Parker Walbeck – Course Creator Pro

Parker Walbeck – Course Creator Pro

in on 10/18/2020
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Parker Walbeck – Course Creator Pro
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Parker Walbeck - Course Creator Pro (21.85 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Parker Walbeck - Course Creator Pro
03-THE R&D
01-intro_ read first! _ course creator pro.pdf
02-How to Join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Course Creator Pro.mp4
02-how to join the private facebook group _ course creator pro.pdf
03-The 7-Figure Sales Funnel (OVERVIEW).mp4
04-The 7-Figure Course Creation CHECKLIST!.png
04-the 7-figure course creation checklist! _ course creator pro.pdf
01-ALL Gear-Software Recommendations (Links To Buy).pdf
02-WEBINARJAM + EVERWEBINAR Free Trial Links.pdf
03-Full Time Filmmaker Discount (50% OFF).pdf
04-Adobe CC Suite Discount (60% OFF).mp4
05-BECOME A CCP AFFILIATE! (Make $200 per sale).pdf
03-THE R&D
01-1.1 - My 5 Keys to Success.mp4
02-1.2 - Market Research 101.mp4
03-1.2.1 - Market Research 102.mp4
04-1.3 - Structure- Outline Your Curriculum.mp4
05-1.4 - Scripting Your Lessons.mp4
06-1.5 - Branding 101.mp4
07-1.6 - How to Create a Logo INTRO VIDEO.mp4
08-1.7 - What Camera Gear to BUY to Film Content.mp4
08-1.7 - What Camera Gear to BUY to Film Content.pdf
09-1.8 - 10 Tips for SHOOTING Tutorials.mp4
10-1.9 - How to Film a Tutorial with UNDER $1,000.mp4
11-1.10 - How to Edit a Tutorial.mp4
12-1.11 - How to SCREEN RECORD (Screenflow & OBS).mp4
13-1.12 - 10 Tips for EDITING Tutorials.mp4
14-1.13 - CREATE + ANIMATE Graphics.mp4
14-CCP Illustrator
15-1.14 - How to Build a Strong COMMUNITY.mp4
16-1.15 - How to Land PARTNERSHIPS for DISCOUNTS.mp4
17-1.16 - 7 Ideas for BONUSES to Include.mp4
18-1.17 - 10 Tips On Talking to a Camera.mp4
01-2.1 - Setting Up an LLC and BANK ACCOUNT.mp4
02-2.2 - Setting Up DOMAIN & CUSTOM EMAIL.mp4
03-2.3 - Set Up EMAIL LIST (Mailchimp Setup).mp4
04-2.4 - Build Opt-In Page Using Squarespace ($12-month).mp4
05-2.4..1 - Build Opt-In Page Using Mailchimp (FREE OPTION).mp4
06-2.5 - Where to Host Course- Teachable vs. Thinkific.mp4
06-2.5 - Where to Host Course Teachable vs. Thinkific.pdf
07-2.6 - TEACHABLE - Signup + Course Branding + Uploading Content.mp4
07-2.6 - TEACHABLE Signup + Course Branding + Uploading Content.pdf
08-2.7 - TEACHABLE - Setup Custom Course URL.mp4
08-2.7 - teachable _ setup custom course url _ course creator pro.pdf
09-2.8 - TEACHABLE - Setup Sales, Checkout, and Thank you pages..mp4
10-2.9 - Set Up ZAPIER + Connect Teachable to MAILCHIMP.mp4
11-2.10 - Setting Up SOCIAL MEDIA.mp4
11-Youtube Banner template (ILLUSTRATOR).ai
11-Youtube Banner template PNG-01.png
12-2.11 - Set Up Affiliate Marketing (AMAZON +
13-2.12 - How We Built Our Squarespace Website (Part 1).mp4
13-COUNTDOWN code block.rtf
13-Smart 3D package box COURSE CREATOR PRO.psd
14-2.13 - How We Built Our Squarespace Website (Part 2).mp4
01-3.1 - The 9 Mental Triggers.mp4
02-3.2 - What Should I PRICE My Course-.mp4
03-CCP - Course Price Calculator .xlsx
04-3.3 - My Top 10 Pricing Strategies.mp4
05-3.4 - How I Made $250,000 On BLACK FRIDAY Week.mp4
06-3.5 - WHEN to Launch your Course.mp4
07-3.6 - The Pre Pre Launch - 7 Ways to Build An Email List.mp4
08-3.7 - The Pre Launch - Successful Email Marketing Tips.mp4
08-3.7 - the pre launch - successful email marketing tips _ course creator pro.pdf
09-3.8 - How to Write, Set Up, & Send Emails (Mailchimp).mp4
10-3.9 - 9 Reasons Why I Use Webinars.mp4
11-DISCLAIMER(everwebinar + webinarjam) _ course creator pro.pdf
12-3.10 - My Webinar BLUEPRINT - Part 1 - Title, Content, Structure.mp4
12-CCP Webinar Template.pptx
12-Course Creator Pro LIVE Launch Webinar Replay.mp4
12-FTF WEBINAR MAY 2018 on Vimeo.mp4
12-FTF Webinar Script For CCP.docx
12-My $100K Webinar BluePrint.docx
12-opy of FTF WEBINAR FOR CCP.pptx
13-3.11 - My Webinar BLUEPRINT - Part 2 - Setting Up LIVE Webinars (Webinarjam).mp4
14-10 Secrets to 7 Figures Selling Online Courses on Vimeo.mp4
14-2019 CCP+FTF WEBINARS.pdf
15-3.12 - The LAUNCH! (LIVE Webinar Presentation Tips).mp4
16-3.13 - The Post Launch (Follow Up & Close the Launch).mp4
17-3.14 - Live vs. Automated Webinars.mp4
17-3.14 - live vs. automated webinars _ course creator pro.pdf
18-3.15 - AUTOMATED WEBINARS Part 1 - Setting Up An Automated Webinar (EverWebinar + Vimeo).mp4
19-3.16 - AUTOMATED WEBINARS Part 2 - Analyzing Data.mp4
20-3.17 - Setting Up Wistia (EverWebinar Alternative).mp4
21-case study - urgency (statistics for launching our mini course) _ course creator pro.pdf
22-case study - red vs green buttons_ (call to action a_b testing) _ course creator pro.pdf
23-case study - i spent $30k on a marketing agency_ here's what i learned _ course creator pro.pdf
24-3D Box Template.psd
24-3D Product Mockup walkthrough.mp4
24-3d product mockup walkthrough _ course creator pro.pdf
01-4.1 - Facebook Ads 101- When Should You Start & How Do They Work-.mp4
02-4.2 - How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Account.mp4
03-4.3 - Ad Creative- The Headline.mp4
04-4.4 - Ad Creative- Writing Ad Copy (9 Tips).mp4
05-4.5 - Ad Creative- My Video Script Template.mp4
05-FTF Ads for
06-4.6 - Setting Up Your Pixel in EverWebinar.mp4
07-4.7 - Setting up your Pixel in Teachable.mp4
08-4.8 - Setting Up Your Pixel In Wistia.mp4
09-4.8 - Set Up A Facebook Ad Part 2 - Budget & Audience Targeting.mp4
10-4.9 - Set Up A Facebook Ad Part 3 - Creative- Headlines, Copy, Video.mp4
11-4.10 - Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting - Creating Custom & Look-a-Like Audience from Email List.mp4
12-4.11 - Analyzing Data - Day 6.mp4
13-4.12 - Analyzing Data - Day 8.mp4
14-4.13 - Scaling - Day 11 - Custom Audience from Webinar Sign Ups Email List.mp4
15-4.14 - Scaling - Day 14 - Custom Audience Using 95% Viewed Content.mp4
16-4.15 - Scaling - Day 14 - International Expansion.mp4
17-4.16 - Scaling - Week 3 - Doubling Budget (Don't Do This).mp4
18-4.17 - Descaling - How I Wasted $1000!.mp4
19-4.18 - Retargeting Ad Setup.mp4
20-4.19 - How to Overcome Your FB Ad Plateau.mp4
02-5.11 - Intro & Creating a Google Ads Account.mp4
03-5.12 - Dashboard Walkthrough & Overview.mp4
04-5.13 - Ad Creation Walkthrough - PART 1 - Goals, Types, and Locations of Ads.mp4
05-5.14 - Ad Creation Walkthrough PART 2.mp4
06-5.15 - Part 1 Conclusion.mp4
07-5.20 - PART 2 - INTRO TO TARGETING.mp4
08-5.21 - Audiences - Intro.mp4
09-5.22 - Audiences - Creating a YouTube Audience (PART 1).mp4
10-5.22 - Audiences - Creating a YouTube Audience (PART 2).mp4
11-5.29 - Audiences - AND-OR Targeting Stacking - Narrowing Your Audience.mp4
12-5.21 - INTRO TO TOPICS.mp4
13-5.22 - Topics - Walkthrough.mp4
15-5.32 - Creating a GTM Account.mp4
16-5.33 - Creating Tracking on Your First Ad - The BIG Walkthrough.mp4
17-5.34 - Setting Up a Purchase Tag & Conversion.mp4
18-5.35 - Creating a Remarketing Tag.mp4
01-6.1 - Quantification - The #1 Key To Scaling!.mp4
02-6.2 - Weekly Reporting Template.mp4
03-Weekly Report Example for FTF.docx
04-6.3 - Time Management - 10 Tips to 10x Productivity (Part 1).mp4
05-6.4 - Time Management - 10 Tips to 10x Productivity (Part 2).mp4
06-6.5 - Organic Traffic- How to Build a Youtube Channel (Part 1).mp4
07-6.6 - Organic Traffic- How to Build a Youtube Channel (Part 2).mp4
08-6.8 - How to build a COMMUNITY (facebook private group set up).mp4
09-6.9 - Affiliate Marketing 101.mp4
10-refund rate insights _ course creator pro.pdf
11-ROI CALCULATOR 2019.xlsx
01-Job Shadow - How I Shoot Tutorials (My Setup).mp4
02-Job Shadow - Tips for Editing Tutorials.mp4
03-Job Shadow - Facebook Ad Script Feedback.mp4
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Parker Walbeck is a name that has become synonymous with high-quality videography and filmmaking tutorials. As a self-taught filmmaker, Parker has amassed a large following on YouTube and social media platforms by sharing his knowledge and expertise in creating visually stunning videos. His innovative techniques and creative approach to storytelling have inspired many aspiring filmmakers to pursue their passion and hone their craft.

Recognizing the demand for comprehensive training in the field of videography and filmmaking, Parker Walbeck recently launched his online course, Course Creator Pro. This course is designed to provide aspiring filmmakers with the tools, techniques, and knowledge they need to create professional-level videos and grow their own successful video production business.

One of the key features of Course Creator Pro is its focus on practical, hands-on learning. Parker emphasizes the importance of not just learning theory, but actually applying that knowledge in real-world settings. The course includes a series of step-by-step tutorials that cover everything from camera settings and composition to lighting and color grading. Students are encouraged to follow along and practice what they learn, allowing them to build their skills and confidence as they progress through the course.

Another unique aspect of Course Creator Pro is its emphasis on storytelling and creativity. Parker believes that telling a compelling story is the foundation of any successful video production, and he encourages students to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their creativity. The course includes lessons on scriptwriting, storyboarding, and editing, as well as tips on how to capture emotion and create a visual narrative that resonates with viewers.

In addition to technical skills and creative techniques, Course Creator Pro also covers the business side of videography. Parker shares his insights on how to market yourself as a filmmaker, attract clients, and price your services competitively. He also offers guidance on how to build a strong brand identity and create a sustainable business model that will allow students to thrive in the competitive world of video production.

One of the biggest advantages of Course Creator Pro is its accessibility. The course is designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, making it suitable for filmmakers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out and looking to learn the basics, or you’re a seasoned pro looking to take your skills to the next level, Course Creator Pro has something to offer everyone.

Students who enroll in Course Creator Pro also gain access to a supportive online community of like-minded individuals. Parker and his team are actively involved in the course, providing personalized feedback and support to help students overcome challenges and achieve their goals. The sense of camaraderie and support within the Course Creator Pro community is invaluable, as students can learn from each other, share their experiences, and collaborate on projects together.

Overall, Course Creator Pro is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for anyone looking to take their videography and filmmaking skills to the next level. Parker Walbeck’s passion for storytelling, his technical expertise, and his dedication to helping others succeed make this course a must-have for aspiring filmmakers. Whether you’re looking to launch a career in video production, create stunning videos for your personal projects, or simply expand your creative horizons, Course Creator Pro has everything you need to succeed.


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