Monica – Triple Dip Funnel

Monica – Triple Dip Funnel

in on 02/08/2021
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Monica – Triple Dip Funnel
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Monica - Triple Dip Funnel (1.33 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Monica - Triple Dip Funnel
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1-The Strategy Behind the Triple Dip Funnel.mp4
2-Go On a Tour of Leadpages.ts
3-Start from Scratch, Duplicate, or Use a Template-s.ts
4-How to Use the Leadpages Drag and Drop Builder.ts
5-How to Build the Triple Dip Funnelu2122 Sales Page.mp4
6-How to Create a Leadbox to Capture Opt-ins.ts
7-Linking SendOwl Checkout to Leadpages.ts
8-Leadpage Settings You Can't Forget.ts
9-Preview Mode and Testing Mobile Responsiveness.ts
10-How to Publish a Leadpage.ts
11-How to Mask Your Leadpage to Your Domain in WordPress.ts
12-How to Create a Tripwire Page Super Fast.mp4
13-Redirect Tripwire Countdown Link.ts
14-Go On a Tour of SendOwl.ts
15-Setup Your SendOwl Account Settings.ts
16-How to Create a Product in SendOwl.ts
17-How to Create an Order Bump in SendOwl.ts
18-How to Create a Coupon Code in SendOwl.ts
19-Go On a Tour of ConvertKit.ts
20-How to Create a ConvertKit Opt-in Form for Your Freebie.mp4
21-How to Create a ConvertKit Tag for Purchasers.ts
22-How to Create a ConvertKit Opt-in and Purchase Email Sequence.ts
23-How to Use Conditional Tags and Exclusions in ConvertKit.ts
24-Leveraging Link Triggers in ConvertKit.ts
25-How to Set Up a Proof Purchase Campaign.ts
26-Examples of Finished Triple Dip Funnels.ts
27-Create Beautiful Landing Pages with the WordPress Elementor Page Builder.mp4
28-Create Beautiful Landing Pages with the WordPress Elementor Page Builder.ts
29-Digital Delivery with the Course Platform Thinkific.ts
Copia de SHARED Triple Dip Funnel Tracking Spreadsheet_.xlsx
How_to_Build_the_Triple_Dip_Funnel_Sales_Page_Transcript. (1).pdf
How_to_Create_a_Tripwire_Page_Super_Fast_Transcript (1).pdf
How_to_Create_an_Order_Bump_in_SendOwl_Transcript.docx (1).pdf
Upgrade Your Account (2).txt
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Monica – Triple Dip Funnel – Everything You Need to Know

Monica is a popular marketing strategist known for her innovative approach to growing businesses online. One of her most successful tactics is the Triple Dip Funnel, a strategy that has helped countless entrepreneurs skyrocket their sales and increase their customer base.

The Triple Dip Funnel is a three-step process that involves creating multiple touchpoints with potential customers to drive them towards a final purchase. This approach is effective because it allows businesses to engage with their audience at different stages of the buying journey, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

The first step of the Triple Dip Funnel is to attract potential customers through various marketing channels. This can include social media advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and more. The goal is to create awareness and generate interest in the product or service being offered. Monica emphasizes the importance of targeting the right audience with these marketing efforts to ensure that they are reaching people who are likely to be interested in what is being sold.

Once potential customers have been attracted to the business, the next step is to engage with them through valuable content and personalized messaging. This can involve sending targeted emails, offering free resources or webinars, and providing helpful information that addresses the needs and pain points of the audience. By building trust and providing value, businesses can establish a connection with their customers and nurture them towards making a purchase.

The final step of the Triple Dip Funnel is to convert engaged leads into paying customers. This can be done through various tactics such as offering discounts, creating urgency with limited-time offers, and providing exceptional customer service. Monica advises businesses to focus on providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase and likely to return for future transactions.

One of the key benefits of the Triple Dip Funnel is that it allows businesses to track and analyze customer behavior at each stage of the funnel. By monitoring metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value, businesses can gain valuable insights into how their marketing efforts are performing and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies for better results.

In addition to the Triple Dip Funnel, Monica also emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining relationships with customers beyond the initial purchase. This can involve implementing loyalty programs, sending personalized follow-up emails, and providing excellent customer support to ensure that customers feel valued and appreciated.

One success story that highlights the effectiveness of Monica’s Triple Dip Funnel is a small online boutique that was struggling to increase sales and grow its customer base. By implementing Monica’s strategy, the boutique was able to attract new customers through targeted social media advertising, engage with them through personalized email campaigns, and convert them into loyal customers through exceptional customer service and follow-up.

Within just a few months, the boutique saw a significant increase in sales and customer retention rates, resulting in a substantial boost in revenue. The owner credits Monica’s Triple Dip Funnel for transforming their business and setting them on the path to long-term success.

In conclusion, Monica’s Triple Dip Funnel is a powerful marketing strategy that can help businesses attract, engage, and convert customers to drive sales and increase revenue. By creating multiple touchpoints with potential customers and providing value at every stage of the funnel, businesses can build relationships, establish trust, and ultimately drive more conversions. If you’re looking to grow your business online, consider implementing Monica’s Triple Dip Funnel to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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