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Rich+Niche - Full Stack Marketing Funnels (58.93 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-12-2022

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Rich+Niche - Full Stack Marketing Funnels
01-The ABC's of Marketing
02-The Basics of Designing Funnels
03-Buildout a WordPress Site
04-Capture Leads with High Converting Lead Magnets
05-Copywriting That Moves Customers
06-How to Develop Low-Friction Landing Pages
07-Collecting Emails & Sending Automated Campaigns
08-Tracking Setup & Analytics
09-Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization
10-5 Sources of Online Traffic
11-Offering Funnels as a Service
12-Updated Course Content
13-Collective Calls
14-Office Hours
01-The ABC's of Marketing
01-Classical Marketing Theory.mp4
03-Internet Branding.mp4
04-Minimally Viable Products.mp4
05-Digital Marketing 101.mp4
06-Workbook Walkthrough.mp4
02-The Basics of Designing Funnels
01-Funnel Design Theory.mp4
02-Funnel Design Process Overview.mp4
03-Project Discovery.mp4
04-Muse Design.mp4
05-Escape & Arrival.mp4
06-User Experience (UX).mp4
07-8-Step Customer Journey.mp4
08-Marketing Funnel System Design.mp4
09-Funnel Visualization.mp4
03-Buildout a WordPress Site
01-Buying Domains.mp4
02-DNS Settings.mp4
03-Web Hosting.mp4
04-Installing Wordpress on Cpanel.mp4
05-Installing a Theme.mp4
06-WordPress Plugins.mp4
07-FULL WordPress Platform Tour.mp4
08-Bonus - Website Revamp Live Class.mkv
04-Capture Leads with High Converting Lead Magnets
01-What is a lead magnet.mp4
02-8 Keys to a Winning Lead Magnet.mp4
03-Escape & Arrival Part 2.mp4
04-Pain Killers vs Vitamins.mp4
05-Before & Afters.mp4
06-Writing Your Lead Magnet Content.mp4
07-Best Friend Draft.docx
07-The Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Quickstart Guide.pdf
07a-Lead Magnet Creation in Canva 1.mp4
07b-Lead Magnet Creation in Canva 2.mp4
08-Lead Magnet Delivery.mp4
05-Copywriting That Moves Customers
01-700 Power Words.pdf
01-Writing for Reptiles.txt
02-Creating a Squeeze Page.mp4
03-How to Write Headlines.mp4
04-Focus on Benefits not Features.mp4
05-The Call-to-Action.mp4
06-How to Develop Low-Friction Landing Pages
01-Setting up a Squeeze Page.mp4
02a-Create a Feature Image & Mockup 1.mp4
02b-Create a Feature Image & Mockup 2.mp4
03-Embed a form on your page to capture emails.pdf
07-Collecting Emails & Sending Automated Campaigns
01-Mailchimp is still the 'go-to'.mp4
02-Email Audience & List Settings.mp4
03-Writing Your First Automated Email.mp4
04-Embedding a Mailchimp Form.mp4
05-Thank You Page Redirection.mp4
06-Testing Your Form.mp4
07-Multi-Email Automation.mp4
08-Tracking Setup & Analytics
01-Google Analytics Dashboard.mp4
02-Gaining Insights from GA.mp4
03-Setting up Goals.mp4
09-Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization
01-First Major Milestone.mp4
02-Funnel Science.mp4
03-Optimize for Optins.mp4
04-Optimize for Email Opens.mp4
05-Optimize for Email Clicks.mp4
06-Optimize for Purchases.mp4
07-CRO Exercise.mp4
10-5 Sources of Online Traffic
01-Organic Search Traffic.mp4
02-Paid Traffic.mp4
03-Social Traffic.mp4
04-Referral Traffic.mp4
05-Direct Traffic.mp4
06-Traffic Strategy.mp4
11-Offering Funnels as a Service
01-Project Management.mp4
02-Kartra vs WordPress.mp4
03-Walkthrough My Kartra Account.mp4
04-Tips for Selling this Service.mp4
12-Updated Course Content
01-Course Update #1.mp4
02-Sales Page SOP.pdf
02-Sales Page Sample.pdf
13-Collective Calls
Academy Recap Call + Mindset Pillar Discussion.mp4
CC01 -
CC03 -
CC3(6)9 - Ikigai & Digital Marketing- Ultimate Lifestyle Design Combo.mp4
CC14 - How to Get 1000 True Fans- Escape & Arrival.mp4
CC15 - Behavior Based Email Segmentation.mp4
CC16 - The COVID Diaries.mp4
CC17 - 2020 Revised Strategy.mp4
CC20 - Offers and RolePlay.mp4
CC21 - MIRO Scattegories.mp4
CC22 - Lead Measures.mp4
CC24 - Roleplay Night #2.mp4
CC26 - Establishing June Goals & Lead Measures.mp4
CC29 - Lead Measures #2.mp4
CC30 - 8 Ultra-Modern Business Concepts for 2020.mp4
CC34 - Mario's World.mp4
CC35 - Systematic Brand Building.mp4
CC55 - 2020 Transformation Stories from the Community.mp4
CC59 - The Medium is the Message.mp4
CC60 - Indicators of USD Hyperinflation.mp4
CC61 - The 7 Skills of Content Marketers.mp4
CC63 - Adworld Seth Godin Interview.mp4
CC65 - Community Quarterly Update.mp4
CC67 - How to become a digital marketer.mp4
CC69 - Tax Strategies for Marketers.mp4
CC77 - Coming up with 3-Tier Proposal and Offers.mp4
CC79 - GoHighLevel & Mexico.mp4
CC80 w Sana Ahmed.mp4
CC81 - Student Success Interview.mp4
CC82 - 4 Digital Marketing Income Streams.mp4
CC83 - Digital Ads w Karter Maki.mp4
CC84 - 2022 Community Kickoff.mp4
CC85 - Funnel Buildout Mini-Workshop.mp4
CC86 - Pipelines - Visualize The Funnel (GHL #3).mp4
Calendars - Scheduled Success (GHL #2).mp4
FSMF Addendum.mp4
Wordpress 4-Page eCom Setup with Jupiter & WooCommerce.mp4
14-Office Hours
12 Point Funnel - A Digital Marketing Crash Course.mp4
Hot Seats - Rich Evaluates 2 R+N Member Websites.mp4
Office Hours (Feb 27).mp4
Office Hours (Mar 1).mp4
Office Hours (Mar 22).mp4
Office Hours - Jan 23, 2020.mp4
Office Hours - Jan 27.mp4
Office Hours Feb 2.mp4
Office Hours Feb 6.mp4
Office Hours Feb 21 (REPLAY).mp4
Office Hours Feb 23 (REPLAY).mp4
Office Hours Jan 30.mp4
Office Hours Mar 5 (REPLAY).mp4
Office Hours Mar 12 (REPLAY).mp4
Office Hours Mar 20.mp4
Office Hours Mar 26.mp4
Office Hours Mar 29 (REPLAY).mp4
SAAS SUNDAY #1 - Market Research in Airtable.mp4
The Power of Offers.mp4
WordPress Revamp Live Class.mkv
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How I Turned Shiny Object Syndrome into a High-Income Skillset.

Rich Ux, CEO of Rich+Niche
I remember when I was struggling as a freelancer…
I barely had any clients. I didn’t have enough money coming in so I was doing door-dash food delivery on the side.

At that time I was trying to offer some video creation services as well as the odd web design which I was only getting about $800 for. Truth be told, I was unsure of what to offer clients that they would actually pay for. I had learned a zillion different marketing techniques and tactics but how was I supposed to get paid well for all of this?

It took me about 5 years to understand what digital marketing really was and what clients actually wanted to pay for. Ultimately, I found that they mostly needed help generating more leads and also converting those leads into customers.

They needed a proper marketing funnel. They needed a way to get strangers to know about them, like them and trust them enough to make a purchase. They also needed a lot more traffic-generating content.
People who fail at digital marketing do so because they often use the wrong tactic at the wrong time.

They don’t know where their customer is in the buyer’s journey so their copywriting or their Facebook Ads fall flat.

Once I learned how to help a client design, build and optimize their marketing funnel I became their greatest asset. I realized that offering this as a service was truly potent in our era.

With a working funnel, it becomes very profitable to create online content and start running digital advertising campaigns.

This is how the “full-stack marketer” came to be.

Are you ready to stack some high-income skills?
12 Powerful Learning Outcomes You’ll Achieve from this program:
Learning Outcome #1
You’ll gain a foundational understanding of how digital marketing works today.
Learning Outcome #2
You’ll learn how to develop a complete online user experience so customers convert with ease.
Learning Outcome #3
You’ll learn high-impact copywriting frameworks that you can deploy on your sales pages.
Learning Outcome #4
You’ll learn both the art and the science of digital marketing and how to build brands online.
Learning Outcome #5
You’ll learn how to build end-to-end marketing campaigns that that you can turn on like a faucet.
Learning Outcome #6
You’ll learn the basics of building websites on WordPress and Webflow and you won’t need to know any “coding”.
Learning Outcome #7
You’ll learn which tools you need to build funnels and create content that don’t cost an arm and a leg.
Learning Outcome #8
You’ll learn the perfect recipe for high-converting lead magnets and how to deploy them on high-converting squeeze pages.
Learning Outcome #9
You’ll learn how to build your email list and take advantage of automation to help you scale your efforts online.
Learning Outcome #10
You’ll learn how to setup Google Analytics and track your traffic and funnel results with ease.
Learning Outcome #11
You’ll learn how to make high-impact funnel optimizations to watch your conversions soar.
Learning Outcome #12
You’ll learn the secrets to creating high-converting Facebook Ads with little-known split-testing methodologies.
If your future is freedom, then high-income skills like Funnel Building, Content Creation and Digital Advertising are critical assets.

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