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in on 11/06/2020
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Nick Peroni - One Product Profits (21.36 GB)

Last Updated Date: 11-06-2020

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Nick Peroni - One Product Profits
01-One Product Profits
02-Bonus Million Views Videos
03-Bonus Google Ads Masterclass
04-Bonus - Troubleshooting Ad Campaigns
05-Previous Live Q&A Sessions
01-One Product Profits
01-Welcome - Start Here
02-Mindset of A One Product Brand
03-Proven Product Selection
04-Create Your One Product Brand
05-Product Descriptions That Sell
06-Creating Your Ads
07-Pre-Launch Store Setup
08-Facebook Ads Overview
09-Facebook Ads Testing
10-Conversion Funnel
11-Fulfilling Orders
12-CBO Jump Method
13-CBO Campaigns
14-Custom Audiences and Retargeting
15-Keeping Track Of Numbers
16-Customer Service
17-Saying Thank You
18-Backup Account Protocol
19-$100K Month Overview
20-Scaling With Lookalikes
21-Getting To $10K+ A Day
22-Scaling With CBO
23-Adding Upsells
24-Scaling - CBO Stack Campaigns
25-Scaling - CBO Target and Cost Cap
26-Branding and Custom Packaging
27-Scaling To $20K+ A Day
28-Scaling to $1M (And $700K+ In A Month)
02-Bonus Million Views Videos
01-Million Views Video Ads.mp4
03-Bonus Google Ads Masterclass
01-Google Analytics and Ads Setup
02-Google Ads Campaigns
04-Bonus - Troubleshooting Ad Campaigns
01-Troubleshooting Ad Campaigns.mp4
05-Previous Live Q&A Sessions
02-Q&A from 9-14-20
03-Q&A from 9-14-20
04-Q&A from 9-25-20
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