Joshua Elder – Zero To 10k Challenge

Joshua Elder – Zero To 10k Challenge

in on 06/25/2021
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Joshua Elder – Zero To 10k Challenge
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Joshua Elder - Zero To 10k Challenge (4.28 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Joshua Elder - Zero To 10k Challenge
10X Conversion Formula
Business Builder Challenge
HTAA Affiliate Training
HTAA System Set Up
High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator
High Ticket Consulting Accelerator
Traffic And Sales Program
10X Conversion Formula
Parallel Profits Case Study .mp4
Business Builder Challenge
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BBB - Video 2 .mp4
BBB - Video 3.mp4
BBB - Video 4 .mp4
HTAA Affiliate Training
7 Figure Messenger Bot HTAA Funnel Set Up.mp4
Affiliate Account Set Up.mp4
How To Access Your Affiliate Links.mp4
How To Set Up Email Swipes.mp4
Many Chat Messenger Funnel Set Up.mp4
Traffic Overview.bin
HTAA System Set Up
Before You Set Up Your System.mp4
Email Creation.mp4
Intro To Training .mp4
bridge example.mp4
bridge video .mp4
High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator
Become A HTA Affiliate .mp4
Go Where The Eyeballs Are At.mp4
HTAA Story Intro.mp4
The 4 Types Of Traffic.mp4
Video 1 Why High Ticket.mp4
Video 2 Mindset For Success.mp4
Video 3 The 3 Markets That Pay You Passively.mp4
Video 4 Creating Your Avatar.mp4
Video 5 Daily Method Of Operation.mp4
High Ticket Consulting Accelerator
HTCA Training 1.mp4
HTCA Training 2.mp4
HTCA Training 3 .mp4
HTCA Training 4 .mp4
HTCA Training 5.mp4
HTCA Week 2 Training 1 .mp4
Traffic And Sales Program
YouTube Section Module 1 Setting The Foundation.mp4
YouTube Section Module 2 How To Perform Market Research.mp4
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The Joshua Elder Zero To 10k Challenge is an intensive program designed to help individuals break through the barriers that have been holding them back from achieving success in online marketing. With a focus on mindset, system set up, and action steps, this challenge provides a clear roadmap for participants to follow in order to reach their financial goals.

The program starts with the “begin here” section, which is dedicated to helping individuals develop the right mindset and understand the basics of affiliate marketing. By learning about the types of products to promote and how online marketing works, participants can set themselves up for success right from the start.

Next, the “System Set Up” section guides individuals through the process of relaunching a six-figure affiliate program. This portion of the challenge provides participants with a proven product, complete with a funnel and email follow-up sequence, so they can hit the ground running without worrying about the technical aspects of setting everything up.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Zero To 10k Challenge is the opportunity to earn $1,500 commissions daily without any sales experience or needing to make phone calls. By following the steps outlined in the program, participants can learn how to generate high-ticket sales consistently, allowing them to scale their income to new heights.

Once participants are set up with the necessary systems, they will move on to the action steps outlined in modules 1-4. This includes setting up a YouTube channel and leveraging existing content from Joshua Elder to optimize for views and conversions. Participants will also learn how to create their own videos and capture leads, giving them the tools they need to build a successful online business.

One of the key benefits of the Zero To 10k Challenge is the support provided through weekly live group calls. Joshua Elder, along with his team of qualified trainers, will be available to answer questions, share new strategies, and provide guidance to participants as they work through the program. This level of support ensures that individuals have the resources they need to succeed and stay on track towards their financial goals.

In addition to the core content of the program, participants will also have access to bonus materials and resources to enhance their learning experience. This may include additional training modules, tools, and templates to streamline the process of building a successful online business.

Overall, the Joshua Elder Zero To 10k Challenge offers a comprehensive and proven roadmap for individuals looking to achieve financial success in online marketing. By focusing on mindset, system set up, and taking consistent action, participants can overcome obstacles and reach their income goals with the guidance and support of Joshua Elder and his team. If you are ready to take your online marketing efforts to the next level and start earning $1,500 commissions daily, then this challenge may be the perfect opportunity for you.


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