Mojca Zove The Science of Facebook Ads Professional

Mojca Zove The Science of Facebook Ads Professional

in on 04/03/2021
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Mojca Zove The Science of Facebook Ads Professional
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Mojca Zove The Science of Facebook Ads Professional (1.81 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Mojca Zove The Science of Facebook Ads Professional
1-Hey There.mp4
2-What You'll Learn (1).mp4
3-Setting up your Business Manager.mp4
4-Facebook Pixel and Standard Events.mp4
5-Custom Conversions.ts
6-Facebook Page Basics.ts
7-Facebook Advertising Policies.ts
8-Facebook Ads Hierarchy.ts
9-Orientation Practice.ts
10-Level 1- Campaign.ts
11-level 2- Ad Set.mp4
12-Level 3- Ad.ts
13-It's All About The Funnel.ts
14-Defining Your Goals- The Reverse Method.ts
15-The GAAA Principle.ts
16-Calculating Ideal Costs.ts
17-Technical Implementations.ts
18-Introduction to Targeting.mp4
19-Option 1- Custom Audiences.ts
20-Option 2- Lookalike Audiences.ts
21-Option 3- Saved Audiences.ts
22-Defining Your Target Audiences.ts
23-Detailing Your Funnel.ts
24-Budget Planning.ts
25-The Secret To A Successful Copy.ts
26-Facebook Ad Design Principles.ts
27-Design Tools.ts
28-Designing The Ad.ts
29-Video Ads.ts
30-Level 1 - Campaign.ts
31-Level 2 - Ad Set.ts
32-Level 3 - Ad.ts
34-Appealing to Facebook.ts
35-Observing the Results - Setting Expectations.ts
36-The Importance of Documenting.ts
37-Tools Recommendations & Documentation Structure.ts
38-Observing The Right Metrics.ts
39-Personalizing Your Presets.ts
40-Optimizing Your Ads With Facebook Breakdowns.ts
41-Advanced Optimization With Delivery Insights.ts
42-Creative Reporting.ts
43-Using Campaign Tags and Filters.ts
44-Finding The Leaking Bucket.ts
45-Reach Problems.ts
46-SOS - Performance Dropping.ts
47-Launching A_B tests.ts
48-Scaling Your Facebook Ads Efforts.ts
49-Expanding Your Funnel.ts
50-Don't Stop.ts
Detailing Your Funnel.docx
Facebook Advertising Policies.pdf
Facebook Campaign and Ad Set Naming Template.pdf
More Courses!.txt
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Mojca Zove is a renowned Facebook Ads professional, known for her expertise in launching successful and profitable Facebook Advertising campaigns. With years of experience and a proven track record of helping businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue through Facebook Ads, Mojca has now launched a comprehensive course called The Science of Facebook Ads.

This course provides complete access to the strategies and tactics that Mojca has developed over the years, allowing students to learn how to consistently generate leads and sales with Facebook Ads. The course includes over 40 video lessons, 6+ hours of content, and multiple worksheets and templates to help students implement the strategies effectively.

One of the key benefits of The Science of Facebook Ads is the access to a community of students going through the course, as well as access to Mojca herself. This means that students can ask questions, get feedback, and receive guidance throughout the course, ensuring that they never get stuck and always know what to do next.

The course covers everything from defining target audiences, setting goals, budget allocation, ad design, and campaign optimization. It also includes advanced strategies for using Facebook Ads features to your advantage, as well as tips for troubleshooting and overcoming common obstacles that may arise during a campaign.

One of the unique aspects of The Science of Facebook Ads is the focus on what to do if a campaign doesn’t go according to plan. While many courses and tutorials focus on the implementation of Facebook Ads, few address the challenges that may arise during and after a campaign. With Mojca’s course, students can rest assured that they will have the support and guidance they need to overcome any obstacles and achieve success with their Facebook Advertising campaigns.

In addition to the course content, students also have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A sessions with Mojca, further enhancing their learning experience and ensuring that they have all the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed with Facebook Ads.

The Science of Facebook Ads is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating Mojca’s confidence in the value of the course and her commitment to helping students achieve their goals. If students follow the process outlined in the course and do not see results, Mojca will work with them personally to identify the missing piece of the puzzle and provide a full refund if necessary.

Overall, The Science of Facebook Ads is a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone looking to harness the power of Facebook Advertising to grow their business. With Mojca’s expertise and guidance, students can learn how to launch profitable campaigns, optimize their ads for maximum impact, and overcome any challenges that may arise along the way. If you’re looking to take your Facebook Advertising to the next level, The Science of Facebook Ads is the course for you.


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