Kim Anderson – Just Start Podcasting

Kim Anderson – Just Start Podcasting

in on 07/18/2021
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Kim Anderson – Just Start Podcasting
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Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting (1.13 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting
01-In Case We Haven't Met!
02-Phase 1 - Get Organized!
03-Phase 2 - Content Planning
04-Phase 3 - Start Recording
05-Phase 4 - Editing & Publishing Your Show
06-Phase 5 - Growing Your Podcast
01-In Case We Haven't Met!
01-Who's The Gal Behind The Course.pdf
02-Phase 1 - Get Organized!
01-Welcome - Important Information Video.mp4
02-LISTEN AND LEARN - Why Starting a Podcast is Smart.wav
02-Lesson 1 Worksheet - Your Why.pdf
02-Why Starting a Podcast is Smart.pdf
03-LISTEN & LEARN Step 1.wav
03-Step 1 - Getting the Tools You Need to Podcast.mp4
03-Step 1 - Getting the Tools You Need to Podcast.pdf
03-Step 1 Worksheet - Tools Checklist.pdf
04-LISTEN & LEARN Step 2.wav
04-Step 2 - Audience, Niche, Name.pdf
04-Step 2 Worksheet - Audience, Niche, & Name.pdf
05-LISTEN & LEARN Step 3.wav
05-Step 3 - Determining Your Format & Production Schedule.pdf
05-Step 3 Worksheet - Format & Production Schedule.pdf
06-How to Remove the Background of Headshot in Canva.mp4
06-LISTEN & LEARN Step 4.wav
06-Step 4 - Create Your Cover Art.pdf
06-Step 4 Worksheet - Create Your Cover Art.pdf
03-Phase 2 - Content Planning
01-LISTEN AND LEARN Step 5.wav
01-Step 5 - Creating a Show Outline.png
02-LISTEN & LEARN Step 6.wav
02-Step 6 - Creating Your Content Topic Calendar.pdf
02-Step 6 Podcast Calendar and Outline.pdf
03-DEEP DIVE VIDEO - How to make a Content Calendar in Trello.mp4
04-Phase 3 - Start Recording
01-LISTEN & LEARN Step 7.wav
01-Step 7 - Setting Up Your Recording Space.pdf
01-Step 7 Recording Checklist.pdf
02-LISTEN & LEARN Step 8.wav
02-Recording A Single Track In Audacity.mp4
02-Step 8 - Recording Your Voice In Audacity.pdf
03-DEEP DIVE - Music Selection.pdf
04-DEEP DIVE VIDEO - Recording with a Co-Host.mp4
05-DEEP DIVE - Recording an Interview.pdf
05-How to Pull Audio out of Video Interviews - Tips.mp4
05-Recording a Zoom Meeting.mkv
05-Watch This Quick Welcome Video.mp4
05-Phase 4 - Editing & Publishing Your Show
01-Aligning The Parts + Mix & Render.mp4
01-Creating a Podcast Process.pdf
01-Editing Audio.mp4
01-Import Audio Into A Template.mp4
01-LISTEN & LEARN Step 9.wav
01-Step 9 - Editing Your Show & Making a Template.pdf
02-Step 10 - Saving The Files As MP3's.pdf
02-Stop. Drop. Record..mp4
03-Finding A Host For Your Podcast.mp4
03-LISTEN & LEARN Step 11.wav
03-Step 11 - Picking Your Podcast Host.pdf
04-Distributing & Publishing Your Podcast.mp4
04-LISTEN & LEARN Step 12.wav
04-Step 12 - Publishing Your Podcast.pdf
04-Uploading Content To Your Host.mp4
06-Phase 5 - Growing Your Podcast
01-How To Embed Podcast On Website.mp4
01-LISTEN & LEARN Step 13.wav
01-Step 13 - Adding Podcast to Website + Show Notes.pdf
02-LISTEN & LEARN Step 14.wav
02-Step 14 - Attract & Keep Your Listeners.pdf
03-LISTEN & LEARN Step 15.wav
03-Step 15 - Monetizing Your Podcast.pdf
01-BONUS - Keeping Your Files Organized and Handy.pdf
02-Podcast Planning in Trello [Same as Phase 2 DEEP DIVE VIDEO].mp4
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Podcasting has become a popular form of content creation and communication in recent years, with more and more people turning to this medium to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories with the world. One person who knows the power of podcasting is Kim Anderson, a seasoned podcaster with a dedication to helping others find success in their own podcasting endeavors.

Kim Anderson’s “Just Start Podcasting” course is designed to help aspiring podcasters navigate the often overwhelming world of podcasting and launch their own successful podcasts. This comprehensive course covers everything from getting organized and planning your content to recording, editing, and publishing your episodes, as well as strategies for growing your audience and monetizing your podcast.

Part 1 of the course focuses on getting organized, which is essential for any successful podcast. Kim Anderson covers the basic tools and equipment you’ll need to start your podcast, as well as tips for staying focused and organized throughout the podcasting process. She also helps you make important preliminary decisions that will set the foundation for your podcast’s success.

Part 2 delves into content planning, which is where the real magic happens in podcasting. Kim Anderson walks you through how to plan and structure your podcast episodes for maximum impact, as well as how to do pre-work to ensure your episodes are engaging and informative for your listeners.

In Part 3, Kim Anderson covers the nuts and bolts of recording your podcast episodes. She teaches you how to set up your recording space, how to capture high-quality audio, and how to edit your recordings to create professional-sounding episodes. She also covers important topics like adding music, creating intro and outro segments, recording with a co-host, and conducting interviews.

Part 4 of the course focuses on editing and publishing your podcast episodes. Kim Anderson provides templates and guidelines for editing your episodes efficiently, as well as tips for formatting your files and selecting a hosting platform. She also covers the process of publishing your episodes and submitting your podcast to directories like iTunes and Spotify, as well as setting up an RSS feed to distribute your episodes.

In Part 5, Kim Anderson shifts focus to growing your podcast audience. She shares strategies for integrating your podcast with your website or blog, as well as tips for attracting and retaining listeners. She also covers monetization opportunities for podcasters, such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales.

Throughout the course, Kim Anderson includes bonus videos that provide additional tips, tricks, and insights to help you take your podcasting game to the next level. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned podcaster looking to refine your skills, “Just Start Podcasting” has something for everyone.

Kim Anderson’s “Just Start Podcasting” course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enter the exciting world of podcasting. With her comprehensive approach to podcasting, Kim Anderson provides a roadmap for success that covers everything from initial planning to audience growth and monetization. If you’re ready to take the plunge into podcasting, Kim Anderson is here to help you get started on the right foot.


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