Matt Leitz (BotBuilders) – Do-It-Together Program

Matt Leitz (BotBuilders) – Do-It-Together Program

in on 09/04/2021
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Matt Leitz (BotBuilders) – Do-It-Together Program
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Matt Leitz (BotBuilders) - Do-It-Together Program (18.46 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Matt Leitz (BotBuilders) - Do-It-Together Program
02-Niche Bot Templates
03-Bot Training Courses
04-Bonus Trainings
05-Additional Resources
00a-Do-It-Together Program.mp4
00b-Do-It-Together Intro.mp4
01-PHASE 1 - Prepareation Tutorials
02-PHASE 2 - Customization Tutorials
03-PHASE 3 - Monetization Tutorials
04-PHASE 4 - Promotion Tutorials
05-PHASE 5 - Domination Tutorials
02-Niche Bot Templates
01-Affiliate Bot.mp4
02-Affiliate Bot Download & Setup.mp4
02-Affiliate Bot Download - Training Summary + Resources.pdf
03-Automated Affiliate Follow-Up.mp4
04-Offer Generators & Mega Menus.mp4
05-Amazon Template.mp4
05-Amazon Template.xlsx
05-Amazon Template Training Summary + Resources.pdf
06-Amazon Template - Spreadsheet - Training Summary + Resource.pdf
06-Amazon Template - Spreadsheet.mp4
07-Amazon Template - Growth Tools - Training Summary.pdf
07-Amazon Template - Growth Tools.mp4
08-Amazon Template - Spin to Win Flow - Training Summary.pdf
08-Amazon Template - Spin to Win Flow.mp4
09-Amazon Template - Perfect Product Quiz - Training Summary.pdf
09-Amazon Template - Perfect Product Quiz.mp4
10-Amazon Template - Product Tester Rebate Flow - Training Summary.pdf
10-Amazon Template - Product Tester Rebate Flow.mp4
11-Amazon Review Collector - Training Summary.pdf
11-Amazon Review Collector.mp4
12-Amazon Template - Black Friday or Cyber Monday Flows - Training Summary.pdf
12-Amazon Template - Black Friday or Cyber Monday Flows.mp4
13-Amazon Template - Product Gallery Flow (same as 11-Amazon Review Collector).mp4
13-Amazon Template - Product Gallery Flow - Training Summary.pdf
14-Bot Agency Template - Training Summary.pdf
14-Bot Agency Template.mp4
15-Monetization Machine Overview - Training Summary.pdf
15-Monetization Machine Overview.mp4
16-Monetization Machine Customization (Basic) - Training Summary.pdf
16-Monetization Machine Customization (Basic).mp4
17-Monetization Machine Customization (Advanced) - Training Summary.pdf
17-Monetization Machine Customization (Advanced).mp4
18-Coaching & Accountability Template - Training Summary.pdf
18-Coaching & Accountability Template.mp4
19-Real Estate Investing Template - Training Summary.pdf
19-Real Estate Investing Template.mp4
20-REI Buyer Flow.mp4
21-Multi-Level Marketing Template Overview - Training Summary.pdf
21-Multi-Level Marketing Template Overview.mp4
22-MLM - Product Gallery Deep Dive - Training Summary.pdf
22-MLM - Product Gallery Deep Dive.mp4
23-MLM - Recruitment Flow Deep Dive - Training Summary.pdf
23-MLM - Recruitment Flow Deep Dive.mp4
24-MLM - Onboarding Flow Deep Dive - Training Summary.pdf
24-MLM - Onboarding Flow Deep Dive.mp4
25-SEO Template - Training Summary.pdf
25-SEO Template.mp4
26-Gym Template Overview - Training Summary.pdf
26-Gym Template Overview.mp4
27-Gym Template - Deep Dive.mp4
28-Gym Template - Customization Instructions.mp4
29-Facebook Group Template Overview - Training Summary.pdf
29-Facebook Group Template Overview.mp4
30-Customizing Our Facebook Group Template - Training Summary.pdf
30-Customizing Our Facebook Group Template.mp4
03-Bot Training Courses
04-Bonus Trainings
01-Bot Business in a Box
02-Writing To Convert
03-BotBuilders Quick Tips
04-Bot Launch Case Study
05-FB Flip Factory
06-Stealth Widget Hack
07-Building Your Brand
05-Additional Resources
01-BotBuilders Terminology Guide.pdf
01-Terminology Guide.pdf
02-March 4th, 2020 Update Guide.mp4
02-March 4th, 2020 Update Guide.pdf
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The world of marketing and sales is constantly evolving, with new technologies and strategies emerging all the time. One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the rise of chatbots, automated programs that can interact with customers on platforms like Facebook Messenger to provide information, answer questions, and even make sales.

Leading the charge in this new frontier is Matt Leitz, the founder of BotBuilders and the creator of the Do-It-Together Program. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners harness the power of chatbots to grow their businesses and increase their bottom line. With a range of valuable tools and resources, the Do-It-Together Program is the perfect way to get started in the world of chatbots.

One of the key components of the Do-It-Together Program is the BotBuilders Core, a comprehensive set of tools that allows users to create world-class chatbots quickly and easily. With over 100 pre-built flows, 500 keywords, and 50 sequences, users can customize their chatbots to suit their specific needs in a matter of hours. This instant bot creation capability is a game-changer for businesses looking to get ahead in the competitive online marketplace.

In addition to the BotBuilders Core, users of the Do-It-Together Program also receive access to exclusive templates and training courses that can help them attract clients, optimize their chatbots for maximum conversion, and even launch their own bot agency. With the BotBuilders Fundamentals, Advanced, and Growth Courses, users can learn everything they need to know about building and scaling successful chatbots.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the Do-It-Together Program is the opportunity to work closely with Matt Leitz and his team of experts. Through live coaching sessions and one-on-one support, users can refine their messaging, develop their strategies, and learn how to land high-end clients. With Matt’s guidance, even complete novices can become successful chatbot entrepreneurs in no time.

The Do-It-Together Program also offers users access to the Executive Membership, which provides additional support and resources for building and optimizing chatbots. With integrations, premium templates, and a Build-a-Bot factory, users can take their chatbot game to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the key benefits of the Do-It-Together Program is its focus on collaboration and community. As part of the BotBuilders group, users have access to a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working towards the same goal of building successful chatbot businesses. This sense of camaraderie and teamwork can be invaluable for anyone looking to break into the world of chatbots and make a name for themselves.

Overall, the Do-It-Together Program from BotBuilders is a game-changer for anyone looking to get ahead in the world of chatbots. With its comprehensive set of tools, resources, and support, users can quickly and easily create world-class chatbots that drive leads, generate sales, and grow their businesses. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, now is the time to get in the game with the Do-It-Together Program.


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