for Thursday, January 7th, 2021, and register for the Course Launch Masterclass to gain access to Jon’s ‘3-Step Blueprint’ for creating and scaling your own profitable course. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and unlock the potential of your online course creation journey.


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