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Steve Olsher - Closing From the Stage (32.33 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Steve Olsher - Closing From the Stage
01-Profiting From Podcasts
02-Closing From The Stage All Access
03-The Reinvention Workshop
04-Launch Your Podcast DIY Online Course
01-Profiting From Podcasts
01-Welcome - Bonuses!
02-Module 1
03-Module 2
04-Module 3
05-Module 4
06-Module 5
07-Module 6
08-Module 7
09-Module 8
10-Module 9
02-Closing From The Stage All Access
01-Welcome to Closing From The Stage!
02-Module 1 - The Power (And Profits! Of Speaking
03-Module 2 - Your Topic Of Influence
04-BONUS #1 - Detailed Sit Down With Christian Mickelsen
05-Module 3 - Designing Your Offer
06-BONUS #2 - Detailed Sit Down With Lisa Sasevich
07-Module 4 - Types of Stages
08-BONUS #3 - Detailed Sit Down With Mike Koenigs
09-Module 5 - Types of Presentations
10-BONUS #4 - Detailed Sit Down With Loral Langemeier
11-Module 6 Know Your Metrics
12-BONUS #5 - Detailed Sit Down With Marshall Sylver
13-Module 7 - Building Your Presentation
14-BONUS #6 - Detailed Sit Down With Joel Bauer
15-Module 8 - Presentation Psychology
16-BONUS #7 - INVALUABLE RESOURCE - Olsher Slides From Profiting From Podcasts Presentation
17-Module 9 - Final Details
18-BONUS #8 - INVALUABLE RESOURCE - Speaking Contract Examples
19-BONUS #9 - INVALUABLE RESOURCE - Stage Sponsorship PDFs With Pricing
20-BONUS #10 - INVALUABLE RESOURCE - Lead Generation Postcard (Front & Back)
21-BONUS #11 - INVALUABLE RESOURCE - Order Forms You Can Model
22-BONUS #12 - Attorney Letter For Attendance Non-Performance
03-The Reinvention Workshop
01-Module 1 -Introduction and The Path to Freedom
02-Module 2 - The Vortex of Vulnerability
03-Module 3 - The Vortex of Invincibility
04-Module 4 Reinvention Session - Day 1
05-Module 5 - Discovering Your WHAT - The Seven Seeds of Your Soul
06-Module 6 - Day 2 - Discovering Your WHAT - Vehicle, People, & Guiding Statement
07-Module 7 - Reinvention Session - Day 2
08-Module 8 - Monetizing Your WHAT
09-Module 9 - How Can I Help
10-Module 10 -Your Legacy and Letter of Reflection
11-Closing Audio & A Special BONUS from Me To You
04-Launch Your Podcast DIY Online Course
01-Chapter 1
02-Chapter 2
03-Chapter 3
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  “What If You Could Walk Into a Room Full of Strangers And Leave With $10,000, $100,000, even $1,000,000… In 90 Minutes Or Less… GUARANTEED?”

  Taught By The New Media Summit CEO, Steve Olsher,
Accompanied By The Top .001% Of The World’s Best Stage Closers



  What You Get:




  Module #1: The Power (And Profits!) Of Speaking


Becoming a confident stage presenter who enrolls audience members into your products, programs and services at conversion rates HIGHER than the average speaker boils down to a simple, repeatable process.

In Module #1, we set the foundation for success by focusing on the main pillars of the Closing From The Stage methodology and explore the opportunities speaking from the stage offers.


  Module #2: Your Topic Of Influence


The secret to growing your business leveraging the power of speaking starts by identifying your Topic of Influence.

An impactful Topic of Influence not only streamlines your Closing From The Stage success, it becomes the “guiding light” that empowers you to create products, programs and services that your ideal audience is STARVING for.

In Module #2, we’ll reveal how to identify a compelling Topic of Influence that perfectly aligns with, and attracts, your PERFECT audience and the right visibility opportunities.


  Module #3: Designing An Irresistible Offer


Before you start picking fonts and colors for your presentation, you need a bulletproof, no-brainer offer for your audience.

In Module #3, you’ll learn how to reverse-engineer a powerful presentation that consistently and seamlessly converts for you, beginning with the end in mind — your offer.

You’ll understand how to set yourself apart from others in your niche, creating your defensible (and lucrative) blue ocean so your competition is essentially rendered irrelevant.


  Module #4: Positioning For Different Types of Stages


One of the biggest roadblocks for people who want to fully leverage the power of speaking and enrolling ideal prospects from the stage is FINDING the right stages and, of course, getting booked to speak on the stages you MOST want.

Of paramount importance in this process is developing REAL relationships with the key figures behind these decisions and immersing yourself in their world so they know who you are and understand WHY you are the logical choice to add value for their audience.

In Module #4, I show you exactly how to make this happen… and challenge you to expand into another (MUCH more) profitable and powerful strategy for closing from the stage…


  Module #5: Closing For All Different Types of Presentations


Not all stages are created equal. If you want speaking to become a core push-button solution to business and revenue growth (which it absolutely can be), you have to establish the proper frames for each stage.

I’ll show you how to do exactly that, as well as the turnkey elements you need to transform every presentation into a WIN-WIN-WIN — for attendees, the event host, and you.


  Module #6: Mastering Your Success Metrics


There is a world of difference between viewing “Speaking as a Business” and truly understanding how to leverage the “BUSINESS of Speaking.”

If you’re not clear on the difference between the two, you will leave MILLIONS of dollars on the table over the course of your career.

Inside Module #6, I reveal my proven, profitable, and rewarding ‘Business of Speaking’ strategy that, when followed, will forge FOR YOU a path of certainty that empowers you to attain massive profitability whenever you set foot on stage.


  Module #7: Becoming A “Closing From The Stage” Master


To effectively, consistently, confidently and profitably close from the stage, it is imperative to have a proven, riveting presentation that evokes emotion, draws a clear picture of the opportunity at hand, and most importantly…

Moves attendees to take your desired action — that is, get out of their seats, move to the back of the room, pull out their credit card and invest in your offer.

Module #7 shows you STEP-BY-STEP how to make this happen by breaking down the psychology behind what it REALLY takes to close from the stage.

From eliminating stage nervousness, and creating an entertaining, engaging, and COMPELLING presentation to enrolling attendees by transitioning seamlessly and confidently into your offer — WITHOUT changing the presentation dynamic when it’s time to ask for the sale — everything is detailed and broken down in this invaluable Module.


  Module #8: Presentation Psychology – An In-Depth, Step-By-Step Breakdown Of A High-Converting 75-Minute Keynote Presentation




It’s one thing to watch, and listen to, a series of videos on how to create a great sales presentation.

But, experiencing a high-converting presentation in real time — as I break down EVERY step, every move, virtually every nuance with painstaking detail as to why I do precisely what I do right after I do it… is on a whole other level.

Everything YOU need to say and do to consistently crush it from the stage — from creating a captivating hook and presentation promise to endearing attendees to you throughout your time on stage, maintaining and escalating their attention and interest, providing MASSIVE value while still leaving them yearning for more, all the way to presenting your expertly positioned and incredibly compelling offer — is mapped out for you… step by step by step.

Moment-by-moment, I take you by the hand through my precise presentation structure and deconstruct a winning presentation of mine that you can (and should!) absolutely model to achieve results like those shown above at one of my recent presentations where attendees clamored to the back of the room to enroll in my offer.

Model what I teach you and you’ll realize similar results… guaranteed.

That’s right. I walk you through an actual event recording from my high-converting 75-minute keynote presentation, taking you through every slide, providing invaluable detail as to the psychology behind nearly every word and action.

By implementing the presentation framework shared, you’ll bypass ALL of the guesswork far too many aspiring 7-figure speakers have to endure.


  Module #9: Contracts, Order Forms, Lead Generation Cards – Strategies and Best Practices


If an athlete can earn millions per year hitting a ball with a stick, why shouldn’t you get paid extraordinarily well for your talents and abilities?

You absolutely can and should.

And, just like the elite athletes who have representation fighting to get them the best deal possible and making sure that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed, you also need to make sure that you secure the best terms available and have your speaking-related paperwork in order.

Countless amounts of revenue has been foregone by even the best of speakers due to unintentional oversight, unfavorable terms and missed opportunities. Pay close attention to this Module and the odds of this happening to you are slim to none.

When you implement what you learn, you’ll maximize your investment of time, money and energy by capturing virtually every lead and dollar available to you for your efforts.




  Scripts, Contracts, Order Forms, Lead Generation Cards PLUS my Proven-To-Convert, Slide-By-Slide PowerPoint Presentation That You Can Download, Modify & Use Right Away! Giant Session #1: Christian Mickelsen Christian’s 90-minute Raw, Uncut presentation Giant Session #2: Lisa Sasevich ​The “magic recipe” Lisa’s million-dollar slides ​Giant Session #3: Mike Koenigs ​Mike’s electrifying 90-minute raw, uncut presentation ​Giant Session #4: Loral Langemeier ​Loral’s “fiercely female” 90-minute raw, uncut presentation ​Giant Session #5: Marshall Sylver ​Marshall’s “snake-charmer” 90-minute raw, uncut presentation ​Giant Session #6: “Mentor of Mentors” Mysterious Mr. X ​Mr. X’s millionaire-maker “Money-Matrix” signature structure


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