Peter Chan Jr – Better Ecom

Peter Chan Jr – Better Ecom

in on 09/22/2020
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Peter Chan Jr – Better Ecom
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Peter Chan Jr - Better Ecom (47.44 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Peter Chan Jr - Better Ecom
02-Section 1 - Introduction
03-Section 2 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store
04-Section 3a - Adding Products To Your Store
05-Section 4 - Setting UP Your FB & IG
06-Section 5 - Basic Traffic Methods (IG Influencers & FB Ads)
07-Section 6a - Advance FB Scaling
08-Section 6b - Google Shopping Network
09-Section 6d - Snap Chat Ads
10-Section 6e - YouTube SEO
11-Section 6f - YouTube PPC
12-Section 7a - Upsells & Funnels
13-Section 7b - Email Marketing
14-Section 7c - Google Analytics
15-Section 8 - Outsourcing
16-Section 9 - Putting It All Together (How To Run A 7 Figure Ecom Business)
17-Section 10 - Shopify APPS
01-shopify free trial.mp4
02-The Ultimate 2020-2021 $100k Shopify Cheat Sheet.docx
02.2-PoD Shopify Stores.docx
02.4-FB Ads Scaling Strategies Web Class.docx
02.5-Buyer Psychology & Customer Experience.docx
02.6-Outsourcing Formula.docx
02.7-FB Test Notes.docx
02.8-Video Ads Module - Notes!.docx
02.9-Snap Chat Ads Notes.docx
03-if you did not get access.mp4
02-Section 1 - Introduction
01-Section 1 Video 1 What is ecommerces.mp4
02-Section 1 Video 2 Why Shopify.mP4
03-Section 1 Video 3 What're your learning and why.mP4
04-Section 1 Video 4 Big Picture.mp4
05-Section 1 Video 5 engineering success.mp4
06-Module 1 video 6 ONE thing strategy for getting things done!.mp4
07-Module 2 Video 8 Big Picture.mp4
08-Buyer Psychology & Customer Experience.docx
08-Understanding Buyer Tiers.mp4
09-3 Key Points to help you understand buyer experience.mp4
10-Buyer Experience Run Down.mp4
11-Buyer psychology.mp4
03-Section 2 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store
01-Module 3 Video 1 Full Step by step Shopify Set up Tour.mp4
02-Section 2 Video 1 general vs niche.mp4
03-Section 2 Video 2 Finding Niche.mp4
04-Niche Selection & Store Set Up.mp4
05-Section 2 Video 3 Picking Shopify Plan Part 1.mp4
06-Section 2 Video 4 Picking Shopify Plan Part 2.mp4
07-Section 2 Video 5 Setting Up Shipping.mp4
08-Section 2 Video 6 Domain name.mp4
09-Section 2 Video 7 Essential Pages and Navigations.mp4
10-Section 2 Video 8 Themes.mp4
11-Section 2 Video 9 Virtual Post Mail.mp4
12-module 3 video 18 how to refund customers.mp4
04-Section 3a - Adding Products To Your Store
01-Section 3 Video 1 POD vs dropshipping basics.mp4
02-Module 3 - POD Super Class (A-Z Full Run Through) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
03-module 3 video 7 custom cat.mp4
04-module 3 video 5 pillow profits.mp4
05-Module 3 video 3 Sell Custom Jewerly with Shine on.mp4
06-module 3 video 4 Viral Style Run Through.mp4
07-module 3 video 6 wc fullfillment.mp4
08-Module 3 video 8 teelaunch.mp4
09-module 3 video 5 pillow profits.mp4
10-Power Ad Spy - how to spy on your competitors facebook ads from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
11-Section 3 Video 2 How to research POD ideas part 1.mp4
12-Section 3 Video 3 POD Resesarch part 2.mp4
12-Section 3 Video 4 Outsourcing Designs part 1.mp4
14-Section 3 Video 5 Outsourcing Designs part 2.mp4
15-Section 3 Video 6 Reverse Engineer Stores.mp4
16-Section 3 Video 7 how to find dropshipping products.mp4
17-Finding Dropshipping Products.mp4
18-Section 3 Video 8 how to add dropshipping products.mp4
19-Section 3 Video 9 how to fullfill dropshipping order.mp4
20-Section 3 Video 10 how to add and fullfill products using the dropfied.mp4
21-Section 3 Video 11 how to use dropified for adding app.mp4
22-Section 3 Video 12 how to creat product through VS app.mp4
23-Section 3 Video 13 how to create a collection.mp4
24-Increase Your Conversion Rates.mp4
25-Custom Jewelry.mp4
26-POD Audit #1 from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
27-POD Store Audits (mastermind recording) Part #2 from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
05-Section 4 - Setting UP Your FB & IG
01-Module 6 Video 1 how to build fan page and grow IG.mp4
02-Module 8 Video 1 Navigating through FB Business Manager.mp4
03-Module 8 - How to set up FB Pixel from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
04-Section 4 Video 4 how to set up your instagram.mp4
06-Section 5 - Basic Traffic Methods (IG Influencers & FB Ads)
01-Section 5 Video 1 influencers.mp4
02-IG Influencer Training.mp4
03-Section 5 Video 2 GTR IG Story Influencer case study.mp4
04-IG growth strategy from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
05-Section 5 Video 3 free traffic methods.mp4
06-Module 8 - fb ads A-Z from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
07-Module 8 - How FB Ads Auction from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
08-Section 5 Video 5 understanding fb pixel.mp4
09-Section 5 Video 6 understanding fb ad structure.mp4
10-Section 5 Video 7 understanding fb ad types part 1.mp4
11-Section 5 Video 8 understanding fb ads part 2.mp4
12-Section 5 Video 9 Understanding FB targeting part 1.mp4
13-Section 5 Video 10 Understanding FB interests part 2.mp4
14-Section 5 Video 11 How to use audience insights.mp4
15-Section 5 Video 12 how to create fb ad part 1.mp4
16-Section 5 Video 13 how to launch ads through power editor part 2.mp4
17-Section 5 Video 14 Targeting WorldWide Audiences.mp4
18-Product Launch Strategy.xlsx
18-Product Testing Strategy.mp4
19-Feb 10th Facebook Target Practice Class.mp4
20-Feb 17th FB Ads Targeting & Scaling Practice Tutorial.mp4
07-Section 6a - Advance FB Scaling
01-Module 8 Understanding Your Testing Budget.mp4
02-FB Test Notes.docx
02-Module 8 - Understanding 3 Types of FB CBO Test Traffic from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
03-Module 8 - In the Trenches Setting up Testing CBO Traffic from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
04-Facebook Ads Scaling Master Class 2020 (mastermind recording) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
05-Section 6 Video 1 Custom Audiences.mp4
06-Section 6 Video 2 how to create ad with custom audience.mp4
07-Module 7 - Video Ads Introduction! from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
08-Section 6 Video 3 how to do a video ad.mp4
09-Module 7 - Core Aspect to Video ads guidelines from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
10-Video Ads Secrets 2020 (mastermind recording) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
11-Section 6 Video 4 Slide Show Ad.mp4
12-Section 6 Video 5 How to make look a like audiences.mp4
13-Section 6 Video 6 how to use audience overlap and save audiences.mp4
14-Module 8 - Setting Up FB Reports from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
15-Section 6 Video 8 brief overview of shopify reports.mp4
16-Section 6 Video 9 Overview FB analytics.mp4
17-Section 6 Video 10 When you should scale.mp4
18-Section 6 Video 11 intro to scaling up and out.mp4
19-Section 6 Video 12 Scaling Ad pacing.mp4
20-Section 6 Video 13 scaling up and manual bidding.mp4
21-Section 6 Video 14 Target Cost And Lowest Cost Error.mp4
22-Section 6 Video 15 Scaling Out And Split testing.mp4
23-Section 6 Video 16 What are custom conversions.mp4
24-Section 6 Video 17 how to create custom conversion.mp4
25-Advance FB Ads Scaling.mp4
08-Section 6b - Google Shopping Network
01-gsn video 1 how to set up gmail com.mp4
02-gsn video 2 how to create a google adwords account.mp4
03-gsn video 3 creating your merchant center account.mp4
04-gsn video 4 how to verify your webstie url in merchant center.mp4
05-gsn video 5 setting up your google merchant account.mp4
06-gsn video 6 connecting google shopping app to store part 1.mp4
07-gsn video 7 connecting google shopping app to store part 2.mp4
08-GSN video 8 quick google ad words run down.mp4
09-GSN video 9 Installing your Google Adwords Conversion Pixel.mp4
10-GSN Video 10 Using Chrome Extension Tag Assistant.mp4
11-gsn video 11 Product Research with trends and keyword planner.mp4
12-GSN video 12 in depth product research.mp4
13-GSN video 13 how to target keywords with gsn.mp4
14-GSN Video 14 Example of how to do product desctiptions.mp4
15-GSN Video 15 Syncing your products to your merchant account.mp4
16-GSN Video 16 Advance GSN Strategy.mp4
17-GSN Video 17 How To Set Up Your GSN Ad.mp4
18-GSN Video 18 How to target specific product or product type - YouTube.mp4
19-GSN video 19 how to remove no profitable products.mp4
20-GSN Video 20 how to remove negative keywords.mp4
21-GSN video 21 how to scale with GSN.mp4
22-GSN video 22 Using DataFeedWatch App.mp4
09-Section 6d - Snap Chat Ads
01-1 snap chat video 1 introduction to snap chat ads.mp4
02-2 applying for snap chat pixel.mp4
03-3 how to install snap chat pixel into your store.mp4
04-Snap Chat Pixel.mp4
05-4 how to create email audiences and look a like audiences in snap chat.mp4
06-5 how to set up snap chat ads.mp4
07- how to set up column reports in snap chat.mp4
08-Snap Chat Ads Notes.docx
08-Snap Chat Ads Secrets 2020 (mastermind recording) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
10-Section 6e - YouTube SEO
01-introduction to youtube seo.mp4
02-youtube seo examples of how people are doing this.mp4
03-youtube seo keyword research ideas.mp4
04- how to cop youtube video.mp4
05-how to upload your youtube video.mp4
06-how to upload thumbnail.mp4
07-youtube seo recap and strategy.mp4
08-YouTube SEO.mp4
11-Section 6f - YouTube PPC
01-YouTube Paid Ads.mp4
12-Section 7a - Upsells & Funnels
01-Up Sells.mp4
02-Zipify Pages.mp4
03-Jack Paxton POD Scaling.mp4
04-Module 12 Video 1 - Many Chat Run Sequence Secrets ($041 cents per lead!) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
05-How to Make $100k during a holiday rush (mothers day as an example) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
13-Section 7b - Email Marketing
01-Email Marketing Video #1 - Installing Klaviyo.pdf
01-Peter Video Installing Klaviyo - YouTube.mp4
02-Peter Video Wheelio Set Up.mp4
03- Peter Video Wheelio Advanced.mp4
04-Peter Video Abandoned Cart Series.mp4
05- Peter Video Browse Abandonment.mp4
06-Peter Video Browse Abandonment Pixel and Add to Cart Trigger.mp4
07-Peter Video Welcome Series.mp4
08-Peter Video The Shipping Confirmation.mp4
09-Peter Video The Customer WinBack Series.mp4
10-Email Marketing.mp4
14-Section 7c - Google Analytics
01-Google Analytics.mp4
15-Section 8 - Outsourcing
01-Outsourcing Formula.docx
01-Ultimate Outsourcing Formula 2020 (mastermind recording) from peter chan jr on Vimeo.mp4
02-Section 8 Video 1 How your team will look like.mp4
03-Section 8 Video 2 how to wire helpscout to gmail.mp4
04-Section 8 Video 3 help scout part 1.mp4
05-Section 8 Video 4 help scout part 2.mp4
06-Section 8 Video 5 how to add va to shopify and fb bm.mp4
07-Section 8 Video 6 how to hire va on upwork.mp4
08-Section 8 Video 7 add sub users on dropified.mp4
09-Section 8 Video 8 how to reengage fan pages.mp4
10-Section 8 Video 9 Communication between vendor and va.mp4
11-Section 8 Video 10 how to use trello.mp4
12-Trello Outsource.mp4
16-Section 9 - Putting It All Together (How To Run A 7 Figure Ecom Business)
01-Section 9 Video 1 Putting it all together intro.mp4
02-Section 9 Video 2 Ecom shield system.mp4
03-Section 9 Video 3 systems and batches.mp4
04-Section 9 Video 4 Work Habits.mp4
05-Section 9 Video 5 Cleaning up the clutter.mp4
06-Section 9 Video 6 how to plan tasks and to do lists.mp4
07-Work Habits & Batch Work.mp4
08-How To Sell Your Store.mp4
09-Section 9 Video 1 Putting it all together intro.mp4
10-Dominating The Holidays.mp4
11-2019 exit plan.mp4
12-Section 9 Video 7 Final Conclusion!.mp4
17-Section 10 - Shopify APPS
01-Section 10 Video 1 abandonment protector plus.mp4
02-Section 10 Video 2 Best Currency Converter.mp4
03-Section 10 Video 3 Flexify and product catalogues.mp4
04-Section 10 Video 4 Lucky Orange.mp4
05-Section 10 Video 5 Order Limites Minmaxify.mp4
06-Section 10 Video 6 Order lookup.mp4
07-Section 10 Video 7 RetargetApp.mp4
08-Section 10 Video 8 Panda Langauge Translate.mp4
09-Section 10 Video 9 Hurrify.mp4
10-Section 10 Video 10 Loox photo review.mp4
11--Section 10 Video 11 Other Apps.mp4
01- high ticket basics.mp4
02- how to find high ticket drop ship friendly products.mp4
03- how to find competition and supplier aka brands.mp4
04 - how to see monthly searches for products.mp4
05- business information.mp4
06-communicating with suppliers.mp4
07- Fullfilling High Ticket Items.mp4
08- fraud protection part 1.mp4
09-Fraud Protection part 2.mp4
10-paypal seller protection.mp4
11- fraud insurance apps.mp4
12- how to deal with charge backs.mp4
01-why bing ads.mp4
02-validating your store via bing web master.mp4
03-how to set up bing product feed app.mp4
04-getting bing catalogues into bing ads account.mp4
05-how to set up your first bing ads.mp4
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Peter Chan Jr. is a rising star in the world of e-commerce. With his innovative strategies and dedication to excellence, he is quickly making a name for himself as a leader in the industry. In this article, we will explore how Peter Chan Jr. is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape and providing his clients with Better Ecom solutions.

Peter Chan Jr. got his start in e-commerce at a young age. From the moment he launched his first online store, he knew he had found his calling. His passion for entrepreneurship and his drive to succeed set him apart from his peers, and he quickly began to see success in the industry.

One of the key factors that sets Peter Chan Jr. apart from other e-commerce professionals is his focus on innovation. He is constantly exploring new technologies and strategies to stay ahead of the curve and provide his clients with the best possible results. By staying on top of industry trends and always being open to trying new things, Peter Chan Jr. has been able to achieve remarkable success in a relatively short amount of time.

Another area where Peter Chan Jr. excels is in his dedication to excellence. He understands that in the world of e-commerce, attention to detail is key. By taking the time to carefully curate his online stores and optimize every aspect of the customer experience, he is able to create a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

One of the ways Peter Chan Jr. achieves this level of excellence is through his commitment to customer service. He knows that in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, it is more important than ever to provide exceptional customer service. By providing personalized support and assistance to every customer that comes through his virtual doors, Peter Chan Jr. is able to foster lasting relationships that lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

In addition to his focus on innovation and excellence, Peter Chan Jr. also recognizes the importance of staying adaptable in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. He understands that what works today may not work tomorrow, and he is always looking for ways to evolve and improve his strategies. By staying nimble and adaptable, Peter Chan Jr. is able to stay ahead of the competition and continue growing his business in a rapidly changing industry.

One of the key ways that Peter Chan Jr. is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape is through his use of data-driven strategies. He understands the power of analytics and is constantly analyzing customer data to gain valuable insights into shopper behavior. By leveraging this data, he is able to make informed decisions about everything from product selection to marketing tactics, leading to better results for his clients.

Peter Chan Jr. is also a firm believer in the power of collaboration. He knows that no one person has all the answers, and by working with a team of talented individuals, he is able to achieve even greater success. By surrounding himself with experts in various areas of e-commerce, Peter Chan Jr. is able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps him stay at the top of his game.

In conclusion, Peter Chan Jr. is a dynamic and innovative leader in the world of e-commerce. By focusing on innovation, excellence, adaptability, data-driven strategies, and collaboration, he is able to provide his clients with Better Ecom solutions that set them apart from the competition. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, Peter Chan Jr. is sure to remain at the forefront of the industry, driving success for his clients and shaping the future of online retail.


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