Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – The Infinity Project

Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – The Infinity Project

in on 08/18/2020
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Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – The Infinity Project
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Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth - The Infinity Project (6.89 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

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Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth - The Infinity Project
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
Module 1
Module 1 - FAQs.docx
VIDEO 1 - The Infinity Project An Introduction.mp4
VIDEO 2-Training Overview - More detail on how the system works.mp4
VIDEO 3 - Choosing your niche Already have an online business.ts
VIDEO 4 - Choosing your niche Leveraging current interests and knowledge.mp4
VIDEO 5 - Choosing your niche No business No interests Here is what to do.mp4
VIDEO 6 Done-For-You Niches - The Fast Track.ts
VIDEO 7 - Brainstorming A Winning Product.mp4
VIDEO 8 - Potential Product Positioning.mp4
VIDEO 9 - Summing Up Module 1 - A recap on what we have done.ts
Module 2
01. Overview Module 2.ts
02.Digital product formats. Your options.mp4
3.Examples of best selling products and their formats.mp4
4.Researching proven product formats.mp4
5.Decide on a price point.mp4
6.Decide on the name of product and register your domain name.mp4
7.Product creation method option 1 Using PLR.mp4
8.Product creation method option 2 Creating unique content.mp4
9.DIY or Outsource.ts
10.Outsourcing Tips.ts
11.Summing Up Module 2.ts
Module 2 - FAQs.docx
Module 3
01.Overview & Top-Level Recap Of The Overall Strategy.ts
02.Marketplaces & Networks To Find Affiliate Products.mp4
03.Signing up with ClickBank.mp4
04.Affiliate product criteria.mp4
05.Searching the Clickbank marketplace.mp4
06.Other Affiliate Product considerations.mp4
07.Summing Up Module 3.ts
Module 3 - FAQs.docx
Module 4
01.Funnel Components (What you need).ts
01.Module 4 Overview.ts
02.Using Our Done-for-you Solutions.ts
03.Researching Your Lead Magnet.mp4
04.Building Your Lead Magnet.mp4
05.Creating Your Lead Magnet Graphic.mp4
06.Creating Your Follow Up Emails.mp4
07.Summing Up Module 4.ts
Module 4 - FAQs.docx
Module 5
01.Creating Your Website - The 2 Phases.ts
02.Pages you will need for your affiliate funnel.ts
03.Website or page builder options.ts
04.Hosting and FTP.ts
05.Getting set up with an email marketing service.ts
06.ConvertKit Set Up Demo.mp4
07.Creating your page content.mp4
08.Building your Lead Capture Page.mp4
09.Building your Thank You page.mp4
10.Building your additional pages.mp4
11.Getting your pages online.mp4
12.Summing Up Module 5.ts
Module 5 - FAQs.docx
Module 6
01.Traffic Strategy Overview.ts
02.Content Marketing - Part 1.mp4
03.Content Marketing - Part 2.mp4
04.Content Marketing - Part 3.mp4
05.Free Facebook Traffic.mp4
06.Paid Facebook traffic - Introduction.ts
07.Paid Facebook Traffic - Phase 1.mp4
08.Paid Facebook Traffic - Phase 2.ts
09.Paid Facebook Traffic - Phase 3.s
10.Paid Facebook Traffic - Phase 4.mp4
11.Summing up Module 6.ts
Module 6 - FAQs.docx
Module 7
01.Sales Material Components Overview.ts
02.Sales Copy Overview.mp4
03.Create Your Sales Hooks.mp4
04.Sales Page Formats.mp4
05.19-Step Sales Page Structure - Part 1.mp4
05.Sales Page Examples.mp4
06.19-Step Sales Page Structure - Part 2.mp4
07.19-Step Sales Page Structure - Part 3.mp4
08.Creating Your Delivery Area.mp4
09.Getting Your Pages Online.mp4
10.Setting Up Your Product in Clickbank.mp4
11.Summing up Module 7.ts
Module 7 - FAQs.docx
Module 8
01.Evergreen Launch System overview.ts
02.Mapping out your evergreen launch system.ts
03.Planning and creating your presell content.ts
04.Planning your follow up email sequence.ts
05.Adjusting your initial funnel.mp4
06.Tying everything together and getting it online.mp4
07.Launching to your list.ts
08.Module 8 overview.ts
Module 8 - FAQs.docx
Module 9
01.Module 9 Overview.ts
02.Search Engine Optimization - Part 1 - Introduction.ts
03.Search Engine Optimization - Part 2 - On Page SEO.mp4
04.Search Engine Optimization - Part 3 - On Page SEO.mp4
05.Search Engine Optimization - Part 4 - Off Page SEO.ts
06.Search Engine Optimization - Part 5 - Off Page SEO.mp4
07.Search Engine Optimization - Part 6 - Off Page SEO.mp4
08.YouTube Traffic - Part 1.mp4
09.YouTube Traffic - Part 2.mp4
10.YouTube Traffic - Part 3.mp4
11.PPC Traffic - Microsoft Advertising.ts
12.PPC Traffic - Google Ads.mp4
13.PPC Traffic - Taboola and Outbrain.mp4
14.PPC Traffic - LinkedIn.ts
15.PPC Traffic - Yahoo Gemini Ads.ts
Module 9 FAQs.docx
Get Discount ?

If you’ve been struggling to make money online or are looking for a new way to increase your income, then Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s “The Infinity Project” is the solution you’ve been searching for. This innovative program offers a simple 3-step system that anyone can follow to generate highly profitable “Impulse Pages” in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, this program is designed for individuals of all ages and experience levels, making it accessible to anyone looking to boost their income.

The first component of The Infinity Project is the Master Training program, which consists of an 8-week course with over 100 training videos. This program starts with the 3-step process of quickly reaching $100 per day and then guides you through each stage of the system with detailed videos to ensure you understand and implement each step successfully. With weekly milestones and checkpoints, you’ll stay on track and make progress towards your financial goals.

The Execution Plans make sure you never feel lost or confused, providing step-by-step manuals and mind maps for each module. These plans ensure you follow and implement each key step and run through all the action-steps for each module one at a time, so you can progress successfully. The graphical mind maps give you a visual representation of the processes as you move forward, making it easy to see the big picture of your progress.

One of the major obstacles to success online is niche selection, but The Infinity Project eliminates this hurdle with its Done-For-You Niches. You’ll receive fully prepared impulse pages and lead magnets for 9 different niches, allowing you to choose your favorite, plug it in, and start your business almost instantly. These niches have been proven to convert to hundreds of dollars per day, giving you a decisive advantage in the marketplace.

The Done-For-You Funnels component offers fully mapped out sales funnels for each of the 9 niches, enabling you to get up and running quickly with no complications. These plug-and-play funnels save you thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees and weeks of work putting together funnels yourself. By filling in the blanks and loading them up, you’re ready to start making money right away.

The Traffic Blueprints section addresses the biggest challenge for online business owners – driving targeted visitors to your site. With checklists, cheat sheets, and action steps, you’ll learn how to generate both free and paid traffic from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and more. The top-secret traffic channels shared exclusively with members further expand your opportunities to increase profits.

Phase X introduces special techniques to boost your income, revealing secret strategies to double, triple, or even quadruple your earnings. These tactics, previously undisclosed, have been used by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth to generate up to $5000 per day, offering a unique opportunity to maximize your income potential.

Support & Coaching is provided through a private help desk and forum where you can seek assistance from a team of 7-figure earners who have helped thousands of students build successful online businesses. The 60-Day “Super-Seller” Challenge encourages action, builds momentum, and guides you to the finish line of financial success.

Overall, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s “The Infinity Project” offers a comprehensive and practical blueprint for generating income online. Whether you’re new to online business or looking to increase your profits, this program provides the tools, training, and support to help you succeed. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your financial future with The Infinity Project.


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