Steph Smith – Doing Content Right

in on 04/23/2022
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Steph Smith - Doing Content Right (16.57 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-23-2022

Google Drive Proof

Steph Smith - Doing Content Right
02-Live Sessions
03-Review Sessions
05-Bonus Podcast Section
01-PDF Main - Doing Content Right.pdf
02-PDF Compressed - Doing Content Right.pdf
03-MOBI Kindle Reflowable - Doing Content
04-EPUB Reflowable - Doing Content Right.epub
05-EPUB Fixed - Doing Content Right.epub
06-PDF Spread Compressed - Doing Content Right.pdf
07-Exercises PDF - Doing Content Right.pdf
08-Exercises EPUB - Doing Content Right.epub
10-Doing Content Right Bonuses.xlsx
02-Live Sessions
01-Session 1A - Your Personal Monopoly.mp4
02-Session 1B - Your Personal Monopoly.mp4
03-Session 2A - Building Your Home.mp4
04-Session 2B - Building Your Home.mp4
05-Live Session 3 Distribution.pptx
05-Session 3A - Distribution.mp4
06-Session 3B - Distribution.mp4
07-Bonus Questions- Chapters 1-3.mp4
08-Live Session 4 SEO.pptx
08-Session 4A - Search Engine Optimization.mp4
09-Session 4B - Search Engine Optimization.mp4
10-Session 5A - Monetization.mp4
11-Session 5B - Monetization.mp4
12-Session 6A - Extras (Quiz + AMA).mp4
13-Session 6B- Extras (Quiz + AMA).mp4
14-Bonus Questions- Chapters 4-6.mp4
15-Bonus AMA #1.mp4
16-Bonus AMA #2.mp4
17-Bonus AMA #3.mp4
03-Review Sessions
01-DCR Review Session - Week 1A.mp4
02-DCR Review Session - Week 1B.mp4
03-DCR Review Session - Week 2A.mp4
04-DCR Review Session - Week 2B.mp4
05-DCR Review Session - Week 3A.mp4
06-DCR Review Session - Week 3B.mp4
07-Doing Content Right Review Session 1.pptx
08-Doing Content Right Review Session 2.pptx
02-Quiz with Answers.docx
05-Bonus Podcast Section
01-Audio Chapter Part 1 - The Audio Era.mp4
02-Audio Chapter Part 2 - Your Podcast Monopoly.mp4
03-Audio Chapter Part 3 - Land and Expand.mp4
04-Audio Chapter Part 4 - Bonus Questions.mp4
05-Bonus Podcast Session.mp4
06-Bonus Session Podcasting Slides.pptx
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In this course, I share everything I know about creating, writing, and scaling successful blogs and newsletters to millions of readers. You’ll learn:

Why you can still start a successful, evergreen blog in 2022 and onward.
How to identify a niche and stand out in a sea of competition.
How to distribute your content seamlessly across dozens of channels.
How to do SEO right (what I know best and what most people do wrong!), including case studies from both individuals and companies that have struck gold.
What I’ve learned from running successful company blogs for years, reaching millions of readers.
You’ll get access to:

270 pages in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Kindle) format
A community of hundreds of creators
22 actionable exercises
12 video sessions going over the material
A bonus section on podcasting

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