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Profit Academy FX

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Profit Academy FX
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Profit Academy FX (7.28 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Profit Academy FX
1. Basic Course
2. Advanced Course
1. Basic Course
1. Course Introduction
2. The Tools
3. The Psychology
4. Risk Management
5. The Charts
6. Webinars
2. Advanced Course
1. Turning Point.mp4
2. Psychological Levels.mp4
3. Psychological Levels Part 2.mp4
4. FIB 2.0.mp4
5. FIB Example.mp4
6. Moving Average 2.0.mp4
7. 50 MA.mp4
8. MACD.mp4
9. US30 Fundamental Strategy.mp4
10. Breakout Box.mp4
11. Strategies.mp4
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With such a large market size and constant fluctuations, the potential for profit in the forex market is immense. However, success in forex trading is not guaranteed and requires knowledge, skill, and the right tools. That’s where Profit Academy FX comes in.

At Profit Over Everything academy, we offer a comprehensive trading course designed to equip aspiring traders with all the essential tools and knowledge needed to become successful forex traders. Our course covers a wide range of topics essential for mastering the art of trading in the forex market.

One of the key areas we focus on is psychology. Understanding the psychology behind successful trading and learning how to control your emotions is essential for making informed decisions and avoiding impulsive actions. By mastering the psychological aspect of trading, our students are better equipped to handle the pressures and stresses of trading in a volatile market.

Another crucial aspect of our course is risk management. Effective risk management is the key to long-term success in forex trading. By learning how to properly manage risk, our students can protect their capital and minimize losses, even in unfavourable market conditions. Our course teaches proven risk management strategies that help traders navigate the ups and downs of the market with confidence.

Chart reading is another essential skill that our students learn in our course. Understanding how to read trading charts, interpret candlestick patterns, and analyze market structure is crucial for making informed trading decisions. By mastering chart reading, our students can identify profitable trading opportunities and execute trades with precision.

In addition to our comprehensive trading course, we also offer daily live trading sessions for all our students. These live sessions provide an opportunity for students to continue learning and honing their skills while actively trading in the market. Our experienced traders provide valuable insights, tips, and guidance during these sessions, helping students gain practical experience and confidence in their trading abilities.

As the founder and owner of Profit Over Everything academy, I am dedicated to helping aspiring traders achieve success in the forex market. With over 22 years of experience in trading and entrepreneurship, I have successfully navigated the ups and downs of the market and built multiple successful businesses. Now, I am here to share my knowledge and expertise with you, empowering you to take control of your financial future through forex trading.

The foreign exchange market offers unparalleled opportunities for profit, with its massive daily trading volume and constant fluctuations in exchange rates. By learning the necessary skills, strategies, and tools, you can unlock the potential for wealth creation in the forex market. Profit Academy FX provides you with everything you need to succeed as a forex trader, from in-depth education to practical experience in live trading sessions.

If you are ready to take your trading to the next level and achieve financial independence through forex trading, join Profit Academy FX today. Let us guide you on your journey to becoming a successful forex trader and reaching your financial goals. With our comprehensive trading course and ongoing support, you have the opportunity to transform your life and secure a brighter future through the lucrative world of forex trading.


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