The Silva UltraMind System

The Silva UltraMind System

in on 12/26/2020
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The Silva UltraMind System
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The Silva UltraMind System (5.29 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-18-2024

Google Drive Proof

The Silva UltraMind System
0.1 Prep Guide.pdf
0.1 Prep Guide 1.pdf
0.1 Welcome to the Silva Ultramind System.mp4
0.2 About Jose Silva.mp4
0.3 The Quest Design.mp4
0.4 Altered States and Brain Waves.mp4
0.4.3 Theta_Beats.mp3.mp3
1.1 Posture and Style.mp4
1.1.2 Short_Relaxation_Exercise_v04.wav.mp3
1.2 Centering Exercise.mp4
1.2.1 centering alpha Med.wav.mp3
1.2.2 - Centering Exercise.pdf
1.2.2 - Centering Exercise 1.pdf
1.3 ESP & the Mental Screen.mp4
1.3.1 mentalscreen tech audio.wav.mp3
1.4 The MentalVideo Technique.mp4
1.4.1 MentalVideo_Technique__Morning__v01.wav.mp3
1.4.2 MentalVideo_Technique__Night__v01.wav.mp3
1.5 Projection to Home.mp4
1.5.1 Projection_to_home_v04_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
1.5.2 Projection_to_home_v04.wav.mp3
1.6 Centering Exercise 2.mp4
1.6.1 Centering_Exercise_v03_ThetaSound.wav.mp3
1.6.2 Centering_Exercise_v03_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
1.6.3 Centering Exercise 2 1.pdf
1.6.3 Centering Exercise 2.pdf
1.7 The Compass and The Rocket.mp4
1.7.1 MentalVideo_Technique__Morning__v01.wav.mp3
1.7.3 MentalVideo_Technique__Night__v01.wav.mp3
2.1 Intuition.mp4
2.1.2 Short_Relaxation_Exercise_v04.wav.mp3
2.1.3 Centering_Exercise_v03_ThetaSound.wav.mp3
2.1.4 QnA .mp4
2.2 Projection to Metals.mp4
2.2.1 Projection_into_Metals_v02_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
2.2.2 Projection_into_Metals_v01.wav.mp3
2.3 The Three Scenes Technique.mp4
2.3.1 Scenes_Technique_with_alpha_track.wav.mp3
2.3.1 Scenes_Technique_with_alpha_track.wav 1.mp3
2.4 When to Use Each Technique.mp4
2.4.1 Scenes_Technique_For_A_New_Project_no_Theta.wav.mp3
2.4.2 Scenes_Technique_For_A_New_Project_with_Theta.wav.mp3
2.5 Centering Exercise 3.mp4
2.5.1 Centering_Exercise_v03_ThetaSound.wav.mp3
2.5.2 MentalVideo_Technique__Morning__v01.wav.mp3
2.5.3 MentalVideo_Technique__Night__v01.wav.mp3
2.6 Psychometry.mp4
2.7 Projection to Plants.mp4
2.7.1 Projection_to_plants_v02.wav.mp3
2.7.2 Projection_to_plants_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
3.1 Desire.mp4
3.2 Belief & Expectancy.mp4
3.3 Centering Exercise 4.mp4
3.3.1 Centering_Exercise_v03_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
3.3.2 Centering_Exercise_v03_ThetaSound.wav.mp3
3.4 Healing.mp4
3.4.1 _Scenes_Technique_For_Healing_w.Theta.wav.mp3
3.4.2 Scenes_Technique_For_Healing_NO.Alpha.wav.mp3
3.5 Healing Applied.mp4
3.5.1 MentalVideo_Technique__Morning__v01.wav.mp3
3.5.2 MentalVideo_Technique__Night__v01.wav.mp3
3.6 Projection to Pets.mp4
3.6.1 Projection_to_Pet_v03_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
3.6.2 Projection_to_Pet_v03.wav.mp3
3.7 Goals.mp4
3.7.1 MentalVideo_Technique__Morning__v01.wav.mp3
3.7.2 MentalVideo_Technique__Night__v01.wav.mp3
4.1 Centering Exercise 5.mp4
4.1.1 Centering_Exercise_v03_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
4.1.2 Centering_Exercise_v03_ThetaSound.wav.mp3
4.2 Orientation to Human Anatomy.mp4
4.3 Projection to Human Anatomy.mp4
4.3.1 Projection_To_Human_v03_VoiceOnly.wav.mp3
4.3.2 Projection_To_Human_v03.wav.mp3
4.4 Case Workingmp4.mp4
4.5 Growing Your Waking Psychic Ability.mp4
4.6 Case Working Refined.mp4
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The Silva UltraMind System is a powerful program designed to tap into the full potential of the human mind. Developed by Jose Silva, a pioneer in the field of mind empowerment, this system combines ancient meditation techniques with modern scientific research to unlock the true power of the mind.

At the core of the Silva UltraMind System is the idea that the mind is capable of incredible feats, including healing the body, manifesting desires, and enhancing intuition. By learning how to access the alpha brainwave state, which is associated with deep relaxation and heightened creativity, participants in the program can harness this power to create positive change in their lives.

One of the key components of the Silva UltraMind System is the concept of mental projection. This technique involves visualizing a desired outcome and then projecting it into the future with the intention of making it a reality. By repeatedly focusing on this vision, participants can train their minds to manifest their goals and aspirations.

Another important aspect of the Silva UltraMind System is the development of intuition. By learning to connect with the intuitive guidance that lies within all of us, participants can make better decisions, solve problems more easily, and tap into a source of wisdom that transcends logic and reason. This intuitive insight can be especially helpful in navigating life’s challenges and seizing opportunities as they arise.

The Silva UltraMind System also places a strong emphasis on the power of affirmations and positive thinking. By consistently repeating affirmations that are aligned with their goals and desires, participants can reprogram their subconscious mind to support their success and well-being. This positive mindset can lead to greater confidence, resilience, and overall happiness.

In addition to these techniques, the Silva UltraMind System also teaches participants how to harness the power of visualization to create the life they desire. By vividly imagining themselves achieving their goals and experiencing success, participants can program their minds for success and attract the opportunities and resources they need to make their dreams a reality.

Through a series of guided meditations, exercises, and practical tools, participants in the Silva UltraMind System can learn how to access their subconscious mind and harness its power to create positive change in their lives. By training their minds to operate at a higher level of awareness, participants can overcome limiting beliefs, release negative patterns, and tap into their full potential.

The Silva UltraMind System has been used by millions of people around the world to achieve personal and professional success. From entrepreneurs and athletes to students and artists, people from all walks of life have benefited from this transformative program. By mastering the techniques taught in the Silva UltraMind System, participants can take control of their lives and harness the power of their minds to create the life they desire.

In conclusion, the Silva UltraMind System is a powerful program that can help you unlock the full potential of your mind. By learning to access the alpha brainwave state, develop intuition, and harness the power of positive thinking, you can create the life you desire and achieve your goals. Whether you want to improve your health, enhance your relationships, or advance your career, the Silva UltraMind System can help you tap into your inner wisdom and manifest your dreams. Ready to unleash your mind’s full potential? Give the Silva UltraMind System a try today and see the amazing results for yourself.


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