Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy

Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy

in on 08/18/2020
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Paul Murphy – Affiliate Tube Success Academy
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Paul Murphy - Affiliate Tube Success Academy (8.35 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Paul Murphy - Affiliate Tube Success Academy
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
Module 10
Module 1
1.Welcome To ATS Academy.mp4
2.Welcome _ How To Find Your Upgrades.mp4
3.Module One Overview.mp4
4.High Conversions With The Power Of three.mp4
4.Live Ranking Case Syudy.mp4
4.The Best Free Targeted Traffic.mp4
5.Protecting The Downside.mp4
6.Free Vs Paid Traffic.mp4
Module 2
0.How I Get 50_ Conversion.mp4
1.Introduction To Module Two.mp4
2.How To 100_ Guarantee Your Success.mp4
3.Free Traffic Is Powerful Than Paid.mp4
3.Getting Your Mind Set For Success.mp4
4.How To Manage Your Expectations.mp4
5a.Getting Your Mind Set For Success.mp4
5b.Getting Your Mind Set For Success-Resources.pdf
6a.Goals _ Daily Tasks.mp4
7.Getting Equipped.mp4
8.Lighting Considerations.mp4
9.Outsourcing Your Work.mp4
10.Niche Selection.mp4
11.High Ticket Affiliate Products.mp4
12.The 50_50 Rule.mp4
13.Link Tracking.mp4
14.How To Select A Winning Product.mp4
Module 3
1.Module Three Intro.mp4
2.The Magic High Ranking Traffic Formula.mp4
3a.Setting Up Your Channel.mp4
3b.Setting Up Your Channel.mp4
4.Tube Buddy.mp4
5.Product Keywords.mp4
6a.Keyword Research.mp4
6b.Keyword Research.mp4
7.Answer The Public.mp4
8.Giving Value On YouTube.mp4
9.Your Amazing _Clickable_ Hook.mp4
10.How To Create Stunning Thumbnails.mp4
11a.Give Away My Course To Convert.mp4
11b.EXCLUSIVE Access To Paul Murphy_s 24 Hour Ranking System.mp4
11c.24 hours bonus.mp4
12.Your Image Is Your Advert.mp4
13.How To Create Your Powerhouse.mp4
Module 4
1.Module Four Intro.mp4
2.Types Of Videos.mp4
3.How To Structure Your Trust Videos.mp4
4.Video Structure Graph.mp4
4.Video Structure Graph.png
5.Creating A Playlist.mp4
6.Attractive Character.mp4
7.Uploading Your Videos Part 1.mp4
7.Video Upload Checklist.pdf
8.Uploading Your Videos Part 2.mp4
8.Video Upload Checklist.pdf
9.OFA Challenge - Julie Week Part 3.mp4
9.Uploading Your Videos (Updated) Part 3.mp4
9.Video Upload Checklist.pdf
10.UPDATED Upload Checklist.mp4
10.Video Upload Checklist.pdf
11.Video Tracker.mp4
11.Video Tracker.xlsx
12.How To Monitor What_s Working.mp4
12.Number Crunching spreadsheet.xlsx
Module 5
8.Affiliate Tube Success 10 Part Series_files
1.Module Five Intro.mp4
2a.Templates _ Integrations.mp4
2b.Templates _ Integrations.mp4
3.Types Of Funnels.mp4
4.10 Part Course Funnel Outline.mp4
4.10 Part Course Funnel Outline.png
5.How To Configure The Opt In Page.mp4
6.Setting Up Your Funnel.mp4
7.Your Bridge Page Video.mp4
8.Affiliate Tube Success 10 Part Series.htm
8.Email Sequence.mp4
8.Email Sequence.png
9.Exit Pop.mp4
Module 6
1.Module Six Intro.mp4
2.Money Videos.mp4
3.Channel Review.mp4
3.Channel Review.xlsx
4.YouTube Anylitics.mp4
5.Link Stats _ Data Review.mp4
5.Link Stats _ Data Review SpreadSheet.xlsx
6.Optimising Videos Part 1.mp4
7.Optimising Videos Part 2.mp4
Module 7
1.Module Seven Intro.mp4
2.$0.16 Per Link Click Hack.mp4
4.Facebook Retargeting.mp4
5.Google Partners Remarketing.mp4
Module 8
1.Module Eight Intro.mp4
Module 9
1.Bonus Module Intro.mp4
2a.Lifetime Funnel Builder Package.mp4
2b.How To Create _ Sell Websites To Small Businesses For $500.mp4
3a.Bonus Affiliate Training.mp4
3b.Bonus Affiliate Training.pdf
4a.Script Writing Without Copywriters.mp4
4b.Script Writing Without Copywriters.pdf
5a.This Will Help You Convert Your Offers.mp4
5b.How To Get Free Ads On Google .mp4
6a.The Concept Of Funnels.mp4
6b.30 Day Funnel Building Challenge.pdf
7a.15 Minutes $6000 Facebook Strategy.mp4
7b.15Minute-60k Facebook Ninja Strategy.pdf
8.More Ranking Juice.mp4
Module 10
1a.Intro To The Vault.mp4
1b.Creating Trust Videos (Team Training).pdf
2a.Team 1 - YouTube _ Gmail Account.mp4
2b.Creating Trust Videos (Team Training).pdf
3.Team 2 - Keywords Script _ Layout.mp4
4.Team 3 - Open Loop Thumbnail.mp4
5a.Team 4 - Creating Videos.mp4
5b.7 Day Free Trial of Content Samurai.pdf
6.Team 5 - Tagging _ Uploading.mp4
7a.Day 1 - Google Ranking Challenge.mp4
7b.Day 1 - Channel Set Up.mp4
8a.Day 2 - Video Creation.mp4
8b.Day 2 - Video Creation.png
8c.Day 2- How To Do Affiliate Marketing On The Beach With A Coffee.mp4
9a.Day 3 - Upload _ Rank On Google.mp4
9b.Day 3 Video-Upload-Check-List.pdf
9c.Day 3 Video Upload Checklist.docx
10.How To Tie This All Together.mp4
Get Discount ?

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way for people to make money online. With the rise of social media and video platforms like YouTube, affiliate marketers have found new ways to reach their target audience and promote products. One such marketer who has found great success in this space is Paul Murphy.

Paul Murphy, an internationally renowned speaker, consultant, and rising affiliate promoter, has created Affiliate Tube Success Academy, a comprehensive program that teaches individuals how to make outstanding, unlimited affiliate income on YouTube. This program is not available anywhere else and has received rave reviews from those who have had the opportunity to learn from Paul himself.

During a recent 90-minute call with Paul Murphy, I was blown away by the strategies and techniques he shared. His underground white hat system for getting free ads on Google and YouTube is truly revolutionary. With this system, he has been able to rank number 1, 2, and 3 on Google overnight, without having to pay for advertising. This is a game-changer for affiliate marketers looking to get their products in front of a larger audience without breaking the bank.

In the Affiliate Tube Success Academy, Paul covers a wide range of topics, including how to get 100% free ads on Google and YouTube for any product, no matter how competitive. He also shares his secrets to becoming a top-ten affiliate for major brands and how you can do the same. With his step-by-step training, even newbies with zero tech skills can learn how to implement these strategies and see results quickly.

One of the key benefits of Paul’s system is that it is evergreen, meaning that it is not a one-time hack that will only work for a short period of time. This system will continue to bring in traffic and generate leads for years to come, providing a steady stream of income for those who implement it correctly.

When you sign up for Affiliate Tube Success Academy, you will receive lifetime access to the full plug and play A-Z system for course creation. This includes video tutorials, PDF guides, and checklists to help you get started. You will also get access to Paul’s “My INSTANT Top Ranking System,” which is the secret sauce to getting instant first page rankings on Google.

Additionally, you will receive the Golden Affiliate Keyword Finder and System, as well as training on how to choose and work with the best affiliates that no one else can. This exclusive content is not available anywhere else and will give you a competitive edge in the affiliate marketing space.

As a bonus, you will also get access to the “Affiliate Tube!” Facebook group, where you can connect with other affiliate marketers and receive complimentary coaching from Paul himself. This community of like-minded individuals will support you on your journey to success and provide valuable insights and feedback along the way.

Overall, Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success Academy is a comprehensive program that teaches individuals how to make outstanding, unlimited affiliate income on YouTube. With his underground white hat system for getting free ads on Google and YouTube, Paul has revolutionized the way affiliate marketers promote products online. If you are looking to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level, be sure to check out Affiliate Tube Success Academy today.


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has been added to your cart, get more courses to get BIG DISCOUNT!

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