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in on 05/15/2021
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YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits (12.76 GB)

Last Updated Date: 05-15-2021

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YouTube MoneyMan - Pajama Profits
01-Youtube Money Man
02-The Facebook Fast Start Method
03-Facebook Domination
04-Big Ass Ads
05-Presell Lander Master Class
06-Email Marketing
01-Youtube Money Man
01-Youtube Money Man Workshop.pdf
02-Secret Video Method For Ads.mp4
02-The Facebook Fast Start Method
01-Fast Start Method.mp4
01.01-The Fast Start Method.pdf
02-Nigel Builds A Landing Page.mp4
03-Nigel Builds A Facebook Campaign.mp4
03-Facebook Domination
01-Facebook Domination Day 1.mp4
02-Facebook Domination Day 2.mp4
03-Facebook Domination Day 3.mp4
04-Facebook Domination Day 4.mp4
05-Scaling Fundamentals.mp4
06-Appeal Scripts.pdf
04-Big Ass Ads
01-BIG ASS ADS Session 1.mp4
02-Big Ass Videos Session 2.mp4
03-Big Ass Ads Session 3.mp4
04-Secret Video Method For Ads.mp4
05-Presell Lander Master Class
01-Presell Lander Master Class Session 1.mp4
02-Presell Lander Master Class Session 2.mp4
03-Presell Lander Master Class Session 3.mp4
04-Presell Lander Master Class Session 4.mp4
06-Email Marketing
01-The Million dollar list workshop.pdf
02-secret email trick.mp4
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The Scale Youtube To Workshop Recordings Package deal
Offered by Greg Davis
Teacher: Youtube Cash Man
Learn how to construction your account for infinite scale and infinite testing, the #1 factor that units Youtube other than Fb.
Youtube A-Z, from the basics to precisely how multi-million greenback accounts are constructed and managed at insanely excessive ROI
The distinction between FB and Youtube, and why YT is healthier positioned for getting in entrance of the appropriate audiences that ACTUALLY WANT TO PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT. Constant Returns + Limitless Visitors = Infinite Scale.
The distinction between dropping cash on YT and a 4X ROAS
How YT provides you full management to create as many variables as you need, to have the ability to check MILLIONS of doubtless worthwhile mixtures.
What to advertise on YT
Creating video adverts for associates and product creators.
Mapping out your funnel and segmenting your campaigns. This isn’t simply retargeting, that is creating customized buyer journeys!
Day 3 ‘In your account’ Scorching seats and Marketing campaign builds. Deliver a marketing campaign you’re already working and have Youtube Cash Man audit your account and provide you with precisely what you want to improve ROI and be capable of scale, or deliver a product
that you just wish to promote and have him map out the marketing campaign with you.
…and far more.
Michael Hendrex
Hermosa Seaside, California

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