Strategyzer – Master Business Testing

Strategyzer – Master Business Testing

in on 07/25/2021
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Strategyzer – Master Business Testing
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  • ⭐ Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024
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Strategyzer - Master Business Testing (2.09 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

Strategyzer - Master Business Testing
01-Lesson 1 - Introduction to Testing
02-Lesson 2 - Testing Components
03-Lesson 3 - Hypotheses
04-Lesson 4 - Experiments
05-Lesson 5 - Evidence
06-Lesson 6 - Insights
07-Lesson 7 - Take Action
08-Lesson 8 - Manage
09-Lesson 9 - Present
01-Lesson 1 - Introduction to Testing
01-GLOSSARY - Mastering Business Testing.docx
01-Innovation Project Scorecard.pdf
01-Progress Board.pdf
01-The Business Model Canvas.pdf
01-The Learning Card.pdf
01-The Test Card.pdf
01-The Value Proposition Canvas.pdf
02-Explore & Exploit.mp4
03-Types of Innovation.mp4
04-Why Business Models Fail.mp4
05-Reduce Risk & Uncertainty.mp4
06-High Risk or Low Risk Part 1.png
07-High Risk or Low Risk Part 2.png
08-High Risk or Low Risk Part 3.png
02-Lesson 2 - Testing Components
01-The Big Pic.mp4
03-Test Card.pdf
05-Learning Card.pdf
06-Evidence or Insight.png
06-Quiz Question 1.png
06-Quiz Question 2.png
06-Quiz Question 3.png
06-Quiz Question 4.png
07-Taking Action.mp4
03-Lesson 3 - Hypotheses
01-Case Study - Lifetree Bank.mp4
02-Extract Hypotheses.mp4
03-Prioritize Hypotheses.mp4
04-Refine Hypotheses.mp4
05-Practice - Refine Hypotheses.png
06-Debrief - Refine Hypotheses.png
07-Case Study - Owlet.mp4
07-Case Study - Owlet.png
08-Practice - Extract Hypotheses.mp4
08-Practice - Extract Hypotheses.pdf
09-Debrief - Extract Hypotheses.mp4
09-Debrief - Extract Hypotheses.png
10-Business Model Canvas.pdf
10-Value Proposition Canvas.pdf
10-Your Turn.pdf
04-Lesson 4 - Experiments
01-Test Card.mp4
01-Test Card.pdf
02-Choose Experiments.mp4
03-Strength of Evidence.mp4
04-Experiments Library.pdf
04-Ground Rules for Interviewing.pdf
04-Interview Questions Cheat Sheet.pdf
04-Testing Business Ideas.pdf
05-Design Good Experiments.mp4
06-Choose the Right Metrics.mp4
07-Success Criteria.mp4
08-Mix of Experiments.mp4
09-Practice - Desirability Experiments.mp4
09-Practice - Desirability Experiments.pdf
10-Debrief - Desirability Experiments - Test Cards.mp4
10-Debrief - Desirability Experiments.mp4
10-Debrief - Desirability Experiments.png
11-Practice - Viability Experiments.mp4
11-Practice - Viability Experiments.pdf
12-Debrief - Viability Experiments - Test Cards.mp4
12-Debrief - Viability Experiments.mp4
13-Your Turn.pdf
05-Lesson 5 - Evidence
01-Learn from Experiments.mp4
01-Learning Card.pdf
02-Collect Evidence.mp4
02-Interview Notes Template.pdf
03-Synthesize Evidence.mp4
04-Quiz - True or False.png
04-Quiz Question 1.png
04-Quiz Question 2.png
04-Quiz Question 3.png
05-Practice - Write an Observation.png
06-Debrief - Write an Observation.png
07-Your Turn.pdf
06-Lesson 6 - Insights
01-Generate Insights.mp4
02-Practice - Learn from Evidence.pdf
02-Practice - Learn from Evidence Slides.pdf
03-Debrief - Learn from Evidence.pdf
04-Your Turn.pdf
07-Lesson 7 - Take Action
01-Four Types of Actions.mp4
02-Take Action for Evidence Supports Hypothesis.mp4
03-Take Action for Evidence Doesn't Support Hypothesis.mp4
04-Take Action for Unclear Insights.mp4
05-Take Action for New Insights.mp4
06-Quiz - Confidence Levels.png
06-Quiz Question 1.png
06-Quiz Question 2.png
06-Quiz Question 3.png
06-Quiz Question 4 Video.mp4
06-Quiz Question 4.png
07-Quiz - Take Action.png
07-Quiz Question.png
07-Quiz Question Video.mp4
08-Practice - Pivot.mp4
08-Practice - Pivot Video.pdf
09-Debrief - Pivot - Test Cards.mp4
09-Debrief - Pivot.mp4
09-Debrief - Pivot.png
10-Your Turn.pdf
08-Lesson 8 - Manage
01-Measure Progress.mp4
02-Progress Board.mp4
02-Progress Board.pdf
03-Innovation Project Scorecard.pdf
03-Innovation Scorecard.mp4
04-Progress In Practice.mp4
05-Practice - Innovation Scorecard.mp4
05-Practice - Innovation Scorecard.pdf
06-Debrief - Innovation Scorecard.mp4
06-Debrief - Innovation Scorecard.png
07-Your Turn.pdf
09-Lesson 9 - Present
01-Presentation Components.mp4
02-Presentation Best Practices.mp4
03-Presentation Template (Keynote).key
03-Presentation Template (PowerPoint).pptx
03-Presentation Template.mp4
04-Owlet's Presentation.mp4
05-Your Turn.pdf
06-Congratulations! - Toolkit.pdf
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Strategyzer has long been known for their innovative approach to helping businesses test and validate their ideas. With their latest offering, the Strategyzer Master Business Testing course, they have taken things to the next level.

For those who have already delved into the Strategyzer e book, this course offers a more practical and hands-on approach to mastering the testing process. And for those who haven’t yet had the chance to read the book, this course provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and techniques covered in the publication.

One of the key benefits of the Master Business Testing course is the focus on practical skills and real-world application. While books can do a great job of sharing ideas and concepts, this course is designed to help participants actually master the skills needed to become effective practitioners. Through a series of videos, case studies, downloadable templates, checklists, and tools, participants will learn how to apply the principles of business testing in a real-world setting.

Another advantage of the course is its accessibility. Viewable on all devices and available to access at any time with an internet connection, participants can learn at their own pace and in a location that is convenient for them. This eliminates the need to carry around heavy books or attend in-person workshops, making it easier for busy professionals to fit learning into their schedules.

In addition to the convenience of online access, the Master Business Testing course also offers more content than the original e book. With additional case studies, examples, and actionable exercises, participants will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the tools and techniques covered in the course. This added depth and breadth of content will help participants gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to successfully test and validate their business ideas.

Furthermore, the course is designed to be concise and easy to digest. After years of teaching this content, Strategyzer has distilled the information down to its essence, presenting each lesson in a practical, visual, and concise manner. This means that participants won’t have to spend weeks sifting through online resources to find the information they need. Instead, they can quickly and easily access the key insights and strategies needed to succeed in the world of business testing.

The Master Business Testing course is suitable for a wide range of individuals and organizations. From online course businesses looking to validate their offerings, to product managers seeking to create evidence-based roadmaps, to solopreneurs wanting to understand the viability of their business ideas, this course has something to offer everyone. Sales and marketing teams, innovation teams, and leadership can also benefit from the practical skills and tools provided in the course.

What sets this course apart from others is the fact that it was created by world-renowned experts in testing. Tendayi Viki and Dr. Alex Osterwalder are both well-respected authorities in the field of business innovation and have a proven track record of helping companies succeed. By enrolling in this course, participants have the opportunity to learn directly from the source and gain insights and strategies that have been tested and proven in the real world.

In conclusion, the Strategyzer Master Business Testing course offers a unique and practical approach to mastering the art of testing and validating business ideas. Whether you’ve already read the e book or are completely new to the concept, this course provides a comprehensive overview of the key principles and techniques needed to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. Enroll today and take your business testing skills to the next level.


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