Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads

Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads

in on 01/09/2021
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Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads
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Liam James Kay - Master Native Ads (3.17 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Liam James Kay - Master Native Ads
02-Start Here - Building The Foundation
03-Week 1 - Finding A Winning Offer
04-Week 2 - Crafting Your Campaign
05-Week 3- Running Your Campaign
06-Week 4 - Optimising and Upscaling
02-Start Here - Building The Foundation
01-Winning Mindset.mp4
02-Why Native Ads Are A Gold Mine.mp4
03-Winning Native Campaign Formula.mp4
04-Walkthrough Live Campaigns.mp4
05-What You WIll Need To Succeed At Native.mp4
03-Week 1 - Finding A Winning Offer
01-My Winning Offer Checklist .mp4
01-My Winning Offer Checklist.pdf
02-Finding Winning Products on Adpexity.mp4
03-Finding Winning Products on Adbeat .mp4
04-Getting Approved By Affiliate Networks .mp4
05-Alternative Ways To Find Winning Product .mp4
06-Do This If You're a Beginner .mp4
07-Tasks To Do This Week.pdf
04-Week 2 - Crafting Your Campaign
01-Your First Campaign Breakdown .mp4
02-Setting Up Your Tools For Success.mp4
03-Ripping Winning Elements.mp4
04-Brainstorming Unique Creative Angles .mp4
05-Getting The Click - Images .mp4
06-Getting The Click Conversion-Headlines .mp4
07-The Secret To Profitable Landing Pages .mp4
08-This Week's Tasks.pdf
09-Landing Page Templates (Ripped).pdf
05-Week 3- Running Your Campaign
01-Running Your Campaign Buying Data .mp4
02-Budget Bankroll Bidding .mp4
03-The Secret To Success on Natives .mp4
04-Setting Up Your Camapign Flow in Voluum.mp4
05-Creating Your Native Campaign.mp4
06-The Killing Phase -Campaign Optimisation .mp4
07-The Killing Phase -Walk Through.mp4
08-Live Funnel Optimzation .mp4
09-Auto-Optimizing Your Campaign .mp4
10-Blacklisting Widgets & Saving Money .mp4
06-Week 4 - Optimising and Upscaling
01-Analyse, Optimise & Scale .mp4
02-Whitelisting for PURE PROFIT .mp4
03-Run of Network Campaign Rules .mp4
04-Re-Optimisating Your Campaign .mp4
05-Conversion Optimisation .mp4
06-Upscaling to The Moon.mp4
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Native advertising has become a popular and effective way to drive traffic to affiliate products, and Liam James Kay is a master in this field. With his 4-week intensive training program, he aims to teach individuals how to excel in the world of native ads and affiliate marketing. From finding high-converting products to creating compelling ads, Liam covers it all in his comprehensive program.

One of the key components of Liam’s program is the 4-week on-demand training. Participants have access to advanced training sessions where Liam walks them through the process of setting up, running, and optimizing their campaigns. This hands-on approach ensures that individuals not only learn the theory behind native ads but also gain practical experience in implementing their own campaigns.

Additionally, participants have the opportunity to book one-on-one coaching calls with Liam. These personal sessions allow individuals to receive personalized advice and feedback on their progress, ensuring that they are on the right track to success. Liam’s coaching calendar is open for up to 4 calls, giving participants ample opportunity to seek guidance throughout the program.

Moreover, participants get lifetime access to the training membership area. This means that even after the 4-week program is completed, individuals can revisit the content at any time to refresh their knowledge and skills. Additionally, Liam offers 6 weeks of Telegram coaching and support, where participants can ask questions, share screenshots, and seek advice on their campaigns. This ongoing support ensures that individuals have the resources they need to succeed even after the program ends.

As part of the program, participants are also invited to join a VIP mastermind community on Facebook. This exclusive group provides a platform for individuals to connect with each other, ask questions, and network within the Master Natives community. This community aspect adds value to the program by fostering a supportive environment for participants to grow and learn from each other.

In addition to the core training program, participants receive bonuses that further enhance their learning experience. This includes access to 39 done-for-you native landing pages, which can help individuals get up and running faster with their campaigns. Additionally, participants gain access to Liam’s 6-figure affiliate bootcamp training program, which covers other methods of affiliate marketing, organic traffic, paid traffic, and email marketing. This bonus content expands participants’ knowledge and skills beyond native ads, giving them a well-rounded understanding of affiliate marketing strategies.

With a usual price of $997, Liam’s Master Native Ads program offers tremendous value for individuals looking to excel in the world of native advertising. The comprehensive training, personal coaching, ongoing support, and bonus content make this program a valuable investment for anyone looking to master the art of native ads and affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, Liam James Kay’s Master Native Ads program is a game-changer for individuals looking to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. With his expert guidance, practical training, and ongoing support, participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to run successful native ads campaigns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, Liam’s program offers something for everyone looking to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level.


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